Best 41+ Restaurant Logos

Opening Words: An intriguing & delicious restaurant logo will bring an obvious edge to your restaurant business. Whether you need a normal fast food logo or a restaurant logo for Italian food, Mexican dishes, or Chinese delicacies, following world famous 41+ restaurant logos will give you helpful inspirations. Lastly, you'll find restaurant logo ideas to design your own effortlessly.

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When new eater consumers have no idea how to pick a restaurant for dinning, a joyful & appealing restaurant logo always plays a big part. If you can compete against other restaurants in logo design, you've won an edge in business.

Part 1 - How Can Effective Restaurant Logos Influence Consumer Behaviors?

Restaurant logo is the very first impression to any customer. A fresh, colorful & eye-catching visual identity for restaurant indeed suggests a joyful eating experience. At times, such a logo can even stimulate hunger.

Technically speaking, there is serious science behind restaurant visual designs. According to brain science, humans memorize things by visuals, tastes, smells, sounds and touches. And, our taste buds and visual nerves are closely connected and related. That's why when seeing graphics or logos of yummy foods, you'll guess serving dishes are mouth-watering.

Part 2 - How to Come Up with Restaurant Logo Ideas Properly?

You don't need to go through dozens of trials and errors, just to find out how to make a delicious restaurant logo. Instead, you can take the shortcuts:

  • Instead of asking a designer for suggestions, ask your clients what they like.
  • It's useless to look at random dining logos. Instead, you can make a list of popular restaurants. Then, figure out what they've chosen for their restaurant logo designs.

To save your work, we've wrapped up a variety of famous restaurant logo designs in a few categories. You'll be able to find them in part 3.

Part 3 - Best 41+ Restaurant Logos

The best 41+ restaurant logos, arranged by means of food colors, will give you enough inspirations about restaurant logo designs.

Top Red Restaurant Logos

In food industry, red logos are one of the most welcome logo designs. Red is the color of pepper. Red logo designs can suggest spicy, hot, and stimulate hunger. Therefore, red restaurant logos are almost everywhere.

#1.Chipotle Mexican Grill Logo
Chipotle Mexican Grill Logo

Image: Chipotle Mexican Grill Logo.

#2.KFC Logo
KFC Logo

Image: KFC Logo.

#3.Pizza Hut Logo
Pizza Hut Logo

Image: Pizza Hut Logo.

#4.Burger King Logo
Burger King Logo

Image: Burger King Logo.

#5.Wendy's Logo
Wendy's Logo

Image: Wendy's Logo.

#6.Chick-fil-A Logo
Chick-fil-A Logo

Image: Chick-fil-A Logo.

#7.Jack in the Box Logo
Jack in the Box Logo

Image: Jack in the Box Logo.

#8.Arby's Logo
Arby's Logo

Image: Arby's Logo.

#9.Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits Logo
Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits Logo

Image: Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits Logo.

#10.Chili's Grill Logo
Chili's Grill Logo

Image: Chili's Grill Logo.

#11.Applebee's Logo
Applebee's Logo

Image: Applebee's Logo.

#12.Panda Express Logo
Panda Express Logo

Image: Panda Express Logo.

#13.Pei Wei Asian Diner Logo
Pei Wei Asian Diner Logo

Image: Pei Wei Asian Diner Logo.

#14.Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Logo
Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Logo

Image: Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Logo.

#15.Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants Logo
Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants Logo

Image: Red Lobster Seafood Restaurants Logo.

#16.Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews Logo
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews Logo

Image: Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews Logo.

#17.Denny's Logo
Denny's Logo

Image: Denny's Logo.

#18.Marco's Pizza Logo
Marco's Pizza Logo

Image: Marco's Pizza Logo.

#19.TGI Fridays Logo
TGI Fridays Logo

Image: TGI Fridays Logo.

#20.Outback Steakhouse Logo
Outback Steakhouse Logo

Image: Outback Steakhouse Logo.

#21.Jet's Pizza Logo
Jet's Pizza Logo

Image: Jet's Pizza Logo.

