Nike Logo Case Study - Simple Logo Design Helps Win Clients

Forewords: Be curious about Nike logo design? Or, how it helps Nike business grow exponentially? Let's study how Nike designs its logo, and check how a simple logo will help business brand and expand.

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Come with us to learn Nike logo design pattern, and study how it simplifies the logo design to the top.

Part 1 - The Evolution of Nike Swoosh Logo

In history, Nike logo is not a constant that remains the same. Its design is upgrading with its reputations & products. Its logo modification is a trace of logo simplification. But, why does Nike simplify its logo?

Nike Logo Simplifying Phases:

Phase One: We see the first big update of Nike logo is changing from the first outlined logo to a solid logo. And new solid swoosh logo looks more stable.

Nike changed its 1971 logo to 1978 logo

Depict Image: Nike changed its 1971 logo to 1978 logo.

Phase Two: The next major update is eliminating "Nike" text from Nike's combination logo. Finally, it becomes a sharp logomark.

Nike logo changed from 1985 to current one

Depict Image: Nike logo changed from 1985 to current one.

We can view Nike logo evolution as a process of exploring and growing. It comes closer to a final & better version on each logo modification. Now, it reaches its ultimate simple logo.

The Benefits of Simple Logo Design:

  • a.Avoid too much information in design. And, audiences won't feel overwhelmed or consume too much.
  • b.Simple color scheme makes a logo feel more trustworthy.
  • c.Simple logo feels more iconic and beautiful.

The Wisdoms of Nike Logo Design:

Less is better. - It's the wisdom of Nike logo throughout its logo modification. Nike eliminated the typeface when its brand becomes well-known, which shows Nike boldness and exploration spirits.

Another wit is to make its logo shape pronounceable - as swoosh can be interpreted as "like", "check", "tick", or "right". Naturally, "Nike" can be seen as a combination of "New" and "Like". Another version of Nike meaning is the goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

Nike godness for victory in Greek mythology

Depict Image: Nike godness for victory in Greek mythology.

Part 2 - Simple Logo Designs That Are Similar to Nike Logos

If you are building a brand or running a business, perhaps you want a simple logo for your business. Though many logos look simple, their design processes are not easy at all!

Just like Nike logo design, designing an elegant logo requires professionalism. So, it's an optimal strategy to outsource the design part that needs professional work. (Consider either a design graduate, or an easy logo tool.)

  • *When you hire a designer to customize your logo, it can be costly.
  • *On the contrary, some easy logo app offering professional, simple logo templates may suffice. Such as:
    Sports logo abstract blackRunning man orange logoAbstract Sportsman logo whiteBicycle logo templateWalk man logoGymnasium logoVolleyball check logoBaseball logo

Part 3 - How to Design Your Nike Logo Effortlessly?

Once you've found a favorite logo template in part 2, you can click it and customize it directly. Otherwise, switch to 10,000+ logo templates for other options.

->Head over to DesignEvo logo maker online:

->Enter a keyword for search.

Some wits are useful to find a Nike logo quickly - You can try "swoosh", "right", "sports", "run", "basketball", "motion", "speed"… DesignEvo will retrieve the best logo ideas for your next move.

Search keyword for similar Nike logos

Depict Image: Search keyword for similar Nike logos.

->Click a template you prefer and customize it to your own logo.

When customizing the logo, you can change logo font family, font size, any color on the canvas, or even logo shape.

Customize your own Nike logo

Depict Image: Customize your own Nike logo.

Tips: For big changes of logo design, you'd better favor the template before entering the design interface.

->Preview and download your logo for free or inexpensively.

Part 4 - Wrapping It Up

Nike logo design is a huge success. Its curves, shapes, and previous logo texts altogether accomplish the current Nike logo. Good for you: With some easy logo maker, like, you can effortlessly customize any logo you want.

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