Blog Name Case Study – How to Name Blog for Good

Study over 200 successful blogs, we've found 5 successful methods to name a blog. Follow our leads to find a creative blog name that's catchy & friendly to audiences(clients), search engines and promotions (15+ blog naming tools included). Eventually, pair your blog name with a proper slogan and generate a Free logo for blog by

Blog Name Case Study – How to Name Blog for Good.

Depict Image: Blog Name Case Study – How to Name Blog for Good.

Just start a blog site? I'm sure you want your blog name to be one of the best.

People do judge blogs by their names: A blog name can either boost a blog site, or bury it!

In blog name case study, we've collected & analyzed lists of the most successful blog names (200+ blog names) for a variety of topics: Technology, Lifestyles, Beauty & Makeup, Travel, Health care, Sports, etc. Here are the useful practices that we found:

Case Study of Successful Blog Names – 5 Methods to Name A Blog

Case Study of Successful Blog Names

Depict Image: Case Study of Successful Blog Names.

Generally, successful bloggers mainly choose a blog name with 5 approaches:

#Method 1. Use Iconic Real Person Name - Influential bloggers, celebrities & organizations, always go down this path and use their real personal names as blog names.

YES: For teachers, organizations(schools, churches, etc.), celebrities, and those have significant influences on others.

NO: For non-influentials. Or, your blog can "sink in" in the blog ocean.

Successful Real Blog Name Examples: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, etc.

  • Note 1: People have short time memory, and only a few will remember a blog name( considering UX). Not speaking of search engines, using a real name won't do any help to optimize your blog( considering SEO).
  • Note 2: A few of successful bloggers use their real name joining with content-descriptive words, i.e., Steve Kamb - Nerd Fitness, it's exceptional and workable.

#Method 2. Use Brand Name – If you've already have built a brand, then use it as your blog name.

YES: For brand groups.

NO: For those who have no brand.

Famous Brand Blog Name Examples: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Walmart, LOGO, Adidas, Apple, etc.

Note: For branding entities, it's absolutely OK to reuse your brand name as the blog name. It will reinforce brand awareness.

#Method 3. Mashup A Blog Name – Get a blog name by deleting/adding letters & merging 2+ keywords (typically 2 keywords, or 1 keyword + 1 other word).

YES: For those who don't have a brand name. This way is good for content optimization, since it's keyword-rich.

NO: If you've had a unique brand name previously, don't come up a new blog name. Or it confuses your audiences.

Mashup Blog Name Examples: Engadget, Droid-life, Dobot, Statravel, etc.

#Method 4. Category Name – Usually combine 2+ keywords.

YES: If the blog name is not registered or used by other groups.

NO: The biggest challenge is that too many users go this way. You may end up by having the same blog name. (Not Good!)

Related Keyword Blog Name Examples: Drags, drugabuse, fitness magazine, bodybuilding, usatravel, etc.

#Method 5. Descriptive Combination Words – Try different descriptive words(adjective, noun), use their combination as a blog name.

YES: Another effective way to get a cool blog name.

NO: Don't go this way, if you've owned a brand name.

Descriptive Combination Words Examples: Epic Meal Time, Epic Health Services, etc.

How to Name Blog Effectively Like Successful Bloggers Do?


First, spot a blog topic.

Second, search and brainstorm to come up with words for consideration: niche, creative, or other words.

Take advantage of 15+ free blog name tools online, make blog naming easy:

Third, assemble your blog name with 5 approaches above, prepare a list of blog names,

Fourth, check blog name availability. Search your blog name ideas to avoid naming repeatedly.

Also, use domain name searcher to check the hosting domain info.

Note: Don't include numbers, and it's unwise to use another language in your blog name!

Fifth, finalize your blog name.

How to Make a Free Logo with a Good Blog Name?

Once finalizing the blog name, you can generate a free logo for your blog, here is how:

How to create a free blog logo with DesignEvo.

Depict Image: How to create a free blog logo with DesignEvo.

->Enter DesignEvo homepage and hit [Create a Free Logo]:,

->Search your keyword out of 7000+ categorized logo ideas,

->Paste your blog name, modify a good logo idea and make it yours,

Notes: Want to change colors? Find your best color scheme here.

->Free download blog logo.

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