Marvel Logos Assemble - How to Make Your Marvel Logos Easily for Free?

Briefs: Get to know Marvel marvelous logo history and its rebel logo design pattern. If you want a Marvel logo T-shirt, we've listed a free approach to DIY your own Marvel logo for T-shirt print. Also in Part 3, you'll have logo templates based on Marvel logos for comics and game.

If you are much interested in Marvel films or comics, as a Marvel fan, you must know Marvel logos have magic! When a Marvel logo shows in a theater, audiences know what happens next will be heroic & entertaining!

Make a Comic Logo

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Part 1: Marvel Logos Assemble! - The History of Marvel Logos

It's Marvel's 80th anniversary, and let's assemble Marvel logos for the grand celebration.

1939-1951 Marvel logo

Image: 1939-1951 Marvel logo

1951-1957 Marvel logo

Image: 1951-1957 Marvel logo

1957-1961 Marvel logo

Image: 1957-1961 Marvel logo

1990-1999 Marvel logo

Image: 1990-1999 Marvel logo

Marvel logo 2000-present

Image: Marvel logo 2000-present

Make Your Own "Marvel" Logo

Part 2: Interesting! Marvel Rebel Design Is Ruling Logo Design in Comics & Games!

Marvel rebel spirit is everywhere!

Rebel in Its Comic Storytelling:

Decades ago, Marvel broke the rule of commercial comics. Instead of following the trend of producing porn adult comics to earn a little money, Marvel created the superhero of Iron man, Captain American, Spiderman, Captain Marvel… and achieved great success!

Rebel in Marvel Logo Design:

The same, Marvel logos break the universe design rule and use 2+ different logo fonts in a single design. According to the mainstream design principle, most of these designs won't feel right. However, Marvel logos are creative and exceptional!

Marvel uses 2 fonts in Thor logo

Image: Marvel uses 2 fonts in Thor logo.

Part 3: How to Create Your Own Marvel Logos for T-shirt, Comic, or Game?

Fail to find a T-shirt for Avengers Endgame, The Eternals, Black Panther, Iron Man, or your own Marvel heroes? Why not book your own Marvel T-shirt online?

Since Marvel logos are Monograms and 3D logos, DesignEvo logo maker can be super handy to DIY your own Marvel logo! The highlight is, you can preview how your Marvel T-shirt looks in DesignEvo, before downloading your Marvel logo or booking a T-shirt print service.

Now, let's go and see how DesignEvo works:

  • >>Step 1.Search a Marvel logo template. Enter keywords of "black", "red", “3D", “comic", “hero",…
  • >>Step 2.Choose a template, and customize your Marvel logo.
    Use DesignEvo to customize your own Marvel logo
  • >>Step 3.Preview how your Marvel logo looks on a T-shirt or website.
    Preview how will your Marvel logo be printed on T-Shirt.
  • >>Step 4.Download your Marvel logo for direct use.
Design a Logo Now

Below, in case you like to check some Marvel logo templates in advance, we've listed several logo templates for your Marvel logo creation.

Click any template you like, and you will be only a few seconds away from getting your own Marvel logo.

Also, for those you have a bigger dream to produce comics and games, DesignEvo is very helpful to create a logo similar to Marvel logo. Below are the ideas for comics and games:

spider badge logospider frame logospider black and red logospider simple logoThor god logoAntman logoblue spider logoGame with gray badge and knightGame logo for arrowGame logo for blood and deathGame logo for assassinGame logo for knightGame with warriorGame logo for barbarian knightGame logo for skeletonComic logo

Image: Click any Marvel logo above and make it yours.

Part 4: End Words

Do you find a Marvel logo you like best? Or, do you find DesignEvo useful to DIY your own Marvel logo? Hope you enjoy the celebration of Marvel 80th anniversary.

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