2021 Best 9 Free Video To GIF Converters - Tested! No Watermark!

Opening Words: What're the best software to convert video to GIF? After testing all the apps & services out there, we've collected top 7 video to GIF converters(FREE to use, leave no watermark on your downloaded GIF). Pick one, visualize your feelings by GIFs and express yourself.

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What a GIF world now! When connecting with people on the Internet, such as, sending messages to acquaintances, partners or relatives, you'll see GIFs now and then. Besides, bloggers & webmasters love to use GIFs to express their attitudes between contents. - Animated GIF images are perfect media to convey emotions.

Video to GIF converters can help turn any videos to GIFs in a matter of minutes. It's popular to convert blockbuster videos/hot TV series videos to GIFs - such GIFs are really cool social currencies. With a video to GIF converter, you can do that, either.

#1.Giphy Video to GIF Converter Online


Giphy video to GIF converter

Image: Giphy video to GIF converter.

With Giphy Video to GIF converter, you won't see any limits or watermarks when making your GIF from a video. It requires you to register a free account, or connect with your Facebook account for free using.

Its video to GIF conversion is simple, fun and fast. You can add memes, stylish texts and animated sticks to GIF with only a few clicks. You can drag & move any element to any position or resize a graphic element in GIF image. Using Giphy to turn a video to a GIF image feels like driving an SUV with all green traffic lights on - User experience is delightful.

#2.FlexClip GIF Maker (Turn Videos & Images to GIF Free Online)


Convert images/videos to a GIF with FlexClip.

Image: Convert images/videos to a GIF with FlexClip.

If you are seeking an ultimate solution for GIF creation, FlexClip has a perfect GIF tool for you. You can easily upload video & images and convert them to an animated GIF swiftly. Also, you can find cool graphic elements, speed up/slow down motions, rotate frames, add cool/funny texts, insert emojis, or create a meme, etc. In addition, FlexClip has an extensive library with millions of cool resources for rotate frames, GIF creation. No download needed.

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#3.MakeAGIF Online


Create animated GIFs online from videos with MakeAGIF

Image: Create animated GIFs online from videos with MakeAGIF.

MakeAGIF is an easy animated picture maker with a dozen of GIF generating options, such as, video to GIF, YouTube to GIF, Webcam to GIF, and picture to GIF. It supports making any GIFs that you want. No need to download an installer or register an account. Just drag and drop a video file from its hosted place, then your GIF will be generated in a snap.

MakeAGIF needs you to set the length of your GIF, choose a starting point, and hit [CREATE GIF]. As of its highlight, it enables you to set GIF playing speed. After editing, you can save the GIF to album, add text/description, download GIF, or get GIF link for share.

#4.Convertio Online


Convertio video to GIF

Image: Convertio video to GIF.

Convertio is a resourceful video converter online with a long list of conversion selections. It allows you to convert 37 video formats to a GIF picture.

Convertio is designed as an online video converter. You may not find it very comfortable, when it requires you to select the format of your uploaded video.

#5.EZGIF Video to GIF Converter Online


EZGIF video to GIF converter

Image: EZGIF video to GIF converter.

EZGIF Video to GIF Converter is an old brand with big reputations. This video to GIF app online offers two options to convert a video to GIF - You can either select a local video file on your computer or paste a video URL for GIF conversion.

EZGIF video to GIF converter has all basic editing options, but you can't expect too much from it. If you hope to add stunning GIF edits, you may need to check other recommendations.

#6.gifs Converter Online


gifs converter online

Image: gifs converter online.

Unlike 4 famous video to GIF makers above, gifs is a brand new video to GIF converter. The same, gifs converter enables users to upload video or attach video's URL.

Its highlight is that it has powerful customization options for all kinds of GIF creation. It'll help you find the best parts to convert a video to an GIF image, and it lets you set the speed of each frame. Its brush tool even allows you to select out a single object from the video and only use this part for your new animated GIF creation.

Tips: There are some advanced tricks for gifs.com, and you can find them here.

#7.Clipchamp GIF Maker Online


Clipchamp GIF Creater Online

Image: Clipchamp GIF Maker Online.

Clipchamp is a free online video & GIF maker that creates memes easy. Its editing tools are simple and take next to no time to pick up. But you'll need a free Clipchamp account to make a watermark-free video or GIF meme from video.

In the editor, you can create memes by importing your own footage or exploring Clipchamp's stock library. They even have a GIPHY library filled with lol-worthy scenes from your favourite TV shows and movies. When you're ready to share your creation, choose to export it as a video meme or take the classic route and export it as a GIF.

#8.GIF Toaster - Video to GIF Maker for Mobile

GIF Toaster - video to GIF maker

Image: GIF Toaster - video to GIF maker.

For mobile users, GIF Toaster is a convenient GIF maker that allows them to make a GIF on a smartphone. Besides turning a video to a GIF, free GIF Toaster supports producing GIFs from pictures.

The links we provided are the free GIF maker, while if you want some advanced features or supports, you are recommended to upload to its PRO version. But for creating simple GIFs, the free edition is enough.

#9.GIF App for Mobile

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.media.zatashima.studio

GIF maker app

Image: GIF maker app.

It's an intuitive all-in-one GIF maker app for Android users. It can easily convert any of your video clips to GIFs quickly. Like many cool video to GIF makers online, GIF App supports inserting labels or memes, adding filters or stickers on a mobile. Over 60 beautiful filters will level up your GIF from any video.

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