Logo Color Schemes: Case Study of Great Color Combinations In Logos

Briefs:Look for suitable logo color schemes? We've compiled the best logo color combinations of big brands, offering similar color logo for customization. You'll know 2 famous ratio rules on color picking. Lastly, 2 online color wheels will help you find perfect complementary colors for any color.

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Colors are the first thing that goes into human brain. Colors go together can either accomplish graphic design, or ruin it ruthlessly.

Work on logo design? Be careful with your picking colors!

Even subtle changes would make a dramatic difference - good color combinations will amaze audiences, alternatively, bad colors make people uneasy:

Good logo colors VS bad logo colors

Good logo colors VS bad logo colors: Click image to get the right color scheme.

From the previous picture, you must have noticed the huge gap between a good logo color combination and a bad logo color combination.

Varying color schemes can even change the meanings & feelings of a logo. A right color scheme is the foundation of a competent & successful logo.

Let's check the great logo color combinations and available options of related!

Part 1: Great Logo Color Combinations Available for You

No.1.Black Color Combinations for Logos:

Black is a heavy, serious and mysterious hue, representing death, horror, attraction, strength, and unbreakable rules. In most cases, it stands for dark or the unknown.

Renownd black logos include Adidas, LV, Puma and Nike:

Famous logos in black color.

Click image to check the black color combinations & design your black logo.

Black pairing with gold is the most powerful color combination. It can stand for privilege & luxury.

Design a privilege and luxury black logo.

Click image to adjust the black golden logo.

No.2.Blue Color Combinations for Logos:

Blue brings peace, vividness & reliability to viewers. Naturally, it relates to clear sky and wide open ocean. As a cold color, blue rouses gloom & indifference at the same time. While, exclusively with navy blue, it emphasizes concentration, confidence and intelligence more.

Popular blue logos have Skype, HP, Twitter and Gap:

Get those blue color schemes of great brands.

Click image to get those blue color schemes.

Blue with green creates a feeling of ecosystem, responsibility & life caring.

Make your eco green logo.

Click image to make your eco green logo now!

No.3.Red Color Combinations for Logos:

Red is a color mixing of elements on fire, warmth, blood, danger, passion and exploration. Red gets attention & makes people thrilled.

Great red logo ideas cover Red Bull, Levi's, LEGO and HM:

Popular logos with red color combinations.

Click image to find popular red logo combinations.

When red goes with navy blue, it instills a sense of trust, power, king or champion into the logo design.

Design a logo in red and navy blue.

Click it to make the red & navy blue logo yours.

No.4.Yellow Color Combinations for Logos:

When we reflect on yellow logos, there are not many logos using yellow as their primary color. The reason is not that designers don't like yellow color, nor yellow is no good for logo design. Truth is quite a few designers find it tricky to deal with yellow well: Largely using golden yellow often makes the design feel unbalanced.

People cannot deny yellow creates an atmosphere of honor and irresistibly charming. Seeing yellow, people see a bright color and enjoy it.

Cool yellow logos are SUBWAY, SHELL, Batman and BESTBUY:

Check cool yellow logos

Click to make it your cool yellow logo.

In the yellow logos, orange color combinations are worthy of mentioning:

Orange colors will take people to summer and leisure time. Therefore, orange logos are a symbol of happiness and a positive attitude.

Design your orange logo.

Click above image to customize your orange logo.

No.5.Green Color Combinations for Logos:

Green is the tone of lives, forests and perfect conditions, connecting with newborn, youth and health. It also symbolizes fairness, quietness, humbleness and wisdom. Natural green has a helpful function in reducing human's negative thinking.

Alive green logos feature Android, Evernote, Sprite and Starbucks:

Green logos, check great green combinations.

Great green logos, click to check green color combinations.

Green color combinations are ideal for sports logos, food logos, or energy corporations.

Make your own green color logo.

Click to make it your green color logo.

Apart from the famous logo color combinations above, the following passages will take you to color picking principles.

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Part 2: Basic Principles of Color Picking

Some colors that go together looks gorgeous, and this is no accident. Color picking is serious science:

Just like rock music won't be a good choice for library background music, different color combinations should be applied to right masterpieces. Colors work for design, and breaking color rules won't do any good for design.

For gym logos or child logos, it's wise to pick the main color from warm colors (red, orange, yellow, green, etc.), but not to select cold colors (black, grey, etc.).

There are 2 color rules:

  • 60:30:10 color rule - 60% main color, 30% secondary color, 10% accent color.
  • 70:25:5 color rule - 70% space fills the main color, 25% space uses complementary color, 5% space applies an accent color.

Sidenotes: Main color sets the tone of graphics. Secondary/complementary color usually uses a gradient/harmony color of the main color, either by changing its transparency/saturability or choosing a nearby color from a color wheel. In regard to accent color, it's for adding some sharp contrasts, but not too many contrasts. (That makes accent color take up less than 10%.)

Part 3: 2 Color Wheels Online to Find The Best Color Scheme Ideas for Your Logo Design

It's easy to find your main color, secondary color, and accent color on the color palette or the color wheel (Some call it "color circle") :

#1.Adobe Color Wheel

Adobe Color Wheel has 6 modes – Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, Shades - to set your color schemes:


How to use Adobe color wheel to pick colors.

Image: How to use Adobe color wheel to pick colors.

#2.Sessions Color Calculator

Sessions Color Calculator lets you set main color firstly, and then generate other colors according to your selected color scheme / harmony.


Sessions color calculator to find best colors.

Image: Sessions color calculator to find best colors.

Take advantage of any of the color wheels above, and it will be a piece of cake to find your excellent color combinations for logo design or other graphic design.

Part 4: Steal Color Combination Ideas from Any Logo Image

There is a slight chance that you are not satisfied with the above logo templates or logo color combos, and you dislike the color wheel method. Then, another solution for you is to grab a color picker (in Photoshop, it's eyedropper tool) and steal color schemes from a good logo image.

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