Logo Shapes Guide: What They Mean & How to Apply Them in Logo Design

Summary: This blog aims at providing some useful information about logo shapes, including the psychology of logo shapes and how to apply shapes in logo design. Check it out and get more!

As we all know, logo design is indispensable in developing a brand. Without a logo, you might have trouble getting the attention, recognition, and loyalty of your target audience. The logo says a lot about your business, product or services, even a fundamental element of your logo - its shape - can send a lot of messages to your customers.

Different logo shape can trigger different emotion and association when people notice the logo. Therefore, the psychological impact of shape is a popular topic and design consideration for most designers.

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Part 1 The Psychology of Logo Shapes in Logo Design

Different shapes like circles, squares, triangles, curves, horizontal lines, vertical lines, and more all sent out a different meaning. Using shapes wisely can help you develop a clearer emotional and psychological connection between your brand and consumers. So it’s crucial for you to know the psychology of shapes in logo design.

# Circle Logo

Circles, ovals, or ellipses send us a positive emotional message. They are a symbol of stability and collaboration. Using a circle in logo suggest partnership, friendship, love, relationships, and unity.

The Olympic rings are a prime example, and they stand for cooperation, unity, and friendship. They highlight that people from any background or nation come together in unity, and the relationship between them is forever like a circle that never ends.

Circle Logo Shape: Olympic Rings

Depict Image: Circle Logo Shape: Olympic Rings

# Square and Rectangle Logo

Squares and rectangles suggest the ideas of proportion, balance, and professionalism. People often take a square as a sign of security and confidence.

Taking Microsoft as an example, it uses squares heavily in their logo designs. The straight lines and angles in the square represent a sense of order and professionalism, and it delivers the idea of strength and stability.

Square Logo Shape: Microfost

Depict Image: Square Logo Shape: Microfost

# Triangle Logo

The psychological meaning of triangle varies according to its orientation. When it lies on its base, the triangle can show strength and stability. However, place it on a tilt, it conveys a sense of tension, dynamism, and instability

Triangle Logo Shape

Depict Image: Triangle Logo Shape

# Vertical and Horizontal Logo Shapes

As we talked before the orientation of shapes may influence the psychological meaning of them. Vertical lines and shapes communicate strength, power, and masculinity. While horizontal lines and shapes represent a sense of stability and calm.

Vertical and Horizontal Logo Shape

Depict Image: Vertical and Horizontal Logo Shape

# Organic Shape Logos

Last, but not least, is organic logo shapes. With their unique shapes, organic shapes, logos can catch people's attention quickly.

Organic shapes, unlike other shapes that have defined edges and characteristics, they always refer to images that imitate something in the real world. For this reason, organic shapes are more flexible in what they convey.

Organic Shape Logo

Depict Image: Organic Shape Logo

Part 2 How to Apply Shapes in Your Logo Design Wisely

Now you know the basics around the psychology of logo shapes. The next step is figuring out how you can apply these concepts yourself in your logo design.

When you start to design your logo, the first thing you need to do is that think carefully about the values and attributes that you want your logo to convey.

Once you have a clear idea of the message that your logo should convey, it's time to think about how you can apply shape in your logo design, and how to combine shapes with other elements, such as fonts, and color, to create something greater than its parts.

Here are some tips for you:

→ Choose shapes that "feel" right. Pick a form that "feel" right according to the psychology of shapes and the specific needs you want for your logo.

→ Select a shape relevant to your business or product. Choose a shape that is relevant to your objects will help customers have a better perception of your company or product.

→ Combine shape and color harmoniously. Make sure that you're using the right color with a particular shape to give extra weight to the logo.

→ Keep typography in mind. Do not forget that the font or typography you choose will have its shapes too.

→ Combine the right shapes. Using multiple shapes is a great way to make a unique logo that differentiates from others, but remember to choose the right shapes to combine.

→ Stay simple. Less is more. One of the essential rules in logo design is "keep it simple".

Part 3 How to Crate Your Logo with Informed Shapes for Free

Finally, we'd like to share with you powerful software, DesignEvo Logo Maker, for creating your logo with informed shapes.

Creating a great logo isn't easy. And many of you may are eager for an easy way to craft your logo. Try DesignEvo Logo Maker to create a logo for free in a few steps, and it offers you the most excellent convenience.

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker that anyone can use to bring to life a compelling, unique logo in minutes. It has 10000+ logo templates, so you can pick any model you like and start to customize. Of course, you can also start from scratch.

Crate Logo with Informed Shapes: DesignEvo Overview

Depict Image: Crate Logo with Informed Shapes: DesignEvo Overview

With DesignEvo, you can create a unique logo within a few clicks. It provides you with various elements and shapes to customize your logo. For elements, there are millions of icons, rich font, and different background; for shapes, a variety of options are available. All those elements and shapes build-in DesignEvo can help you touch up your logo and let your ideas bright.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this blog provides some useful information about logo shapes for you to design your logo. Inspired? Go to https://www.designevo.com and craft your logo with informed shapes right now!

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