Illustrator Logo Tutorial + Illustrator Online Alternative | Beginner Handbook

A complete tutorial on how to design a quality logo from nothing with Adobe logo maker – Illustrator: You'll learn full steps and shortcuts that useful across all Windows AI editions. For those thinking it difficult to make a logo in Illustrator, we offer an easy & free alternative that everybody can use online:

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Content of Beginner Handbook - Illustrator Logo Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator is powerful to create stunning logos, icons, wireframes, typography or a bunch of vector art. It's the first choice of many Pro designers in logo design. Here, we'll show how to create a decent logo in AI, and output it to vector files or bitmaps (SVG, JPG, PNG, etc.).

Illustrator Logo Beginner Tutorial: How to Design A Logo Step by Step

Adobe Logo Maker Official Download Link (7-day Free Trial):

Illustrator -

FYI, we use the newest Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 for Windows as the tool. For those use other AI editions for Windows, the shortcuts are the same.

Step One - Create A Project:

Open Illustrator, choose [Create New] and enter your logo size.

Step Two - Draw & Design A Logo:

1)Draw an ellipse: Use Ellipse tool - Press L, drag and drop a flat ellipse. Fill color on the ellipse.

2)Make beautiful shapes: Copy, Paste(in place), and Rotate the duplicated ellipse.

Go [Edit]>[Copy]>[Paste in Place]. Right click the ellipse, go [Transform]>[Rotate…], and enter an angle. Repeat the step until finished.

How to rotate shapes and objects in AI.

Depict Image: How to rotate shapes and objects in AI.

3)Combine/merge the shapes(objects) in Illustrator:

*Select them all: Using selection tool (hold V and click an ellipse simultaneously), then go Shift and choose all the ellipses.

*Go [Object]>[Path]>[Outline Stroke]. Then go [Windows]>[Pathfinder], click Unite icon under [Shape Modes:].

How to merge shapes and objects in AI.

Depict Image: How to merge shapes and objects in AI.

4) Use [Polygon Tool] to draw another graphics and change its color. Move its layer to the bottom.

5) Change shape size and position to make borders tangent. Select two graphics, go [Pathfinder]> use "Minus Front" icon under [Shape Modes:].

Minus front layer, ungroup, and color each shapes in AI.

Depict Image: Minus front layer, ungroup, and color each shapes in AI.

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Step Three - Download your logo design:

Go [File]>[Export]>[Export As…].

Adobe logo maker -Illustrator will get you a logo file in SVG, JPG, PNG, etc.

Download & output your logo design to vector and bitmap images.

Depict Image: Download & output your logo design to vector and bitmap images.

Adobe Illustrator Output Supports:

Bitmap Formats: JPEG, BMP, DWG(AutoCAD Drawing), DXF(AutoCad Interchange File), CSS, EMF, SWF(Flash), TGA, TIFF, PSD, PCT(Macintosh PICT).

Vector Formats: SVG, WMF.

How to Choose Best Logo Color Scheme - Adobe Color CC

Here is another great resource on Illustrator tutorials for beginners.

If you find color picking difficult, then try Adobe Color CC to find the perfect color scheme:

1. Go to Adobe Color CC page, search for a combination of colors.

e.g., Explore “Red", “Blue"(using a color), or “Warm", “Cold"(using description word), etc.

2. Hover over a group of a color scheme that you like. Go [Edit and Copy], copy color Hex values, and apply them to your Adobe logo design.

3. Back to Illustrator, hit Shift + “L"(the Selection tool) to select graphics, and use Shift + “I" to apply the color over it.

Illustrator Online Alternative - Free & Easy DesignEvo, Create a Logo without Illustrator

Find Adobe Illustrator logo design difficult?

You just want a simple logo in vector or high-resolution bitmap. BUT, Illustrator logo design:

  • 1.Takes too much time & effort to make a logo from scratch.
  • 2.Any little mistake can ruin logo beauty & make design process more difficult.

For non-professionals, it's indeed difficult to create an ideal logo from zero to final art, using Adobe Illustrator.

So why try Illustrator online alternative?

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Illustrator Online Alternative - Free DesignEvo Logo Maker.

Depict Image: Illustrator Online Alternative - Free DesignEvo Logo Maker.

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