How To Create Logos In Adobe Illustrator Or Online Alternative? - For Beginner And Above

Forewords: It is a complete tutorial on how to design a quality logo from zero with Adobe logo maker – Illustrator (for beginner and above). You'll read full steps to design a logo with Illustrator, as well as AI keyboard shortcuts in Windows. - Some may think Illustrator logo navigations are very tedious to render a basic logo, and then we offer a free and much easier online alternative:

Content on Beginner+ AI Tutorial: How to Illustrator a Logo by Yourself?

Adobe Illustrator is powerful to create stunning logos, icons, wireframes, typography and a bunch of vector art. It's the first choice for many professional logo designers. In contexts below, we'll explain how to create a decent logo in AI, and output it to vector files or bitmaps (SVG, JPG, PNG, etc.).

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Part 1 - How to Design an Abstract Logo Step by Step with AI?

Before moving anywhere else, we will introduce the official Adobe Illustrator. If you haven't installed it yet, you'll need to install it before getting next.

Adobe Logo Maker - Illustrator Official Download Link (7-day Free Trial):

Note: We'll use the newest Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 for Windows in the explanation below. But for those who install other earlier AI editions in Windows PC, those shortcuts included are the same.

Step 1 - Create a Logo Project in Adobe Illustrator:

Open Illustrator, choose [Create New] and enter your logo size.

Step 2 - How to Draw & Design Your Logo Wisely Using AI?

Now, we will play some tricks and use some magic to draw our logo shape. You'll enjoy the tricks of rotating shapes to create fabulous graphics.

a.Draw a basic shape as your basic element:

Try with Ellipse tool by pressing "L", then drag and drop a flat ellipse. After done, fill color on your ellipse.

b.Copy and rotate to create amazing graphic:

You need to copy, paste (in place), and rotate the duplicated ellipse: Go [Edit]>[Copy]>[Paste in Place]. Then, right click the ellipse, choose [Transform] > [Rotate…], and enter an angle.

Note: There is a math trick of entering the rotate angle: Find a figure that comes out of 180 degrees fully dividing. Only that can you finish a beautiful symmetrical shape. For instances, you can try rotating 60 degrees, then you have to repeat the process of copy and rotate for 3 times. Or, you can try 30 degrees, then copy and rotate repeat 6 times. If your input is 20 degrees, then you must rotate 9 times.(The equations are 60*3=180, 30*6=180, and 20*9=180.)

Repeat the steps of copy and rotate until the graphic is symmetrical and fully drawn.

How to rotate shapes and objects in AI.

Depict Image: How to rotate shapes and objects in AI.

c.Combine/merge the shapes(objects) in Illustrator:

1)Select all shapes: Using Illustrator selection tool (AI shortcut is to hold V and click an element - an ellipse - simultaneously), then press Shift to choose all ellipses.

2)Go [Object]>[Path]>[Outline Stroke]. Then go [Windows]>[Pathfinder], click Unite icon under [Shape Modes:].

After that, you've combined all the shapes into one via Adobe Illustrator. It's a beautiful logo shape, isn't it?

How to merge shapes and objects in AI.

Depict Image: How to merge shapes and objects in AI.

However, we decide to add more creativities, and will use the current graphic to hollow a shape. So it's not finished! Stay tuned!

d.Draw a polygon of the same size:

Use [Polygon Tool] to draw another graphics and change its color. Then, move its layer to the bottom.

e.Minus and hollow the graphics:

Change shape size and position, and make sure all borders of two shapes are tangent.

Select two graphics at the same time, then go [Pathfinder]> use "Minus Front" icon under [Shape Modes:].

f.Separate and ungroup the hollowed polygon, and make it colorful:

Right click current graphic, and click "Ungroup". Then, we'll have 6 individual shapes. Select the shape one by one, and fill in a different color.

Minus front layer, ungroup, and color each shapes in AI.

Depict Image: Minus front layer, ungroup, and color each shapes in AI.

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Step Three - Download Your Logo Design:

Go [File] > [Export] > [Export As…].

Adobe logo maker - Illustrator will generate your logo image in a file of SVG, JPG, PNG, etc.

Download & output your logo design to vector and bitmap images.

Depict Image: Download & output your logo design to vector and bitmap images.

Adobe Illustrator Output Supports:

  • Bitmap Formats: JPEG, BMP, DWG(AutoCAD Drawing), DXF(AutoCad Interchange File), CSS, EMF, SWF(Flash), TGA, TIFF, PSD, PCT(Macintosh PICT).
  • Vector Formats: SVG, WMF.

Part 2 - How to Choose Your Best Logo Color Scheme Using Adobe Color CC?

If you find color picking difficult, then Adobe Color CC can be your ideal solution to find a perfect color scheme:

Here are the steps on how to find your cool color scheme:

1. Visit Adobe Color CC page above. Search and explore a combination of colors.

You can explore colors by trying some color names, e.g., "Red", "Blue". Or, try some descriptions, like, "Warm", "Cold", etc.

2. Hover over a group of a color scheme that you like. Go [Edit and Copy], copy color Hex values, and apply them to your Adobe logo design.

3. Back to Illustrator, hit Shift + "L"(the Selection tool) to select graphics, and use Shift + "I" to apply the color over it.

Part 3 - Illustrator Online Alternative, Create Your Logo Online for Free

Do you find Illustrator logo design difficult?

Perhaps, you only want a simple logo in vector or high-res bitmap, while using Illustrator to design a logo seems:

  • Takes too much time & effort to make a logo from scratch.
  • Any little mistake in navigation can ruin the whole logo beauty, and make design process more difficult.

For non-professionals, it's indeed difficult to create an ideal logo from zero to final art, using Adobe Illustrator.

So why not try Illustrator online alternative?

Easy DesignEvo logo maker is there to provide help! It's a one-stop logo design solution online for everybody:

Illustrator Online Alternative - Free DesignEvo Logo Maker.

Depict Image: Illustrator Online Alternative - Free DesignEvo Logo Maker.

With DesignEvo, you can easily:

*Search your logo template from 10,000+ designer-made logos,

*DIY a logo in seconds,

*Download 500 * 500 logo image for FREE,

*Purchase your logo design in vector SVG, PDF and high-res bitmaps for a lifetime at $49.99 (comparing Illustrator's pricing $20.99/mo).

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