Top Yellow Restaurant Logos

Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism primarily. Yellow is also the color for butter, cheese, egg, pancake. So such a kind restaurant logo is endorsed by a couple of famous restaurant brands.

#22.McDonald's Logo
McDonald's Logos

Image: McDonald's Logo.

#23.Subway Logo
Subway Logo

Image: Subway Logo.

#24.Hardee's Logo
Hardee's Logo

Image: Hardee's Logo.

#25.Buffalo Wild Wings Logo
Buffalo Wild Wings Logo

Image: Buffalo Wild Wings Logo.

#26.In-N-Out Burger Logo
In-N-Out Burger Logo

Image: In-N-Out Burger Logo.

#27.Church's Chicken Logo
Church's Chicken Logo

Image: Church's Chicken Logo.

#28.Hungry Howie's Pizza Logo
Hungry Howie's Pizza Logo

Image: Hungry Howie's Pizza Logo.

Top Green Restaurant Logos

Green is color of vegetable and eco. Green represents fresh and healthy foods. Green can make eater relaxed. Rest assured to design a green restaurant logo for business, as renowned eatery brands have done it.

#29.Starbucks Logo
Starbucks Logo

Image: Starbucks Logo.

#30.Panera Bread Logo
Panera Bread Logo

Image: Panera Bread Logo.

#31.Olive Garden Logo
Olive Garden Logo

Image: Olive Garden Logo.

Top Blue Restaurant Logos

Blue logo designs are a perfect fit for seafood restaurants. Considering blue can imply cool & cold water color, we notice it has become a cozy & welcome symbol for eateries located in a high-temperature zone. When people see a blue restaurant logo, they may cool off.

#32.IHPO Logo

Image: IHPO Logo.

IHPO logo wears a happy face to replace its previous frown face. What a strange yet intriguing face!

#33.Long John Silver's Logo
Long John Silver's Logo

Image: Long John Silver's Logo.

#34.Culver's Logo
Culver's Logo

Image: Culver's Logo.

#35.Domino's Pizza Logo
Domino's Pizza Logo

Image: Domino's Pizza Logo.

Top Orange Restaurant Logos

Orange restaurant logos are another mainstream restaurant symbols. Orange juice drinks quench thirst. The color of orange is also the color of fried chicken and yummy curry. Hence, orange restaurant logo designs can successfully stimulate hunger and invite customers in.

#36.Cracker Barrel Logo
Cracker Barrel Logo

Image: Cracker Barrel Logo.

#37.Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Logo
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Logo

Image: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Logo.

#38.Little Caesars Logo
Little Caesars Logo

Image: Little Caesars Logo.

#39.Hooters Logo
Hooters Logo

Image: Hooters Logo.

#40.Pizza Pizza Logo
Pizza Pizza Logo

Image: Pizza Pizza Logo.

#41.Whataburger Logo
Whataburger Logo

Image: Whataburger Logo.

Part 4 - Find & Design Your Own Restaurant Logo Freely

If you are planning to open a restaurant, you'll need a competitive restaurant logo to make your business stand out.

Else if you need to replace old uncompetitive logo or simply need a restaurant logo for online order, look no further! In this part, you'll find a variety of stunning restaurant logo ideas to make a new restaurant logo effortlessly.

Make a Restaurant Logo Now

Just follow the steps:

  1. Go DesignEvo homepage and hit the button [Make a Free Logo].
  2. Search keywords related to restaurant businesses. Such as, "fast food", "restaurant", "fries", "chicken", "sweets", "coffee", "red", "yellow", "hot", "chef", etc.
  3. Find Restaurant Logo Ideas

    Image: Find Restaurant Logo Ideas.

  4. Choose one of your most favorite restaurant logo designs, and paste your logo name and slogan to the design.
  5. Customize your restaurant design freely. Simply select any logo ingredient on the canvas, its changeable custom options will reveal.
  6. Preview and download your restaurant logo.

Part 5 - Last Words

What's your ideal color palette for your restaurant logo? Is it red, yellow, blue, or orange? Hope DesignEvo logo maker has helped you achieve your preferable restaurant logo design.

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