Selected Expertise Tips and Tutorials: Ideas All About Logo & Branding

How to Compress Images with Best 5 Advanced Images Optimizers

The best tips and tools to compress a lossless image in formats of PNG, JPEG, PDF and in Word document, regardless of whether it is a logo or an advertising poster. The chosen image optimizers in the article perform well in not only compress quality but also process speed, so you are sure to find your favorite image compression app from the very best list.

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Top 7 Free Tagline, Motto And Slogan Generators

Free Tagline, Motto And Slogan Generators That Rank Top 7 will recommend you the pragmatic approaches to come up with remarkable slogan inspirations for advertising, marketing campaign, and logo design. Check Getsocio, FantasyNameGenerators for Slogan, Surrealist Slogan Generator, SloganMania Taglines Generator, SloganGeneratorCo, SloganGeneratorOrg and SPEEDYSIGNSUSA with us. In the end, you'll know how to apply good slogan on logo design easily.

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Designing Logo – Essential Tips Pack Away

3-5 minutes consumption will walk you through every aspect for designing logo. This article is a logo handbook targeted for all-level designers and clients, which mainly talks about 6C rules, Fibonacci-golden ratio rules, suggestions on how to pick best fonts for logo design and how to turn concept to design, as well as crowdsourcing platforms and abundant materials for logo design!

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Free Icon Makers, Find Icons, Search Icons

Icons! Find/Make/Change/Resize Awesome Icons Online Free - Best 5 Icon Makers

Grab the collection of well-received icon websites and find your desired icons in less than 1 minute, which can be used in wireframe, web building, app development, email, toolbar, palette or other upgrading purposes. In case you want to change or resize some icons, we encapsulate the tip as well.

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Free Wireframes, Wireframe Websites, Wireframe Tools

Optimize Website/App Design With Top 7 Free Wireframe Tools, Mock It Up with A Quality Logo

Optimize websites or apps? Take advantage of the best free wireframe tools to sketch up your upgraded website or app frame easily! That way, your thinking is fully expressed and your team can easily know what’s your ideal blueprint and collaborate better. With easy wireframing tools, such as, InVision, AdobeXD, FluidUI, Mockflow, WireframeCC, Whimsical and JustInMind, this is no tricky task and anyone can accomplish it with minutes work.

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Logomark, Logo Symbol, Combination Logo Preview

Logomark, Logo Symbol, Combination Logo: What Are They And How to Easily Make?

Know about the history and the concept of logomark, logo symbol. Take the shortcuts to design your logomark, make a logo symbol, and work out a combination logo. Study Nike and Apple examples to know two kinds of logomarks.[A very simple logo designing app - DesignEvo with affordable logo design - FREE and Inexpensive is introduced as the solution.]

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Logotype To Domain, WordType Mystery Preview

From Logotype To Domain, Unravel WordType Mystery To Promote Successfully!

Focus on the knowledge of logotype, monogram, and domain name. Specifically, you can read every aspect of logotype, including logotype definition, examples of famous brand logotypes, hot fonts for logotype, where to download these fonts, how to make an effective logotype for website easily. Likewise, you will know how to choose and balance logotype and domain.

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Choose Right Logo For Companies Preview

How To Choose Right Logo For Companies

Audiences do relate to a right and recognizable logo design at the first sight. A logo speaks louder than millions of promotions. Won't it be nice to find an inexpensive yet efficient way to design your business logo? That's what we will show you in this article.

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Make Logo in Photoshop Preview

How to Make A Logo in Photoshop or without PS - Beginner Photoshop Tutorials

In this blog tip, you will grasp how to create a quality logo in Photoshop using a combination of Photoshop shortcuts. For starter, we list six key rules to follow when designing a logo, just to make sure that you are on the right path of photoshop logo design.

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Vector VS Raster for Logo Preview

Knowledge Base: Vector Image VS Raster Image for Your Business Logo

This article studies the differences between a vector image and a raster image, weighing the pros and cons of using each file for a website logo for business. We forecast vector will dominate the Internet in the near future and recommend you with a royalty-free SVG logo solution for a business website.

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Resize Logo Image in Pixels Preview

How to Resize Logo Image in Pixels Correctly

This article is a pixel logo resizing whitepaper. We introduce you several logo resizing solutions to turn a low-resolution pixel logo to a high-resolution graphics for business branding in three different cases. The logo resizing tools we used in the example vary from DesignEvo, Photoshop, FotoJet to GIMP.

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Top 7 Best Free Logo Makers Online Preview

Top 7 Best Free Logo Makers Online with Quality Templates That Are Widely Used

This article is a logo service manual that shares our picked top 7 best free logo makers online that are been widely used and feature-specific. They are DesignEvo, Canva, Logaster, Flamingtext, Cooltext, LogoMakerMatic and YouiDraw.

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Choose And Make An Awesome YouTube Logo Preview

How to Choose And Make An Awesome YouTube Logo to Boost Your Channel

Instead of just showing you how to make a YouTube logo with a tool free, we are gonna illustrate some famous YouTube channel logo designs and make a concrete analysis firstly, and trying to find out some workable, attractive and easy-to-interpret logo ideas for YouTube channels.

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Sneak Peek at New DesignEvo 2.5 Release Preview

A Sneak Peek at New DesignEvo 2.5, Your Online Logo Maker

Over the past months, DesignEvo product team, design team, and development team have been working hard and dedicating to bringing our flagship product - DesignEvo logo maker to a new stage. The new version - DesignEvo 2.5 has been officially released on June 11st, 2018 with three major updates: a more intuitive and user-friendly UI, a larger logo-template library, and automatically working in the background.

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