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Brief: During coronavirus pandemic, we decide to share how to create medical logos for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, or websites & communities. discuss coronavirus or other diseases.

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Part 2 is an exclusive content for 2019-nCov where you can find needed information including: SARS-CoV-2 virus introduction, its harm, and how to protect yourself and people around you from 2019-Coronavirus infection. Also, there are authority researches for SARS-CoV-2 virus. Whether you're a doctor or an individual who needs 2019-nCov messages, part 2 will satisfy you. Spread SARS-CoV-2 tips and protect the world from 2019-nCov chaos!


  • Part 1 - How to Make a Custom Medical Logos Fast & Free (Logo Design Tip)
  • Part 2 - Deep into SARS-CoV-2/2019-nCov Virus (Brief, How-to-protect & Clinic Reports)

Part 1 - How to Design Free Medical Logos Effortlessly?

The medical logo is a special brand identity for healthcare units. We've seen hospitals and medicine organizations print their medical logos everywhere, and medical logo has already become a strong representing symbol. For instance, medical logos are printed on hospital ambulance, hospital billboard, pharmaceutical box, and their website. A decent medical logo is a must for a reputable medical organization, since it conveys the message of trust, professionalism, expertise, and responsibility.

For those who have zero design experience but need a decent medical logo or simply want some medical logo inspirations, medical logo templates below are available for you:

heart hosptial logoheart and care medical logoheart hosptial logopretecting medical logoProtective medical cross logocross doctor logoheart echometer clinic logoprofessional cross logo in blue and redprofessional cross medical logolotus care medical logoheartbeat medical logotwisted hospital logoblue medicine logomedical clinic home logolight blue doctor logomedicine care logothoughtful nurse logohealth center hosptial logo

Click in any medical logo you like and design yours in one minute!

Choose a template, and designing a medical logo will be clicking away!

Step 1.Click in a medical template, or instead search other keywords in DesignEvo logo maker for other medical logo ideas.

Search for medical logo ideas

Image: Search for medical logo ideas.

Step 2.Enter your medical brand name and slogan. (If you don't have a slogan, you can delete the slogan part by keystroke [Delete].)

Make a medical logo

Image: Make a medical logo.

Step 3.This step won't be necessary. But if you like to make a customization of your medical logo design, then you are entitled to change the design layouts, colors, fonts, or add more icons & shapes.

Customize medical logo

Image: Customize medical logo.

Step 4.Preview and download your medical logo.

If you like to design a medical logo by yourself from scratch, then you can consider 3 factors below to ensure you are designing a trusted medical logo:

  • a.Choose Proper Logo Shape.
  • b.Use Typical Typeface.
  • c.Use Correct, Warm Colors.

a.Choose Proper Logo Shape.

First thing first, define your medical logo shape. Typically for hospitals and clinics, the shapes of cross, heart, hand, heartbeat lines or other caring shapes will suit.

b.Use Typical Typeface.

Don't try chic typefaces, such as, Christmas typefaces, Halloween fonts, or film captions, because these font designs or styles won't build trustworthiness. Instead, grab a clear, well-written font as your medical logo typeface. As for font color, choose a trusted color, such as, white, red, green or blue.

c.Use Correct, Warm Colors.

The overall medical logo design needs to ensure patients and other audiences with comforts and warmness. So it makes sense to use warm or hygiene-related colors on your medical logo design.

If you decide to make your medical logo from zero, then you can turn to famous toothpaste brands, healthcare brands, clinic brands or WHO for more reliable medical logo ideas. And you might need a graphic design tool, like GIMP, PS or AI to deal with medical logo design as well.

Also, the design ideas of doctor logo, care logo, biotech logo, red cross, heart logo, heartbeat logo, pharmacy logo, hospital logo, medical laboratory logo, nursing logo, clinic logo, healthcare logo, med institute logo and more are all great medical logo inspirations for references.

Medical brands and their logo designs

Image: Medical brands and their logo designs.

Part 2 - About SARS-CoV-2 / 2019-nCov / COVID-19 Disease

SARS-CoV-2, 2019-nCoV and COVID-19 are all nicknames for the new deadly coronavirus.

2.1.How to Design a Professional Coronavirus Logo within 1 Minute?

