Cool Logo Design Ideas You Can Use for Logo Design

Forewords: Find cool logo designs from big brands. Check what elements these famous brand companies have chosen for their logo design, and get to know the wits behind these things. In the end, we leave you with an easy portal to design a cool logo for free.

What's a cool logo? There is no technical definition for it. To different people, "cool" represents different things. From Wiki, "cool" is a sort of admiration or approval, and it's merely a subjective feeling. Perhaps in our list of the coolest logo designs, some logo design ideas don't resonate with you. Still, at least these ideas can provide you with some design thinking.

In the contents below, we've collected famous cool logos and classified them into 7 categories. Each type is summarized with a tag. By pairing the tags, you can fast locate the cool logo ideas you want best:

Tag 1: Cool Typography Logo Designs

Famous cool typography logo designs

Image Depict: Famous cool typography logo designs

If you ever glimpse of some typography logo designs, then some cool typographic designs must get you impressed.

Vaio and Calvin Klein are typical companies with a cool typographic logo. Though Vaio and Calvin Klein both adopt the design strategy of cool typography, their designs feel entirely different:

Vaio seems to favor the design style of Chinese painting - It combines and connects all letters with less handwriting lines. Vaio logo was drawn with fewer steps, and the drawing feels like some flowing water making audiences feel comfortable. While it takes a little more time for people to guess out the linked letters of "v" and "a", which may infer to PC cable bus. Additionally, for your information, "I" and "O" stand for "Input" and "Output" in computing respectively.

Vaio manufactures laptops and accessories, and Vaio logo design is consistent with its business. Hence, Vaio's cool typography logo design is effective!

However, Calvin Klein takes a different path to design its logo. They work out a stylish, artistic and exclusive font for the logo design. The logo letter is thin, tall, simple, straight and distinguished.

Tag 2: Cool Negative Space Logo Designs

Cool negative space logo designs

Image Depict: Cool negative space logo designs

FedEx and F1 logos have the coolest logo designs that borrow the idea of negative space. Negative space design is an art using the background to reveal some hidden information wisely.

Other famous negative space logos include NBC logo, Mister Cooper logo and World Wide Fund logo. These cool logos all have negative space designs, and leave audiences to find out something worthy of exploration and search.

Tag 3: Vintage & Retro Cool Logo Designs

Vintage retro cool logos

Image Depict: Vintage retro cool logos

Take a look at the roundup of vintage & retro cool logo designs. And you'll notice vintage & retro logos are mainly used by beer factories, snacks businesses and music companies.

Different from other logo designs, vintage & retro logos always opt for some "outdated" color scheme, instead of some colorful or fresh color scheme. That's because vintage & retro cool logos emphasize the experiences or something eternal more.

For example, a beer company will want to convey some messages to the consumers that their brewing process keeps the same since the beginning, and the taste is always pure and good. - Consumers can trust the beer fully.

Tag 4: Cool Bold Logo Designs

Cool bold logo designs

Image Depict: Cool bold logo designs

Bold designs are very user-friendly for all kinds of audiences. Bold logo design shows a clear message that the brand is stable and trustworthy. Notice that, the color scheme for bold logo needs to be very simple – a single color in black, blue or red will be enough.

For brands that have enormous audiences, bold logo design is a good choice. It fits audiences, ranging from youngsters to seniors.

Tag 5: Cool Black and White Logo Designs

Cool black and white logo designs

Image Depict: Cool black and white logo designs

Black and white logo designs are the most colorless ideas, while such designs render a strong design sense. Black and white graphics bring a high contrast to audiences, which evoke strong feelings and develop aesthetic sense simultaneously.

Luxury brands and top Technology companies favor the logo design in black and white, i.e., Channel, Apple, etc. The design in black and white can be simple, advanced, elegant or modern.

Tag 6: Cool Dot & Wire Designs for Cutting-Edge Technology Logos

Cool dot & wire designs for cutting-edge technology logos

Image Depict: Cool dot & wire designs for cutting-edge technology logos

If your business is in Technology field, then you must be famous with the brands, such as, IBM, VAIO, LG, AT&T.

Many technology brands will use the elements of dot and wire in their logo design, since these elements are abstract symbols for the fundamental types of equipment for digital products.

Tag 7: Angular Letters and Elegant Lines for Luxury Logo Designs

Angular letters and elegant lines for luxury logo designs

Image Depict: Angular letters and elegant lines for luxury logo designs

Luxury brands will only use elegant shapes and letters on their logo designs. Luxury brands go for top tastes and designs, which should be fully reflected in the logo design. If they fail in their logo designs, they will get their "GAME OVER" in the luxury business. So, we always enjoy appreciating the look of luxury logos.

Flipping through luxury logos, you'll see a plethora of angular letters and elegent lines in luxury logo designs. By putting these things in logo design, luxury brands show their unique taste, boldness, exploration and aspiration.

Last Words

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