Amazon Logo Design: How to Understand Amazon Logo Design Correctly?

Opening Words: Amazon logo is so successful, and there are some foundations behind all the success. How it's designed has a significant influence on its branding performances. Let's research Amazon logo today.

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Part 1 - Playback of Amazon Business

When book sales market was very sizeable, Jeff Bezos wisely started Cadabra to sell books online on July 5th, 1994. A few months later, it was renamed to "Amazon", because Bezos found "Amazon is an exotic and different place".

Amazon was firstly invested by Bezos' parents with $250,000 and began in the garage of his rented place in Seattle, Washington State. Amazon business soon turned out to be a success - They saw a rapid sale growth in the first two months.

In 1998, Amazon released its data analysis service - Amazon Web Services (AWS) - for marketers and developers. In the same year, Amazon started its acquisition businesses, massively acquiring various types of retail companies. That way, it gradually grew to be an Internet-based retailer giant that we know today.

If view Amazon's growth on a historical timeline, you'll find Amazon business is always smooth & successful. That's because Amazon does a great job in market research & prospect, and they are the first company to innovate.

Part 2 - The History of Amazon Logo

Amazon has made 5 major updates on its logo designs, but Amazon logo still keeps the design style in monograms.

Nowadays, monogram design is a popular logo type. A variety of luxury brands have chosen an iconic monogram logo for their new releasing products. They are LV, Chanel and Gucci, to name a few.

The most important factor for a successful monogram is its unique font design and overall beauty.

1994-1997 Amazon logo

Image: 1994-1997 Amazon logo.

The very first Amazon logo is a river logo flowing down in letter "A" shape. When the water flows to the end of "A" letter, it's "", implying Amazon is building something giant.

1997-1998 Amazon logo

Image: 1997-1998 Amazon logo.

The second Amazon logo is a squeezed letter logo, with everything compact. By varying the size and caption, the letter logo - large size "" and uppercase "EARTH'S BIGGEST BOOKSTORE" - shows amazon's ambition and reputation to the fullest.

Also, the compact letter of "" gives audiences a sense of a variety of books piled together for selection.

1998 Amazon logo

Image: 1998 Amazon logo.

When Amazon has become famous worldwide, Amazon changed its logo again. Amazon deleted the text of "EARTH'S BIGGEST BOOKSTORE" in the bottom, as it was unnecessary by then. By enlarging "O" letter, Amazon was trying to show how amazing Amazon service was.

1998-2000 Amazon logo

Image: 1998-2000 Amazon logo.

1998-2000 Amazon logo is a typical amazon monogram logo, with a highlight orange curve under.

2000-present Amazon logo

Image: 2000-present Amazon logo.

The recent amazon logo is a smiling arrow logo, implying a happy shopping experience when a customer browses through Amazon items.

Part 3 - Why Final Amazon Logo Is An Orange Smiling Logo?

The final version of Amazon logo is a cute monogram logo, but it adds a special orange smiling symbol. Current logo uses a bubble font, which makes it more friendly than previous Amazon fonts.

Orange is the color conveying the feelings of passion, energy and happiness, which much fit Amazon's brand vision. By adding an orange curve to black Amazon monogram logo, Amazon logo becomes vivid and animated. Without the orange smiling curve, Amazon logo will only feel trusted - the psychology of black design.

Part 4 - What Will Amazon Logo Look Like, If You Try with DesignEvo?

DesignEvo logo maker online prepares versatile logo templates for its users, and therefore you can find lots of design ideas.

If you grab to craft an Amazon logo, you can have uncountable design possibilities. One of the possible Amazon logos may go like this:

  1. Search for ideas, like "monogram", "text", "ecommerce", "trade", "smile", etc.
  2. Search for logo templates

    Image: Search for logo templates.

  3. Choose a logo design, delete unneeded, and make a custom. It's much easier to make a unqiue smiling curve - You can search arrow in [ICON], find a similar arrow icon, and adjust its look by flipping and changing weight & color.
  4. How to design custom Amazon logo in DesignEvo

    Image: How to design custom Amazon logo in DesignEvo?

  5. Preview and download your "Amazon" logo.
  6. Preview and download Amazon logo

    Image: Preview and download Amazon logo.

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