Most Cooling Name Generators for Blog, YouTube, Business and Many More Purpose – 8 Easy Approaches to Find Catchy Names

There are times when we are urgent to find a cool name:

1)Start a blog, write something, make your voice heard, you will need a creative blog name.

2)YouTubers are perhaps the coolest groups of people online. Let's say, you want to be one of them and begin a YouTube channel. The question comes: How can you come up with an effective name and choose slogans that's suitable for YouTube logo?

3)Get inspired to start a business, how will you name your business effectively and effortlessly? Trust me, you will hope to name it uniquely and legally.

It's a solid fact that cool website names, creative company names, and even well-meaning real names play an irreplaceable role in shaping what their names represent. On the contrary, wrong brand names always cause illegal issues and financial troubles. How to come up with a brand name smartly does bother us a lot. Without the help from naming apps, the process is overwhelmed after you try a couple of catchy names. Naming apps always prepare a long list of clever names for businesses and that's why we talked about them today.

In the following passages, we introduce 8 available name generators for free that are handpicked and are believed to render the greatest inspirations of catchy names. With them, you are sure to find a memorable name for blog, YouTube, business, etc. You may also find some of them practical to design a real name or nickname.

# No.1 BusinessNameGenerator - A real free business name generator that gives you the capability to input a keyword and search only related names available. Typing a keyword, it will show dozens of names on one page and also tell you how many ideas there are. In BusinessNameGenerator, you can easily save evocative names from different pages by checking the tailing save button. Allowing users to narrow down search results also makes it prevailed. In the middle of the page, it embeds a functional search box, which enables you to paste a name and check whether it can be used as a domain.

Our Thinking: It's extremely useful for blogger, webmaster and business owner, since it provides a one-stop solution to find creative name inspirations to your requirement and check domain availability.

Recommended: Company name generating, product names creation, YouTube name generating, blog naming.

BusinessNameGenerator for company, product, YouTube, blog, etc

Depict Image: BusinessNameGenerator for company, product, YouTube, blog, etc

# No. 2 NAMEMESH Saying NAMEMESH is a domain name generator is probably the best description for it. Technically speaking, it doesn't list names straightly as other name generators do, but it only displays you a long list of related domains in green and gray. It demands you to input several words firstly. Then, the unique name generator finds available domains for you. As you scroll down, it will present you with endless options. To read out its suggested cool website names, you need to split the domains on your own.

Our Thinking: NAMEMESH is super easy to find available domains. Gray ones are unavailable. Clicking one in green, you will be taken to GoDaddy where to purchase the domain. It's the easiest approach to find domain name ideas.

Recommended:Company name generating.

NAMEMESH: Design for company names.

Depict Image: NAMEMESH-Design for company names.

# No. 3 NAMEGENERATORFUN! - It's a powerful name generator that covers the needs of generating a fantasy name, for study and fun. Its business name generator offers 6 scenarios – [Random], [Cooperate/Hedge Fund], [Hipster/Restaurant/Pub], [Katakana Compatible], [Design Agency/Surf Shack], and [Funny/Silly]. As long as you've selected one item and run [Generate], this smart name creator will put forward 20 names in a click. Except for generating business names, it provides ways to make usernames, nicknames, elf names, superhero names for gaming or other Internet identities. For foreign language study students, NAMEGENERATORFUN! can also be used to find a foreign real name.

Our Thinking: Provided a wide range of creative business name ideas, NAMEGENERATORFUN!, without doubts, is an all-side name generator. We always find its ideas impressive, while the pitfall is that it doesn't allow users to set more limits when generating fantasy names. And though it's not a must-have feature for checking repeated names and available domains, NAMEGENERATORFUN! may once again disappoint a group of users for not having it.

Recommended: Company name generating, real name generating, gaming name generating, nickname generating.

NAMEGENERATORFUN! is an all-side name generator.

Depict Image: NAMEGENERATORFUN! is an all-side name generator.

# No.4 SHOPIFY Business Name Generator - Input some letters into the blanket and hit [Generate names], SHOPIFY will generate you 100 names available for your business, which you can directly use to register a domain. Performing differently, it includes what you have input in the naming results.

Our Thinking: SHOPIFY is an all-in-one business name generator, simplifying the process to find a business name to the most. You are not even required to know what names are unavailable, since it just shows you the one that works for you. The downside is that it requires you to register an account to proceed, and in some phrases, it asks you to make a payment.

Recommended: Company name generating.

SHOPIFY Business Name Generator

Depict Image: SHOPIFY Business Name Generator.

# No.5 WORDLAB - WORDLAB is another data-based name generator, providing a variety of name categories to choose from. Its business name generator has 7,223,742 potential names. It can only generate just one name at a time and there is no way to constraint its generated results. You can also create names for team, band, restaurant/bar and many more.

Our Thinking: WORDLAB has an extensive database with a number of options to come up with a brand name. For restaurants, bars, or other real shops, WORDLAB performs very well to render you a quality name. However, if you want to find name ideas for company or business, it may fail you for not allowing to set conditions. It's just a simple name maker, but doesn't offer a one-step-closer check on the name availability.

Recommended: Restaurant name generating, real shop name generating.

WORDLAB comes up with cool names for products.

Depict Image: WORDLAB comes up with cool names for products.

# No.6 NAMES4BRANDS - NAMES4BRANDS can pair one word at the beginning or in the end and generates you brand names accordingly. The relativity of generated names is much closer to the brand, since it contains the word that the user feeds it. You may also like to try another feature in [Random], where you can nail two letters and roll the dice. What makes us like it most is that NAMES4BRANDS provides multi-language name generating service for free. Though it doesn't offer a download button for the names, its users can still select all and copy & paste them out.

Our Thinking: A powerful & handy name generator provides brand name generating service in multi-language.

Recommended: Name generating for all categories, random name generating, YouTube channel naming.

NAMES4BRANDS allows you to customize all kinds of names.

Depict Image: NAMES4BRANDS allows you to customize all kinds of names.

# No.7 NAMELIX - NAMELIX, an online logo name generator, requires you to use a keyword as the seed, then it will display you 100+ available company names related for your selection. Another highlight is that there is a feature to exclude a word. It tries to prepare a one-stop solution for companies: it will demonstrate the wordmark designs to users with the purchases for wordmark logo design and domain, however, we find the price is much higher than we've seen in other places. For example, we can get a free logo design from DesignEvo and only purchase a cost-effective domain on GoDaddy. Also know that it doesn't give us an option to download the generated names.

Our Thinking: We like most of the generated name ideas (a few are still not usable), but the pricing to us is unacceptable. We suggest using it to pick a name, then turn to DesignEvo logo maker online to DIY a free logo shortly, lastly, go to GoDaddy, search domains available at a lower price.

Recommended: Name generating for all categories.

NAMELIX makes brand names for your business.

Depict Image: NAMELIX makes brand names for your business.

# No.8 BRANDROOT - BRANDROOT is another full-pack naming service provider. It's costly, but its name generator is free to use. The online app makes names by semantic. Once finished, we can select all, copy and paste the names at once. It also gives a favorite icon on the right corner of each name option, which is much useful to compare them all at once and decide which one you like most.

Our Thinking: For a brand name creator, it's cool to use. Regarding the packed services, some of the designs are not bad, while almost half of the rest do not meet the designing tips. We also suggest you only use the name generator, as the price of other services is too high.

Recommended: Technology name generating, food product name generating, pharmacy name generating, blog naming.

BRANDROOT name generator for Tech, food, blog, etc.

Depict Image: BRANDROOT name generator for Tech, food, blog, etc.

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