Apple Logo Designs And Its True Story – The Rumor Terminator

Forewords: Whether you are a designer or simply need a logo, Apple logos (the most successful logo designs) are excellent materials to learn how to make a wonderful logo! In this article, you'll know Apple logo history, the meaning of Apple logo, and how the bitten apple influences the world!

We've collected and studied all Apple logos, which are the most creative innovations. Among various, different editions of touching stories for Apple logo designs, we've selected out the authentic, official narration by Apple logo designer.

Interesting is that we find some connections among Apple bitten logo, Alan Turing, Steve Jobs, and Technology of the 21st century! These things always connect in some ways, and they influence the whole world greatly. Keep reading, their connections are revealed in this article.

Part 1 - Apple Logo History & Apple Logo Design

Apple logo is a timeless logo. Except for the very first Newton logo, the rest Apple logos haven't changed the apple shape in the updates. Without question, all Apple logo designs are ranking top.

The history of Apple logo designs

Depict Image: The history of Apple logo designs.

In 1976, Ronald Wayne, the third co-founder of Apple, designed the first Apple logo with Isaac Newton doing his science readings under an apple tree. Take a closer look, the first logo is more like an artistic storytelling painting with each detail included.

Because the first Apple logo was too hard to iron on Apple's digital products, Steven Jobs and his team decided to devise a new logo. So, Jobs turned to Rob Janoff, an experienced logo designer for multiple top brands. After brainstorming and much discussion, Rob Janoff designed the famous bitten apple logo.

Why is it a bitten apple? Rob Janoff said the problem is in size - apple and cherry look much alike in shape, but only apple can be bitten when drawing on the logo design. Interesting!

As for 1977 Apple colorful logo, the rainbow colors implies Apple monitor can render colorful graphics.

With the iterations of Apple products, Apple changed its logo design slightly these years. And finally, Apple design team reaches an agreement for the flat design of Apple logo on iPhone 11.

If you find apple logos great and wish a nice-looking apple logo for your business, then below Apple logos may pique your interests (Within clicks, you can customize a logo to your stylish apple logo):

colorful appleabstract colorful appleapple in yellow and bluewhite and red applered apple white broccolired apple abstractgreen and red appleapple in yellow and whitered apple abstractsports logo with an apple and a handcartoon cute applegreen apple abstract

Part 2 – Various Editions for Apple Logo Stories, Rumors & The Truths

About the stories behind Apple logo designs, there are 4 famous editions online - Turing edition, Newton edition, Eve & Adam edition, and cherry VS apple edition.

1)Turing Edition of Apple Logo Design

Turing edition apple story is perhaps the most touching one: Great British mathematician Alan Turing (who had made great achievements in computer sciences and foreseen AI Technology in 1950) was forced to eat a poison apple for being a gay. (That's Terrible!)

Apple logo design and Turing sufferings

Depict Image: Apple logo design and Turing sufferings.

In the USA, two Stanford entrepreneurs want a logo for their company, and they think Turing is worthy of remembering. That makes the Turing edition of Apple logo design.

Also, some online sayings address that Apple's second colorful logo seems to resemble the colorful flag - the symbol for LGBTQ (Let God Burn the Queers). It seems reasonable and logical to back up the Turing edition of Apple logo design.

Sadly, Turing edition story turns out to be a beautiful rumor. Rob Janoff officially said, "I'm afraid it didn't have a thing to do with it." Also, the colorful flag of LGBTQ showed a year after Apple's rainbow logo, which again testifies that Turing edition story is a beautiful rumor.

2) Newton Edition of Apple Logo Design

Newton and apple are drawn in the very first Apple logo clearly, so people speculate those later Apple logos from Rob Janoff have used the same idea in Apple logo design. Again, Rob said it's another rumor!

Newton & Apple logo design

Depict Image: Newton & Apple logo design.

3) Eve & Adam Edition of Apple Logo Design

Another famous story is Eve and Adam, the first man and woman, ate the forbidden fruit – "apple" - human knowledge of good and evil. Once again, Rob Janoff said it's not true for him designing Apple logo.

4) Cherry & Apple Edition of Apple Logo Design [Truth Edition]

With three storytelling fake stories above, the truth edition is told by Janoff. He said in an interview, his material is merely biting an apple and make it distinguish from a cherry. (Jaw drops…)

Distinguish a bitten apple from a cherry

Depict Image: Distinguish a bitten apple from a cherry

Part 3 – The Connections among Apple Logo, Turing & Recent Technology

You've learned Apple logo history in part 2. In this part, we will share you with some important connections that we find:

Surprisingly, the magic apple logo symbol does accomplish Apple company in some way!

Even if Apple logo designer Janoff dismissed other 3 stories, we could still find the connections among Apple company, Turing, Newton, and new Technologies.

  1. Connection - Turing is the founder of computer science, and Apple's first business is to sell computers. (Also, their exploring spirits are alike.)
  2. Connection - An apple hit Newton, and he came up with gravity theory. People with an Apple device(hit by an iPhone or iMac), can create something better & enjoyable. (Apple's Advertising.)
  3. Connection - Apple is greedy to approach the top designs, and advance human Technology. (Apple Flagship store on Fifth Avenue)

Base on the 3 connections above, we believe Apple is linking with Turing, Newton, and new Technologies. Although it's not from Janoff's words, they are the facts. (like, butterfly effects?)

Those elements together push Apple to become the greatest innovative company in the world. And the stylish apple logo fuses them into a symbol, and light it up!

Part 4 – Finally

Our Apple logo research has come to an end. Do you agree with our opinions on Apple connections? It's interesting and picturesque to know the 4 main editions of apple logo design.

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