How to Find a Logotype for Web Domain?

Briefs:In this blog, we focus on the knowledge of logotype, monogram, and domain name. Specifically, you can read every aspect of logotype, including logotype definition, examples of famous brand logotypes, hot fonts for logotype, where to download these fonts, how to make an effective logotype for website easily. Likewise, you'll know how to choose and balance logotype and domain.

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Won't it feel great when you grasp the basics logo design rules and have the ability to make various business logos easily? Fact is it's not easy, even for designers.

Question: Are there any straightforward ways to generate a quality logo for company?

Answer: We have a previous tip of How To Choose Right Logo For Companies, which maybe helpful.

You can take advantage of some logo maker, create a logotype, and customize it to your branding logo. That's our solution today!

Logotype Definition

According to WIKIPEDIA explanation, logotype, also named wordmark and word mark, is usually a distinct text-only typographic treatment of the name of a company, institution, or product name used for purposes of identification and branding. Simply puts WIKIPEDIA insights, Logotype is the kind of logo that only consists of texts or words.

However, in a post from 99designs, Hilda, a designer, explicitly separates monogram(lettermark) from logotype(wordmark).

So in a large scale(from WIKIPEDIA perspective), logotype includes monogram, while some designer, like Hilda, believes monogram is split from logotype and is just comprised of a few letters but without words.

Let's view the famous brand logotypes together in WIKIPEDIA and designer points respectively.

Wiki and 99designs view logotype and monogram differently

Image Depict: Wiki and 99designs view logotype and monogram differently.

Logo Font Sets The Tone of Logotype

Browse those notable examples of logotype designs above. Here is the conclusion: Logo font is critical for logotype design, it sets the tone of logo.

1)Google Logo Font:

Google seems to stick the tailor-made sans-serif typeface, the newest logo uses a font called "Product Sans". You like it?

Free download for Google logo typeface:

2)Porsche Logo Font:

Luxurious car brand Porsche even gets a team to devise a unique font for its logo, its called "911 Porscha". It feels steady, broad, bold, clear and luxurious. Want to try it yourself?

Free download for Porsche logo font:

Famous logotype billboard

Image Depict: Famous logotype billboard.

3)Microsoft Logo Font:

Microsoft uses "Segoe UI" font now instead of previous "Helvetica Bold Italic" font. As a result of MS findings, it has better readability than Tahoma, Microsoft Sans Serif, and Arial. When compared with previous "Helvetica Bold Italic", its width is wider. Favor it?

Free download for Microsoft logo typeface:

4)BBC Logo Font:

Red Bee Media redesigned the logotype of "BBC ONE". Online source shows this font is labeled "BBC TV Channel Logo". A fan of it?

Free download for BBC logo font:

Find font pools

Or you can dive into other font pools, grab a typeface for your logotype( Note that some fonts require a purchase ):

  • Google Fonts:

  • Microsoft Fonts:

  • Fonts:

  • MyFonts:

Though font sets the tone of logotype design, it's hard to choose a right font that's harmony. Also, it's tricky to make sure the logotype design works for your business. Note that, we haven't mentioned those tedious steps of installing a font, using it in a design software, creating a logo, and testing it on your brand again and again(Consider the size, color and background)...

Stay tuned! In below parts, we are gonna show you how to address these designing issues once and for all, and turn logotype design into a simple, cheerful trip!

How to Design a Quality Logotype Easily?

Here comes the most straightforward solution to make a logotype design online! That's right! We will walk you through online, and not use hundreds of step-by-step Photoshop approach:

No installation! Fast! Efficient! Easy to learn! Even worry nothing about color scheme! What a blessing for design "dummies"! Let's check it now!

We will take advantage of a cool text generator - DesignEvo.

Make a Free Logotype

Method 1: Find a logotype from cool text pool.

Step One, Land on DesignEvo Cool Text page, scroll down, mouse-click [More Logos] and browse these stylish logotypes. Pick one that satisfies you.

Browse DesignEvo Cool Text page, pick your logotype template.

Image Depict: Browse DesignEvo Cool Text page, pick your logotype template.

Step Two, enter your logo text. Select logo text to make a change of the size, effect, etc. The options are on the top bar. Also, you can reset the size of text logo on the bottom.

Customize your logotype with ease.

Image Depict: Customize your logotype with ease.

Step Three, preview and download your logotype. Thrilling is that you can download your logotype as PDF/SVG vector logo by opting for Plus option. This way, you can enlarge your logotype to a billboard with no hassles, or narrow it down to get it printed it on a visiting card. Double kill!

Preview your logotype design.

Image Depict: Preview your logotype design.

Method 2: Search a template with keyword, delete graphics.

Another trick to retrieve a logotype with a keyword is entering DesignEvo. Search for a logo template with a descriptive word, opt for a template and delete graphics. Of course, you will need to resize text logo element and align it. This way, you save a great deal of time and effort.

Method 3: Design your logotype from scratch with art fonts or 100+ design fonts.

DesignEvo provides you with an approach to build your logotype from zero. Entering DesignEvo app, select [Start From Scratch], set the canvas size, choose a font/an art font, input your logo name, set a color and background. It's better to use just one font!

DIY your logotype design in DesignEvo.

Image Depict: DIY your logotype design in DesignEvo.

Tricks to Turn a Logotype into a Domain - For Better Business Promotion!

If you haven't registered a domain for your business, you will like to turn it into a web domain, when logotype design is completed. Here are some tips for reference:

One way to do it is learning from Microsoft, that is, use logotype words as the domain, in our previous examples, register or

Another way is to use the first letter in words, so or would be an option. In most cases, these domains are much more expensive.

It's a sure thing that you can add some letters before or after logotype words.

Some rules to obey:

  • *Do not choose a domain or a logotype that is similar to a famous brand.

  • *Don't use any hyphens "-" in domain.

  • *Don't use uppercase in domain.

  • *Don't add letters to split your logotype word.

  • *Better not include letter of the "q", "z", "x","c","p".

  • *Register only after checking its copyright and validation.

  • *Don't include targeted keywords in your domain.

That's all! Hope you enjoy the post and let us know which way you like to try when designing your logo?

  1. Is it designing from cool text templates?

  2. Or would you prefer designing from scratch, the DIY method?

@DesignEvo Facebook, or Twitter and leave us a comment. Thanks!

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