If you want to spread the news and reports about coronavirus, then you might in need of a professional coronavirus logo design. Given that 2019-nCov evolves from the bodies of wild animals, like bats and pangolins, we suggest some branding symbol with these ingredients:

horrible bat logo for coronavirusdangerous bat logo for coronavirusbloody bat logo for coronavirusrna virus producing logobiology logoflying coronavirus logoscary coronavirus logohidden coronavirus logo

Click in a logo template that suits coronavirus, and design your coronavirus logo now!

Just click in any logo design templates above, you can finish a professional coronavirus logo for free by clicks.

2.2.Tips & Resources for COVID-19

The contents for this section are appended contents for coronavirus. You'll find the basic knowledge about it (including what is COVID-19 and how to protect you & people from it), along with authority article posts for diagnoses & treatments. So, you can find the materials for coronavirus blog, community or elsewhere:

Tip 1 - COVID-19 is not seasonal flu, because its case-fatality ratio hits 3.8% (or higher at medical service shortage areas) comparing round 1% for flu's case-fatality ratio.

Tip 2 - COVID-19 often leads to clinic features of fever, cough, severe breathing difficulty, or diarrhea, and causes lung & immune failure. There is a 14-day observing period when infected people see some obvious ill symptoms.

If a person catches COVID-19, he might suffer a lot in the following month. According to statistics, only around 1% of people who catches COVID-19 won't feel a thing but he will become infectious and this is the biggest problem for controlling virus spreading; the majority of infected people might catch a fever and coronavirus will cause the harm of other body parts. Although COVID-19 is a self-healing disease, we still need particular hospitalization for recovery, given that its damage is critical and fatal. The earlier we find ourselves infected and get hospitalized, the less harm we'll have. Note that there is no medicine to kill coronavirus. (Technically speaking, there is still no explicit therapeutic regimen or specific drugs. - Quote from SSRN Prints) Only can human immune system battle against it.

Tip 3 - COVID-19 disease is highly infectious. Chinese local news reports 3 special infection cases:

  • One is staying together for 15 seconds to get infected. - Expert says COVID-19 infects people via aerosol particles in this case. (To my knowledge, it's liquid particles containing coronavirus floated in the air. That means, where infectious people stay, the air can be contagious.)
  • Another case is neighborhood infection with no physical contact. - Expert says, in this case, COVID-19 disease infects people via building drainer.
  • Last special infection happens between a dog and its owner. - Expert says COVID-19 is an infectious disease among mammals.

Tip 4 →How to Protect You or Other People from Infecting COVID-19 Disease?

  • Quarantine - Stay away from infected people. (When we don't know who get infectious, we'd better stay away from each other for 1m at least with a mask on, or 2m+ without wearing a facial mask to keep ourselves safe.)
  • Wear a protective mask when going out. ( Both N95/KN95/DS2D respirators and disposable surgical masks are effective!)
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with flushing water before eating and drinking, and after going home. (Suggest using hand sanitizer.)
  • Don't use unhygienic hands to touch eyes, mouth, nose or other body parts that have mucus.
  • Outdoor open areas are safer than indoor places.
  • Protect your dog, cat or other pets from unknown source objects and animals.
  • Change clothes when you are home. It's better use 75 degree alcohol to spray on things from outside.

Resources →Authority Posts for Coronavius Diagnoses & Treatments (Deep Reading)

1)The Treatment and Outcomes of Patients with COVID-19 in Hubei, China: A Multi-Centered, Retrospective, Observational Study: (27 February 2020)

2)Clinical Features and Treatment of 2019-nCov Pneumonia Patients in Wuhan: Report of A Couple Cases: Published: (07 February 2020)

3)Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Report - 38

4)Caution: Clinical Characteristics of COVID-19 Patients Are Changing at Admission: (2 Mar 2020)

5)COVID-19 Resource Centre - THE LANCET:

6)Health Topics for Coronavirus - WHO:

7)An Overview of COVID-19(Zhan Zhang) in Chinese

Part 3 - Finally

Hope you've worked out your wanted medical logo. Coronavirus is a disease that needs cautions and actions from all human races. Make a free coronavirus logo at, share COVID-19 news, and protect our own kinds from now on!

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