Most Cooling Name Generators for Blog, YouTube, Business and Many More Purpose – 8 Easy Approaches to Find Catchy Names

Briefs: We introduce 8 cool name generators that are free, handpicked and believed to render the the most effective name inspirations with catchy ideas. Give a try on them, you're sure to find a memorable name for blog, YouTube, business, etc., or design a real name or nickname.

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There are times people eagerly want to find a proper, attractive name:

  • Starting a blog to write and share something, you need a creative blog name.
  • YouTube celebrities are perhaps the coolest, richest & most influential people. To join them and begin your own YouTube channel, you need to come up with an effective name and a proper slogan that are suitable for YouTube logo.
  • For business starters, how will you name your business effectively and effortlessly, making it unique & legal?

Facts tell us cool website names, creative company names, and well-meaning real names play an irreplaceable role in shaping what their names represent. While, wrong brand names cause illegal issues and financial troubles.

It bothers us a lot to come up with a smart brand name. Without naming apps, the process to get a long list of clever names can be overwhelmed.

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8 Easy Naming Apps Help You Find Your Catchy Names

# No.1.BusinessNameGenerator

BusinessNameGenerator for company, product, YouTube, blog, etc

Image: BusinessNameGenerator for company, product, YouTube, blog, etc - The 100%-free business name generator asks you to input a keyword as the seed and responses with only relative available names. You'll have dozens of name ideas on a page and know how many name ideas there are. BusinessNameGenerator allows you to save evocative names from different pages. In the middle of the result page, it embeds a search box for domain checking.

In Short: It's extremely useful for bloggers, webmasters and business owners, since it provides a one-stop solution to find creative names according to your inputs and check domain availability.

Recommend for: Company name generating, product names creation, YouTube name generating, blog naming.


NAMEMESH: Design for company names.

Image: NAMEMESH-Design for company names. - NAMEMESH is more like a domain name generator. It doesn't list name inspirations but only displays lists of related domains in either green(available) or gray(unavailable). Try several words, then the unique name generator will find available domains out of them. Scrolling down, you see endless options. To get those cool website name ideas, you have to split the domains into words by yourself.

In Short: NAMEMESH is super easy to find available domains. Click a green domain, you will jump to GoDaddy where to purchase the domain. It's the easiest approach to find domain name ideas.

Recommend for: Website name generating, company name generating.


NAMEGENERATORFUN! is an all-side name generator.

Image: NAMEGENERATORFUN! is an all-side name generator. - A powerful name generator is full of fantasy name ideas for study and fun. The business name generator offers 6 scenarios – [Random], [Cooperate/Hedge Fund], [Hipster/Restaurant/Pub], [Katakana Compatible], [Design Agency/Surf Shack], and [Funny/Silly]. The smart name creator will put forward 20 name ideas at a time.

Except for generating business names, it provides ways to make usernames, nicknames, elf names, superhero names for gaming or other Internet identities. For students studying foreign languages, NAMEGENERATORFUN! can be used to find a foreign name.

In Short: Provided a wide range of creative business name ideas, NAMEGENERATORFUN!, without doubts, is an all-side name generator. Its name ideas are impressive. One pitfall is that it doesn't offer options to set limits when generating a fantasy name. And it's not available to check domain availablity.

Recommend for: Company name generating, real name generating, gaming name generating, nickname generating.

#No.4.SHOPIFY Business Name Generator

SHOPIFY Business Name Generator

Image: SHOPIFY Business Name Generator. - Input some letters into the blanket and hit [Generate names], SHOPIFY will generate you 100 names available for your business, which you can directly register a domain. Performing differently, it includes your inputs in the results.

In Short: SHOPIFY is an all-in-one business name generator, simplifying the process to find a business name. The downside is that it requires you to register an account to proceed, and it asks you to make a payment to proceed.

Recommended: Company name generating.


WORDLAB comes up with cool names for products.

Image: WORDLAB comes up with cool names for products. - WORDLAB is another data-based name generator with 7,223,742 potential name ideas, providing a variety of name categories to choose from. You can also create names for team, band, restaurant/bar and many more.

In Short: WORDLAB has an extensive database with a number of options for a brand name. It can only generate just one name at a time and there is no way to constraint its generated results. For restaurants, bars, or other real shops, WORDLAB performs very well. No advanced limiting, no domain checking, just a simple name maker.

Recommend for: Restaurant name generating, real shop name generating.


NAMES4BRANDS allows you to customize all kinds of names.

Image: NAMES4BRANDS allows you to customize all kinds of names. - NAMES4BRANDS is an advance name maker, which can pair one word in the beginning or in the end to generate a brand name accordingly. The relativity of generated names is much closer to the brand, since it contains the word that the user feeds it. Try another feature in [Random], and you can nail two letters and roll the dice. Providing free multi-language name generating serivice is a highlight. You are not allowed to download name ideas, instead, you can select all, copy and paste them out.

In Short: A powerful & handy name generator provides brand name generating service in multi-language.

Recommend for: Name generating for all categories, random name generating, YouTube channel naming.


NAMELIX makes brand names for your business.

Image: NAMELIX makes brand names for your business. - NAMELIX, an online logo name generator, requires you to use a keyword as the seed, then it will display you 100+ available company names related. You can also exclude a word. For companies, it also demonstrates the wordmark designs to purchases for logo design and domain. No download for name ideas.

Note that pricing is rocket high! Instead, you can get a free logo design from and grab a cost-effective domain from GoDaddy. That'll save you a fortune!

In Short: We like most of its generated name ideas (a few are still not usable), but the package price is unacceptable. For added service of logo design, DesignEvo logo maker online is recommended to DIY a free logo shortly, and GoDaddy service offers lower pricing domains.

Recommend for: Name generating for all categories.

#No.8.BRANDROOT - BRANDROOT is another full-pack naming service provider. It's costly, but its name generator is free to use. The online app makes names by semantic. We can only select all name ideas, copy and paste them out. It also gives users a favorite icon(on the right corner of each name item), which allows you to compare all favoriate names and decide which one to pick.

In Short: For a brand name creator, it's cool to use. Regarding the packed services, they are not worth every penny. We suggest you only use its name generator.

Recommend for: Technology name generating, food product name generating, pharmacy name generating, blog naming.

BRANDROOT name generator for Tech, food, blog, etc.

Image: BRANDROOT name generator for Tech, food, blog, etc.

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