How to Resize Logo Image in Pixels Correctly

Content Brief: This article is a pixel logo resizing whitepaper. We introduce you several logo resizing solutions to turn a low-resolution pixel logo to a high-resolution graphics for business branding in three different cases. The logo resizing tools we used in the example vary from DesignEvo, Photoshop, FotoJet to GIMP.

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Low-Resolution Logo Can Ruin Your Business.

With the advent of 4K devices, 8K displays and larger screen medias, the previous poor resolution logo will need to be replaced with a high-quality logo. Or your business may turn uncompetitive and you can risk losing market share to good logo contenders in the long competition battle.

If you don't have a delightful logo to show to your customers, how can you expect them to believe in your products? Whether you've noticed it or not, logo firmly relates to brand, service and quality, just like a representative. Seeing a hideous logo, an audience may speculate a not-so-good quality for its service. Broadcasting advertisement with a low-resolution logo is somehow a waste.

If you have a low-quality logo, there is no need to worry. There are a multitude of solutions to switch a quality-poor logo to a high-end logo.

How to Convert Low-Resolution Logo to High-Resolution Logo?

There are a few things that you should care about before you reach out to a resolution conversion tool:

How does your present logo look? What elements make up of your logo?

Ask yourself the two questions and write down the answers on a paper. Even better, conduct a questionnaire survey among your customers with the logo questions. With the answers in hand, pair your answer with below cases and find the best way to upgrade logo resolution.

Case 1: Your Logo Design Is Decent, Its Ingredient Is Text.

In the case of simple logo, let's say, it combines with letters and digits only, like Google, our advice is:

Forget about logo resizing idea!

Instead, re-draw the logo as it is with a logo maker that supports outputting graphics in vector format, and get an SVG logo. If you've already installed Adobe PS, then you can work it out in PS for a vector result. Or alternatively, you can use of an online logo solution - DesignEvo to reproduce your text logo in vector format. In this way, you are free from resolution issue, as vector logo supports entirely scaling up and scaling down.

Side Note: The difference between vector and raster tells us that vector graphics have no low-resolution issue. Only when processing a bitmap logo, you need to ask how to increase the size of a pixel image without ruining the picture.

Case 2: Your Logo Design Is Simple, Its Ingredient Is Shape.

What if you own a nice shape logo, just like Nike and Apple do? Then it can be a bit more tricky to tackle this issue. Technically, there are two ways to get it done:

One way is to re-draw your logo in either Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and have it output in SVG format. Draw the logo with Photoshop built-in shapes and remember not to use any shapes outside: For instance, never try to drag and drop a downloaded image as a shape, or the image quality won't be up to the vector quality and will fail you.

Another way is to open the logo in a graphics editor, saying, Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator or some online graphics app - FotoJet. Then resize pixel images. Do realize that using this method to resize a logo to a certain extent may see ragged graphics. Here, we use two applications that can sharp a scaling-up pixel image - Windows Photoshop and Online FotoJet - to resize logos respectively.

Photoshop Logo Resizing Tip: How to Enlarge Logo In Photoshop.

1.Open Photoshop CC, drag and drop an image to the canvas.

2.Go [Image]> [Image Size]. Input a width digit and select a Resample mode.

3.Save your logo by [File]> [Quick Export as PNG], or keystroke the shortcut combination: [Alt] +[Shift] + [Ctrl] + [W].

To resize logo in Photoshop is not that complex when designing a logo in Photoshop.

Resize Logo with FotoJet App Online.

Go to FotoJet home, choose [Edit a Photo]. Upload a pixel JPEG or PNG from computer. Resize and input your wanted dimension. Hit SAVE button and Presto, you can get an enlarged picture.

Pixel resizing an image logo in FotoJet.

Alt: Pixel resizing an image logo in FotoJet.

Comparing with resizing logo image online, scaling up pixel in Photoshop can be a bit of a pain. Either way, you can get a scale-up pixel art in a better look.

Case 3: Your Logo Uses Emblem Logo Design. Use Mixed-Up Ingredients.

Emblem logo design is easily recognized while comes with a more complex assembly. It's more like a sophisticated icon graphics. When dealing with an emblem logo, e.g. Superman logo, we suggest you scaling it up to a pixel logo rather than a vector logo, unless you want to build it up from the ground up. Tools to resize an emblem logo are Photoshop, AI, GIMP, FotoJet, Picasa and many more. And this time, we will go with GIMP raster graphics editor and proceed with logo resizing.

How to Use GIMP to Resize Emblem Logo Image With Minimal Quality Losing.

1.Go [Image] > [Scale Image...].

2.Input an enlarged digit in Width box.

3.Go Quality and select Linear and hit [Scale]. FYI: Linear is a better resizing interpolation method in our test result.

Pixel resizing an image logo in GIMP.

Alt: Pixel resizing an image logo in GIMP.

Following above steps on how to resize an image in GIMP, soon you can get a bigger Emblem logo.

In All

If you want to resize logo without losing quality, the mere workable solution is to convert it to a vector image. Only are vector images free from resolution issues.

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