Best 7 Logo Editors That Help Edit/Change Your Logo

Opening Words: Discover the best logo editing software, both paid and free, and for various OS & platforms. Pick a logo editor that fits you best to make/change your logo.

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There are many ways to edit/change a logo and upgrade the design to a better version, but the easiness & capability of different tools vary massively.

So what is the best logo editor? It depends on your requirements and design skills. Without questions, PhotoShop & AI can take your logo design to anywhere you want. But note that, without years of design experiences using PS/AI, it's almost impossible to achieve that.

Thinking that readers have different design backgrounds, we provide different tools to edit a logo, ranging from entry level to professional level.

Part 1 - Best 7 Logo Editors You Can't Miss

#1.DesignEvo Logo Editor[Free & Online]

DesignEvo logo maker online is the easiest way to control your design and edit a logo shortly. If you need a logo change, there are over 10,000+ professional logo templates that are searchable and customizable for your option. For a registered user, the logo design you create will be saved for future modifications.

DesignEvo Logo Editor

Image: DesignEvo Logo Editor.

  • Free download online. It's free to use rich, professional logo templates made by art graduates.
  • Support editing a logo from scratch, template.
  • Resize a logo, change logo text, font, color, etc.
  • Extensive icons & fonts to choose from.
  • Drag-and-drop, scroll-down to edit & design.
  • Save your logo design in your account for future edits/modifications.
  • Download high-resolution or transparent-PNG logo requires a paid upgrade (though the upgrade is low-cost).

#2.Hatshful Logo Builder[Free & Online]

Hatshful logo builder is an online logo generating service. It will ask you a sequence of questions, including business, preference of logo look, etc., to generate logo designs according to your taste. Using Hatshful logo builder to edit your logo is only clicks away. Pay only when you choose a premium template.

Hatshful Logo Builder

Image: Hatshful Logo Builder.

  • It will list designs generated for your industry.
  • Editing a logo is as simple as a pie.
  • When PC doesn't have enough memory, Hatshful won't keep anything you choose/edit.
  • If unfortunate, it may cost much of your time to browse through the unlimited, newly-generated logo designs.

#3.Canva Logo Editor

Canva is an all-in-1 graphics design software that's favored by all design populations. Its logo editor is no bad, either. Canva has professional logo templates, but they are a bit harder to browse through when comparing with other logo editors on the list. Editing a logo in Canva is comfortable.

Canva Logo Editor

Image: Canva Logo Editor.

  • Creative, beautiful ready-made logo templates.
  • Editing a logo is as simple as a pie.
  • Not too many logo templates for your logo editing.
  • Premium images & logo designs require a paid subscription.

And if you need another logo creator that's similar to Canva but takes full advantage of AI features, you can try Picsart. Picsart allows you to design and edit photos in one click. You can even create unique AI images that you can use for your logo.

#4.SQUARESPACE Logo Editor

SQUARESPACE logo editor's interface is fairly simple. The logo design process is streamlined: Choose/search for an icon graphic (or, you can choose not to). > Type in business name or slogan. > Select an element to set its color. The dots on canvas will help you place an icon/logo text in the right position. But if you wish for more professional logo designs or need more colors, SQUARESPACE may not meet your needs.


Image: SQUARESPACE Logo Editor.

  • It's free to design & download a simple logo.
  • Fast to run SQUARESPACE.
  • Need a free registration to use any of its functions.
  • No ready-made logo templates for custom designs.
  • No advanced editing options.

#5.Edit Logo Editor

Edit logo editor is another logo making app online, and its interface & function feel somewhat like Canva's. It's another all-in-one graphic design editor online. There are over hundreds of logo templates that you can search through them by keyword combinations "industry/keyword" + "logo". Edit online logo editor also supports designing a logo from zero.

Edit Logo Editor

Image: Edit Logo Editor.

  • It's free to use.
  • Easy to design a logo.
  • Logo search function isn't very powerful. (Sometimes, it'll retrieve other types of graphics along with logos in the same category.)
  • Its logo designs are either too American-style or too sketch-style.

#6.Photoshop Logo Editor

Regardless of which design we are considering, PhotoShop is the tool that can't be missed out in any recommended list: PS is the king designer. PhotoShop allows you to edit/make a logo from any design. If you need PS logo editing tutorial, our blog "How to Create Logo in Photoshop?" will walk you through step by step.

Photoshop Logo Editor

Image: Photoshop Logo Editor.

  • The most powerful logo editor that can make any fantastic designs you dream.
  • Unlimited design possibilities.
  • Change parts of your logo design, or redesign your logo.
  • Very steep learning curve.
  • Hard for a green hand user to design well.
  • Its interface is a bit complex.
  • Relatively expensive to use.

#7.Illustrator Logo Editor

Illustrator logo editor is an industry-standard & the most widely-used desktop logo editor. It's the first choice for a large population of skilled design professionals. There is nothing you cannot design with Illustrator. For its beginner tutorial, you can refer to our "AI Logo Tutorial for Beginner or Above Users".

Illustrator Logo Editor

Image: Illustrator Logo Editor.

  • No limit on your design: All effects you want, you can realize by DIY or install the templates.
  • A powerful editor to make stunning designs.
  • Change parts of your logo design, or redesign your logo.
  • Very steep learning curve.
  • Hard for a newbie to design as wish.
  • The interface is as complex as PS's.
  • Relatively costly to use.

Part 2 - At Last

Different logo editors have different supports for logo editing. You can choose your logo editor based on your design skills and logo requirements. Hope you've found your wanted logo editor from our list of top 7 logo editors.

Lastly but not least, here are some tricks & tips to change/edit a logo to ensure a nice logo look:

  • Change logo font/color with a harmonious one.
  • Use no more than 2 fonts in your logo edit.
  • Stylish fonts may make your logo look more creative.
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