Blue Logos Study: Blue Logo Influences + Psychology + Free Logo Ideas

Opening Words: The article explores designs of blue logos. You'll find famous blue logos of top brands, and understand the basic of blue logo psychology. Lastly, you'll find a number of stunning blue logo ideas to make use of freely while staying at

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Color can greatly influence human emotion. Different colors resonate with different human feelings. When you find tons of leading brands have chosen a blue logo, you may be curious:

Why do these brands choose a blue logo? How much do people favor blue color? How can blue logos impress audiences?

By reading blue color psychology in part 1, you'll come up with your answers and know blue logo designs better.

Part 1 - Blue Psychology & Emotion: Understand Blue Color & Blue Logo Design

How Much Do People Favor Blue Color?

Findings from a couple of less rigorous studies have pointed out blue color is human's top 1 favorite color. But to get to know learn blue logos, we need to dig deeper:

Blue Color Psychology & Emotion

To better understand the psychology of cold color blue, we can think about blue things in nature - sky, ocean, water, blueberry, universe...Those blue things are what we see in everyday life, and they give us the very first impressions of what blue represents naturally:

  • Sky is high, pure and unknowing. Human wants to explore the sky. It's the hope & future. Sky-blue brings a basic feeling of calm & peace.
  • Ocean is deep, quite, mysterious, but dangerous as well. Fishes from the ocean are fresh and healthy. Therefore, when people seeing ocean-blue, they always feel the same.
  • Blueberry is sweet and healthy. Eating blueberry is cheerful. So blue can convey joy & happiness.
    • Those natural subjects are the foundation of how we interpret and feel about color blue.

      Blue Logo Design

      People behaves differently, when they see different logo designs. A good logo will resonate with audiences and call an action.

      People often feel much comfortable in color blue. When people see blue, they may imagine open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. The deriving meanings of blue are trust, peace, tranquility, confidence, and even loyalty. By conveying one or more meanings, blue logos are on the winning side of people's most favorite logos.

      Part 2 - Case Study of Famous Top Blue Logos

      Tons of famous brands have chosen blue logos as their brand identities. That includes Paypal, Alipay, VISA, Intel, IBM, Dell, HP, Vivo, facebook, Twitter, Skype, vimeo, BMW, Ford, Walmart, Dove, Oral-B, Crest, columbia, GAP, Pepsi, Lawson, and many university logos.

      #Paypal Blue Logo

      PayPal blue logo design

      Image: PayPal blue logo design.

      By combining the colors of dark blue and light blue, Paypal logo has successfully conveyed trust and convenience to its audiences.

      Paypal blue colors: #012069, #009CDE

      #Alipay Blue Logo

      Alipay blue logo design

      Image: Alipay blue logo design.

      Alipay chooses light blue as it logo color, sharing trust and reliability. Alipay is the largest mobile payment platform. Light blue also shares its safety using its payment.

      Alipay blue color: #00A0EA

      #VISA Blue Logo

      VISA blue logo design

      Image: VISA blue logo design.

      VISA picks a dark blue background and use white font to form its logo design. The V design has a sense of speed, which represents its speed pay. Dark blue background shares a sense of security and stability.

      VISA blue color: #1A1F71

      #Intel Blue Logo

      Intel blue logo design

      Image: Intel blue logo design.

      Intel logo prints white logo text on a blue background. It borrows the blue meaning of technology, exploration and futurist.

      Intel blue color: #0071C5

      #DELL Blue Logo

      DELL blue logo design

      Image: DELL blue logo design.

      As the world leading computer manufacturer, DELL designs a blue emblem logo. Just like Intel, Dell has selected blue as the logo color for its technology, stability, and high performance.

      DELL blue color: #0076CD

      #HP Blue Logo

      HP blue logo design

      Image: HP blue logo design.

      HP, another leading computer brand, grabs a light blue logo. The pure water-blue has shared its possibilities, futurist and happiness.

      HP blue color: #0096D6

      The blue logos are used for a variety of industries, and many a leading brand has become successful with a blue logo. Just from above blue logo instances, we've known blue logo designs are perfect branding symbols for industries of computer, social media, automobile, care product, cloth, food and drink, and many more.

      Blue logos of top brands

      Image: Blue logos of top brands.

      Part 3 - Free Blue Logo Ideas for Easy Designs

      Get impressed by blue logo designs and wish a blue logo for your business? You've come to the right place.

      With a right tool, you can have both great logo ideas and logo making solutions at the same time. Here, we'll recommend you with

      How to Find Free Blue Logo Ideas And Design Your Own Blue Logo Freely?

      In DesignEvo, it's way easy to find thousands of blue logo designs. All you need to do is:

      1. Think of a few keywords related to blue. Blue, water, calm, life, or even fish.
      2. Give the words a run on the page of, stunning logo designs will get retrieved immediately.
      Search for blue logo ideas for free

      Image: Search for blue logo ideas for free.

      After seeing an ideal blue logo template, you can just click in to make it your own blue logo. Here is how to design your blue logo and download it:

      1. Click a blue logo idea, and you'll go into an intuitive logo design interface.
      2. Enter into your logo name and slogan. When you don't need a slogan, just keystroke “Delete” on keyboard.
      3. Make some edits of your blue logo. There are other fonts, colors and effects. To tune the design of your logo, just select logo text or graphics, the changeable options are listed on top function bar.
      4. Preview your blue logo and download for free.
      Make a custom logo freely

      Image: Make a custom logo freely.

      Part 4 - Lastly

      Blue logo designs are ideal for companies who need a branding symbol of trustworthiness, reliability, hope and futurist. Blue logos are suitable for a wide range of industries.

      You may find yourself need a blue logo, and hopefully DesignEvo can help you achieve it.

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