How To Make GIFs From YouTube for Business Branding?

Foreword: It is an easy tutorial telling how to create GIFs from YouTube videos for business branding. The free GIF generating method mentioned also works for personal users who just want to create GIFs from YouTube for entertaining and social messaging. For your reference, we also list rules that make a viral YouTube GIF.

If you've just started a business, you need to figure out: How to promote your business brand? How to sell your products well? If you fail to solve these two questions, you will find it hard to get your business to the market, and you need an effective solution right away:

One of the most popular ways to promote business brands that you can try is to share informative, branding YouTube GIFs across social media platforms. Featuring animated visuals and verbal texts, those branding GIFs will become the most excellent method to speak and connect with your audiences!

To prepare branding GIFs for businesses, you need to turn YouTube videos to GIFs in the first place:

Part 1 - How to Make a GIF from YouTube Video for Free?

Whether you need some GIFs from YouTube for business purposes or personal uses, you'll find it super easy when you put your hands on a right tool!

Many a YouTube to GIF converter online is available for your option. Here, we will illustrate the most famous GIF maker online - Giphy, and show you how to create a watermark-free GIF from YouTube videos at no charge. (It's required to register a free account or connect with Facebook account to go ahead the following steps.)

Tool URL:

FIRSTLY, copy and paste the Giphy URL into your browser. You can either attach the address of YouTube video directly or YouTube share URL of your video. Then, you can adjust the duration and start time of your YouTube GIF.

Make GIFs from YouTube videos with Giphy

Image: Make GIFs from YouTube videos with Giphy.

SECONDLY, make a custom GIF from YouTube. Here, you can add stylish captions, stickers, filters, or draw some flowing texts. It's all about how you decorate your YouTube GIF.

Customize your YouTube GIF

Image: Customize your YouTube GIF.

THIRDLY, generate your custom YouTube GIF, and upload it to your Giphy account. You can enter several tags (something like keywords) and make it easy for other Giphy users to search for your branding GIF. When completed, hit [Upload to GIPHY].

Upload and generate your YouTube GIF

Image: Upload and generate your YouTube GIF.

LASTLY, get the source link for your custom YouTube GIF. Or, you can save your YouTube GIF by right-clicking the GIF and choosing [Save image as...].

Get GIF source and download YouTube GIF

Image: Get GIF source and download YouTube GIF.

Exclusively for personal use or entertainment, Giphy platform has rounded up unlimited, hilarious GIFs ranking the top, which you can find them here:

Those are great social media GIFs to share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, or Reddit. Those picked GIFs will be great social currencies.

Part 2 - Tricks to Make Your YouTube GIFs Intriguing and Viral for Business Branding

Having YouTube GIFs for business doesn't mean it helps your business brand. Marketers should try the best to make those GIFs intriguing and viral. These rules below are useful to make your YouTube GIFs excel at business branding:

  • A.Make a logo for your YouTube videos before converting YouTube to GIF.
  • B.How to choose the first frame of your GIF from YouTube will determine it is intriguing & viral or not.
  • C.Do not make YouTube GIF too long.
  • D.Choose an optimized graphics quality for your YouTube GIF.

Rule A: Make a logo for your YouTube videos.

It's hard to brand your businesses or products without a logo. Ironing a logo on your YouTube GIFs will help GIF viewers recognize your brand identity. For sure, you can try with free online YouTube logo maker to look for a satisfying logo for your YouTube video.

Deeper Reading: Full Tips & Resources Free For YouTube Logo, Channel Art & Icon [Ideas & Sizes] | Design And Make An Awesome YouTube Logo to Boost Your Channel.

Rule B: The first frame will largely determine whether your YouTube GIF is intriguing & viral or not.

Choose a hilarious, funny or beautiful frame as the first frame of your YouTube GIF. It will help capture more audiences and make them stay longer to watch your GIF made from YouTube.

If your YouTube GIFs are used by groups of netizens as emojis, it's virus and successful.

Rule C: Do not make YouTube GIF too long.

Usually a storytelling GIF limits its length to 5 seconds, or audiences get tired.

Rule D: Choose an optimized graphics quality & a proper size for your YouTube GIF.

YouTube GIF can be emoji. At the same time, you want it for business branding, so the graphics quality of YouTube GIF cannot be as low as some dotted emojis. Either, a crystal clear YouTube GIF will take too much space, which is not good for web loading.

Various platforms set different dimensions for uploaded GIFs. In most cases, the maximal dimension is 500 x 500 pt.

Part 3 - Finally

It's easy and free to make a GIF from YouTube videos, but making YouTube GIFs for effective business branding needs trials and errors of many times.

It's time for you to put it into practice and make your own YouTube GIF! Enjoy it!

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