Logomark, Logo Symbol, Combination Logo: What Are They And How to Easily Make?

Want to design an impressive logomark? Need to create a logo symbol for your combination logo? OR, hang around and look for designing a logo tips? Let's fire up the design-knowledge machine and dive in!

As the most valuable intellectual property, logo is always the subject of heated debate around the world. Even profession designers hold different opinions of how we should design and choose a right logo for company. But knowing the basics of logomark, logo symbol and combination logo never hurts:

Logomark, also known as logo symbol, is a pictorial mark that condenses a brand information into the graphic-based design and show the world as an icon without any logo texts. Viewing the logos globally, we will only find that millions of companies choose a combination logo - logomark + logotype, which enhances the brand awareness more: Audiences can understand the meaning of the logotype(logo text) by reading the text, and simultaneously get impressed by the logomark, feeling something unique about the brand.


In this article, we'll explain you with logo history and the concept of logomark, logo symbol. We will provide you with the shortcuts to design your logomark, make a logo symbol, and work out a combination logo. From Nike and Apple examples, you will know there are two kinds of logomarks. With designing a logo tips, you can make it better when designing a logo. [A very simple logo designing app - DesignEvo with affordable logo design - FREE and Inexpensive is introduced as the solution.].

The History of Logomark, Logo Symbol and Combination Logo

Google and Time believe that the first registered logo is Bass Ale since 1876, which is a combination logo of a red triangle and Bass Emblem text used by a British beer brand.

Logomark VS Combination Logo

We see some renowned companies choose logomark to be their logos over logotype and combination logo, for example: Apple uses the iconic apple without any explanations. Nike picks a swoosh logo for decades. Five-ring graphic makes up Olympics logo. However, the majority prefer a combination logo, including Addias, Puma, NASA, Red Bull, Paypal, Pizza Hut, etc. What's the trick here?

Glance at the difference between logomark(brandmark) and combination logo.

Image Depict: Glance at the difference between logomark(brandmark) and combination logo.

Logomark (Brandmark)

From the perspective of experts, logomark is mainly used by big brands, whose products are incomparable and in good quality. Such a unique logo will only guarantee their business feel more innovative. For small businesses or early phrase enterprises, logomark may not be a good option. Audiences can easily forget a logomark symbol (Shape! Shape! All Shapes!) when seeing other catchy brands (Catchy Slogans). Customers are just too lazy and also not responsible to memorize any logomarks, which explains why logomark can be an unwise option for commercial promotion. To sum up, logomark is seemingly the privilege of big company. But do notice that there is no strict rule in corporate logo design, so judge it for yourself.

For logomark, there are two types:

The first type of logomark is easy to understand and can be called out immediately. The typical example is Apple logomark: you see it, you know it's an apple, right?

The other type of logomark is abstract: Nike's swoosh logo and Olympics are the typical. They are a simple logo, but it's hard to connect with those brands and guess out the meanings.

How to make a logomark or find your logomark?

Since icons makes up a logo symbol, anyone can easily create logomarks or find logomark ideas with a icon maker.

One way is to use Google Image or Bing Image and find copyright-free pictures as icon elements, and use GIMP/PS to modify the icon to be unique.

Another easier way is to utilize DesignEvo icon search engine: Input a keyword in [ICON] section and find yours. To make it unique, try a combination with two more icons, and give them a try at a different angle. In DesignEvo [ICON], you may find thousands of logomark ideas about brand identity.

Find logomark ideas with DesignEvo icon finder.

Image Depict: Find logomark ideas with DesignEvo icon finder.

Combination Logo

There are various combination logos, from Microsoft, Addias, Puma, NASA, Red Bull, Paypal to Pizza Hut and many more. They are categorized into Abstract logo, Emblem logo, Mascot logo, etc. These logos have the features of richness and storytelling. There is a voice echoed in the graphics(logomarks) and the lettermarks.

How to make a combination logo?

Here is a simple way to make a combination logo in Photoshop. Alternatively, go with some online logo makers, you will be capable of rendering uncountable combination logos in no time. Logo makers always demonstrate related logo ideas(usually a combo with one logomark and one lettermark) after a user inputs a keyword. After several modifications, your logo is ready to go public. The logo design costs are comparatively cheap.

How to make a combination logo easily.

Image Depict: How to make a combination logo easily.

Words In The End

A logo connects users with a brand. A lettermark and a logomark make up a combination logo. With some graphics applications, you can always find a way to create your logo for branding and express your company.

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