How to Resize Logo Image in Pixels Correctly

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Follow us, we will use 3 free image resizers and a logo maker: Photoshop, GIMP, FotoJet resizers and DesignEvo free logo maker - - to upgrade a logo image from low resolution to high resolution effortlessly or renew a high-res logo. Reversely, use these logo resizers to downsize a logo. And you will be free from the questions:

  • Q: How to resize logo in pixel?
  • Q: How to resize an image for Facebook cover?
  • Q: How to make logo bigger without losing quality?
  • Q: How to make logo smaller for WordPress, email signature?

#1 [Photoshop, Resize Logo]: How to Enlarge Logo In Photoshop.

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How to resize logo in Photoshop.

Depict Image: How to resize logo in Photoshop.

1.Open Photoshop CC, drag and drop an image to the canvas.

2.Go [Image]> [Image Size], or use shortcut combination: [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [I]. Input a width digit and select a Resample mode.

3.Save your logo in Photoshop: Go [File]> [Quick Export as PNG], or keystroke: [Alt] +[Shift] + [Ctrl] + [W].

It's easier to resize logo in Photoshop than to design a logo in Photoshop or create a logo with Illustrator .

#2 [GIMP, Resize Logo]: Use GIMP to Resize Emblem/Brand Image with Minimal Quality Losing.

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Resize an image logo in GIMP for free.

Depict Image: Resize an image logo in GIMP for free.

1.Go [Image] > [Scale Image...].

2.Input an enlarged digit in Width box to make logo larger. Input a smaller digit to downsize a logo image.

3.Go Quality and select Linear and hit [Scale]. (We find Linear is a better resizing interpolation method when testing.)

Just follow the steps on how to resize an image in GIMP above, and shortly, you can make a logo (an Emblem logo) bigger.

#3 [FotoJet, Resize Logo]: Use FotoJet Photo Editor to Resize a Logo Online.

Free, browser-based, cross-platform.

How to resize a pixel image with FotoJet.

Depict Image: How to resize a pixel image with FotoJet.

1. Visit FotoJet homepage, choose [Edit a Photo]. Upload a pixel in JPEG or PNG from computer.

2. Go [Resize] and input your wanted dimension.

3. Hit [SAVE] icon on the top, presto, your enlarged logo picture is downloaded.

Resizing logo image online with FotoJet is more convenient than scaling up a pixel image in Photoshop. Either way, you can get an enlarged pixel art with a better look.

#4 [DesignEvo Backup Solution]: Recreate a Quality Logo.

Free for 500*500, browser-based, cross-platform.

DesignEvo - Re-create logo instantly.

Depict Image: DesignEvo - Re-create logo instantly.

If your logo is indeed small, and after trying various ways to enlarge it, you still get an image in low fidelity. When it's the case, you should try a backup solution – DesignEvo logo maker online - one of the best free logo makers.

DesignEvo with 7000+ logo templates helps reproduce lettermarks(text logos), logomarks(symbol logos), and combination logos for all netizens.

Its PLUS package renders a logo in vector files of SVG and PDF, as well as raster files of high-res 5000*5000 PNG/JPG/PNG-transparent.

This way, you are free from resolution issue. Vector logo supports scaling up and scaling down at will and loses no quality.

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Best Solutions to Enlarge Logo Image Based on Various Cases

Case 1: The best strategy to enlarge a raster combination logo.

A combination logo carries logo graphics and letters. The easiest way to enlarge it is to make it bigger in raster format.

How to Export PNG/JGP to SVG in Photoshop - While if the graphics are simple, then you can enlarge the whole logo image, select the texts and delete them, then re-enter the texts in Photoshop, and export it to SVG format.

Export PNG/JGP to SVG in Photoshop.

Depict Image: Export PNG/JGP to SVG in Photoshop.

Tools support resizing a raster combination logo: PhotoShop, AI, FotoJet, and etc.

# Emblem Logo, One of A Kind!

Case 2: The best strategy to enlarge emblem logo in raster formats.

People recognize emblem logos instantly, e.g., Superman logo. It comes with a more complex design, which makes it difficult to convert it to vector file.

Dealing with emblem logo, we suggest scaling it up to a pixel logo (JPG, PNG, PNG-transparent) rather than a vector logo(SVG, PDF, EPS, etc.). Or you will have to re-build it up from the ground up, which costs substantial time.

Tools support resizing an emblem logo: Photoshop, AI, GIMP, FotoJet, Picasa and many more.

# Letter Logo, You Can't Simplify It Anymore.

Case 3: The best strategy to enlarge raster lettermark in JPG, PNG, etc.

Your previous logo only contains letters (e.g., monogram, lettermark, etc.). In this case, we suggest you using vector designers to re-make the logo.

Like Microsoft logo, letter logos are easily re-made. Just type logo letters, select a font size, a font family, and add a background, design is finished.

Tools support resizing a letter logo: DesignEvo, PhotoShop, AI, and etc.

In All

If your goal is to resize logo without losing quality, the only way is converting it to a vector image. Vector images are 100% free from all resolution issues. Learn more about this, please check - The Difference between Vector Image and Raster Image.

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