Logomark VS Logo Symbol VS Combination Logo - Easily Understand & Design Them!

Forewords: What's logomark, logo symbol, and combination logo? Check the simplest explanations for all these logo graphic concepts. Learn the concepts and their historic timestamps. We not only tell the differences among logomark, logo symbol, and combination logo, but also provide you with an easy, practical way to make them.

Brandmark VS logo combination

Image Depict: Brandmark VS logo combination.

Get confused by the concepts of logomark, logo symbol and combination logo? What are they? How will they function in your logo design or business branding? And, where to use them correctly?

The easy answers are covered below!

Logo is the simplest graphic that all people will interpret at first sight. On the contrary, logo is Top 1 headache for designers. Often, professional designers argue over how to design and design a right company logo.

If you understand the basic concepts of logomark, logo symbol & combination logo, you'll achieve a better logo:

  • *When you hire a designer to work on your logo design, you can get points across in more professional ways.
  • *Otherwise, you decide to make a logo on your own, then the knowledge will let you know which is a proper choice.

Part 1 - What's Logomark? What's Logo Symbol? What's Combination Logo?

Glance at the difference between logomark(brandmark) and combination logo.

Image Depict: Glance at the difference between logomark(brandmark) and combination logo.

*Logomark, a.k.a. logo symbol or brandmark, is a pictorial mark that condenses all remarkable information of its represented brand into graphic-based design. - It's an iconic brand icon with no logo text.

Often, the design of logomark is stunning, unique and remarkable. Famous brands hire world-famous designers to work out their logomark.

*Combination logo combines logomark(logo graphics/shapes) and logotype(logo texts/wordmark). Studying all kinds of logos in the market, ranging from Microsoft, Adidas, Puma, NASA, Red Bull, Paypal to Pizza Hut, etc.(categorized into Abstract logo, Emblem logo, Mascot logo), you will find millions of companies have chosen a combination logo. - Reason is simple:

Via unifying logo graphics and branding letters, a combination logo enhances brand awareness visually and vocabularly: By reading logo texts, audiences immediately figure out the meaning of the logo. At the same time, the iconic logo graphics (the unique shape for the brand) leaves a deep impression on audiences.

As for logomark, there are 2 types:

  • a)The first type of logomark is easy to understand and can be called out immediately. The typical example is Apple logomark: when you see it, you know it's an apple.
  • b)The other type is abstract logomark: Nike's swoosh logo and Olympics are typical. They are a simple logo, but it's hard to connect with those brands and guess out the meanings.

Part 2 - Historic Timestamps on Logomark VS Logo Symbol VS Combination Logo

Timestamp on Combination Logo

Google and Time believe that the 1st registered logo is Bass Ale since 1876, which is a combination logo consisting of a red triangle and Bass Emblem text. Bass Ale represents a British beer brand. (If you are not familiar with Bass Ale, then how about Budweiser?)

Bass logo, the oldest trademark

Image Depict: Bass logo - The oldest trademark!

And til now, the vast majority of popular brands prefer a combination logo, to name a few, Addias, Puma, NASA, Red Bull, Paypal, Pizza Hut, etc.

Now that we know the very first logo is a combination logo. But, when was the first logomark debuted?

Timestamp on Logomark

We search all resources that we can reach, but only to find no digital prints telling which logomark is the world 1st logomark. But by studying the famous, old logomarks, we think we may find the reason for the missing record:

Indeed, several renowned companies have chosen a logomark as their logos, over a logotype or a combination logo. Such as,

  • *Apple is using the iconic apple graphics without any text explanations.
  • *Nike has picked a swoosh logomark for decades.
  • *Olympics sports only adopts five-ring graphics/logomark for representation.

However, when we try to dig out all logos used on these brands, what we find surprise us! - All of these logomark brands used a combination logo as their first logo!

Part 3 - Why Does Logomark (Brandmark) Work for Big Brands, but Is Not Effective for Small Businesses?

According to experts, logomark is mainly used for big brands, whose products are incomparable and recognizable. A sleek and stylish logomark will make their products feel more innovative.

While for small businesses or early-phase enterprises, logomark may not be effective. Without a big reputation, a logo symbol can easily be forgotten.(All information that audiences received is just a shape!) The shape turns blank when audiences see another thing.

In all, it is unwise for small businesses to use logomark. Seemingly, logomark is the privilege belonging for big companies. - But there is no strict rule in corporate logo design. Hopefully, what we've collected and analyzed above is helpful when you plan to make or buy a logo.

Part 4- How to Make a Logomark or a Combination Logo Easily?

How to make your own logomark(or brandmark)? And how to design a combination logo easily? There are 3 ways to go.

#1st Way using DesignEvo: With 10,000+ logo templates, DesignEvo logo maker has everything you need for a logo design:

Make logomark or combination logo with DesignEvo templates

Image Depict: Make logomark or combination logo with DesignEvo templates.

  • Search any logo keyword in your mind, choose one you like most, delete the slogan and company name, and you'll get a stylish logomark.
  • Or instead, you paste a company name and a spiritual slogan, and it's your combination logo.

Another way to design a logomark or a combination logo is to utilize DesignEvo icon and text resources and design from scratch:

a.Make your own logomark with icons - Input a keyword in [ICON] section and find shapes for your logo. (Try adding 2+ icons and different angles to make your logo unique.)

How to make logomark with DesignEvo icon finder.

Image Depict: How to make logomark with DesignEvo icon finder.

b.Make your own combination logo from zero - Go [Start From Scratch], and use [Icon] and [Text] to find logo shapes and logo fonts, respectively.

#2nd Way using Photoshop, AI, or GIMP: Use Google Image or Bing Image to find copyright-free pictures as logo shapes. And your rest works will be making a logo with PS, design a logo with Adobe Illustrator, or GIMP a logo.

#3rd Way using Icon Maker - Given icons can make up a logo symbol, anyone can easily create logomarks or find logomark ideas with some icon makers.

Part 4 - Words In The End

A logo connects users with a brand. The relationship between logomark and combination logo - A combination logo consists of a lettermark and a logomark. With some handy graphics applications, you can create your logo easily.

Any thoughts? Please @DesignEvo Facebook or Twitter, and share us with your logo designs, or tell us your preferable designing tools. Bookmark our blog to read the latest logo tips.

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