How To Compose And Design A Pro Logo Using Design Thinking? [For Beginners And Above]

Forewords: Come to read how to compose and design a proper logo happily. Even without any design experiences, you will be fully capable of coming up with some cool logo ideas and working out a gorgeous logo by yourself.

Are you curious about logo design? Hungry to unleash your creativity and experience designing a banging logo? But, how can we design a logo of such with added values?

For the question of how to design a logo, there is no printed principle or any accurate answers. No one can teach you how to grow to be a creative designer. But when you decide to learn logo design, grasping design thinking is essential. Whether you desire to make a successful logo or other design art, cultivating your design thinking is fundamental.

In conventional design thinking, there are 5 steps - Empathize with Human, Define the Functions, Generate Ideas for Illustration, Prototype, and Test.

Standard design thinking flow applies to all types of design projects, including software design, architecture design, web design, etc. While for smaller projects, like logo design, we can narrow down the standard design thinking process to 3 steps - Empathize, Generate Ideas for Illustration, and Illustrate Your Logo.

Let's walk through logo design thinking and design a high-quality logo in 3 steps now! It's easy to follow, and you can compose and design any logo you want!

Step One - Empathize with Human

No matter what you want to design, we can't emphasize empathy enough. Remember that your logo will play as an ambassador to the world audiences.

Try to communicate, and empathize with human, i.e., your clients, representatives, business partners, and the general public. Think what they most want from your brand and product, as well as what they expect for your service.

There are two suggested aspects to think of empathy:

  1. The real use & function - What is your product, and how will it help?
  2. Culture, spirit & hope - What does your product represent and pursuit?

The best logo design will show the 2 aspects in its look. Before you move to next step, write down your answers to the 2 questions in 2 columns.

Step Two - Generate Ideas for Illustration

Analyze your answers, find associations, and break them down into more specific descriptions with nouns, related things, adjectives, etc.

For instance, let's say, our task is to come up with ideas for a food logo, then we will break down food concept into some more detailed and concrete elements:

  • Food can be categorized into organic and inorganic.
  • Also, organic is related to green, eco, fresh, and healthy.
  • We often associate food with vegetable, bread, salad, milk, pizza, fried chicken, seafood, nut, Chinese food, Thai food, and many more.
  • Exclusively, Chinese food can be associated with noodles, dumplings, chopsticks, and many more.
  • ...

The list above won't look clear at a glance, and it won't help us to find more ideas. A trick to solve the issue is visualizing them by using mind mapping.

mind mapping your design thinking

Image Depict: Mind mapping your design thinking.

After drawing a bunch of things on our mind map, we can make separated lists and list them in proper categories accordingly. Cross out improper ones that feel not right with your food logo design. Also, delete those ideas that violate your brand culture and spirit.

After that, wire each element from a different category. And, we'll get a list of grouped descriptions as logo design ideas. Take a look at the list, and we can soon find the best combos.

Step Three - Illustrate Your Logo

With logo idea combos in hand, we will illustrate the logo that we want.

Indeed without any guides, it's not easy to turn some logo concepts to a logo illustration, especially for novices. It's a process of finding proper logo elements and combining them to a complete design.

To make this a lot easier, we decide to Google our combo words separately. Google images will show us the best empathize-with-human options to illustrate our logo idea. The images retrieved are great inspirations!

Pick one image for each combo word, and draw it on your canvas with triangles, lines, dots, circles. Given Photoshop and Illustrator are paid subscription applications with complex navigations, we'll go for DesignEvo's [Start From Scratch] function instead, and illustrate our logo design.

For your information, the combo words we choose are healthy-vegetable-friendly. Carrot can stand for vegetable and health, and a smiling king cook can make people feel friendly, trustworthy, and warm.

Sidenote: Exclusively, for those who would like to go Photoshop or Illustrator method, there are some helpful tips about "How To Photoshop A Logo?" and "How To Illustrator A Logo?"

Inside DesignEvo design interface, you can fast search and draw shapes you want by drag-and-drop. You can also curve any texts if you like.

turn your design thinking to a logo illustration

Image Depict: Turn your design thinking to a logo illustration.

Last Words

Do you find the logo design tip above helpful? How does your logo look?

If you are not satisfied, DesignEvo - the tool we used, has 10,000+ designer-made logo templates for your search and customization. Explore DesignEvo and give it a try, it won't fail you in logo design!

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