Top 5 Sanitizer Logo Inspirations - How To Create A Free Sanitizer Logo?

Briefs: Although hand sanitizer is a daily product, now it has become a care business that produces substantial profits because of coronavirus. Your sanitizer business will have a better chance to stand out from millions of sanitizer brands in the market, when you use a quality sanitizer logo.

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When alcohol sanitizers run out of sales in the outbreak of COVID-19, people who start sanitizer businesses can help save millions of lives. Producing alcohol sanitizer is easy, and you can find a bunch of health streaming videos for it. Today, we will focus on sanitizer logo designs.

In this article, you'll find top 5 logo ideas for hand sanitizers, and we illustrate free ways to make your own sanitizer logo professionally.

Part 1 - Top 5 Sanitizer Brands And Their Logo Inspirations

Top 1.Safeguard Brand & Logo Design

Safeguard logo design

Image: Safeguard logo design.

Safeguard is old international hand sanitizer brand that belongs to P&G group (Procter & Gamble). It's originated in 1963 and started as Safeguard Deodorant and Antibacterial soap in the USA.

Safeguard logo is an innovative logo design. It's an emblem logo, and somehow it's different from many emblems we know. The emblem logo shape follows an irregular design pattern. Rather than put its logo text right under its logo shape, Safeguard designers put text above shape to suggest its unique design structure & layer.

Safeguard logo design uses ocean blue as its primary color, which suggests its product function - hand wash and body clean.

Top 2.Lifebuoy Brand & Logo Design

Lifebuoy logo design

Image: Lifebuoy logo design.

Lifebuoy produces the world-leading antibacterial products, including soaps, sanitizers, and body wash lotions. It started businesses in 1895 by Lever Brothers in England, and Unilever owns it now.

Lifebuoy logo uses asymmetric design. The elements we find from its design include speed, silver, and italic logo text. Typically, Lifebuoy chooses to add the medical cross symbol to symbolize its antibacterial function.

Top 3.Dettol Brand & Logo Design

Dettol logo design

Image: Dettol logo design.

Dettol sanitizer is a British brand of disinfectant and antibacterial cleanser, owned by RB. Dettol began as skin disinfection cleaning for surgical procedures in 80 years ago hospital.

Dettol logo uses a sword and a round as its logo shape and gradient green and silver as its color schemes. The overall design shows the ambition of Dettol to protect people from bacteria harm.

Top 4.Purells Brand & Logo Design

Purells logo design

Image: Purells logo design.

Purells focuses on making ethyl alcohol (70 v/v) instant hand sanitizer (which is effective to battle against novel coronavirus) for 20+ years. The brand has been acquired by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and GOJO in sequence.

Purells logo design chooses a dark-blue parallelogram as its basic logo shape and a gradient-pink flag as its brand highlight. To make Purells brand unique, its brand identity team designs a unique typeface for Purells brand.

Top 5.Walch Brand & Logo Design

Walch logo design

Image: Walch logo design.

Walch is a brand owned by Whealth Lohmann CentralinGmbH from Germany, but made by China. Walch was created in 2000 in Guangzhou. Its products fall into items of disinfection & hand wash lotion.

Unlike other sanitizer brand identities in the list of top 5, Walch might be the only hand wash brand that goes without an emblem logo design. Rather than use a regular symbol, it uses a circular Möbius strip in 2 energy colors - red and blue.

After browsing through top 5 sanitizer logo ideas, do you come up with some ideas about your sanitizer logo design? No matter your answer is "Yes" or "No", the contents below will ensure you can craft a professional hand sanitizer for free in a few minutes.

Part 2 - How to Make a Hand Sanitizer Logo for Free?

Designing a custom hand sanitizer logo for business can be extremely easy when you've found the right design tool to get started.

In this part, we will introduce DesignEvo logo maker free online. You'll see plenty of hand sanitizer logo ideas for your design, and also read how to make a custom sanitizer logo in 4 steps so that you can follow and design now!

2.1.Plentiful Sanitizer Logo Ideas

Whether you need an alcohol sanitizer logo or a bacteria-killing sanitizer logo, the hand wash logo templates below will be your perfect starting point to shape your sanitizer brand identity:

2.2.How to Make a Custom Free Hand Sanitizer Logo?

When your needs for a sanitizer logo design are unmet in above sanitizer logo templates, we'll put forward the standard way: Make a custom free sanitizer logo design with, and you can explore your own ideal sanitizer design for a personal touch:

a.Visit DesignEvo homepage, hit [Make a Free Logo].

b.In its template idea page, try some sanitizer-related keywords like "care", "health" or others to browse through various logo ideas. Click in when a template fits your expectations for your sanitizer business.

Find sanitizer logo ideas

Image: Find sanitizer logo ideas.

c.Enter sanitizer brand name and slogan. Also, if you like, you can adjust the design by a simple drag and drop.

Customize your sanitizer logo design

Image: Customize your sanitizer logo design.

d.Preview and download your sanitizer logo for free.

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