How Much Does A Professional Logo Cost in 2021

Summary: This blog tells you the logo design price range in 2021. After reading this blog, you will not overpay or get a low quality logo that doesn’t fit your situation at an awfully cheap price. Check it out.

It goes without saying that a logo plays a vital role in many fields, like business, social media, events. As outsiders of logo design industry, all of you will be confused about how much logo design costs. Without thorough surveys, you can easily be over-charged by some logo designers, or worse, fail to get a quality logo because you are “too good at bargaining”.

It is important to know how much actually a logo costs and stay within logo design price range.

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On average, how much does logo design cost?

It is hard to give an exact number of the average logo design cost. Yet, people pay $2 - $1,000,000 for each logo design. A decent logo design price starts at $100, and a logo with intricate patterns might cost from $400 - $ 15,000 if you turn to a freelance logo designer. Logo design studios and agencies charge $5,000 - $ 1,000,000 or even more.

Freelance designer - from $100 to $15,000

The Logo design estimate starts from $100. The more complicated the logo is, the higher the price is. The logo design cost also largely depends on the designer’s experience. The finished logo should always be unique, highly recognizable, and clear. There are several things to keep in mind if you decide to work with a freelance designer.

  • 1. It is better to find a designer who is willing to work with you collaboratively throughout the process so that you can put forward your own ideas. It is the best if you have clear instructions.
  • 2. It is the designers’ duty to provide different concepts and several rounds of changes if you need them.
  • 3. Ask the designer if they provide both the vector image and raster image. The vector image can be zoomed in/out without quality loss and the raster image is more colorful, more pleasant to look.

Logo Design Studio & Agency - from $5,000 - $ 1,000,000

There are reasons why logo design cost is higher on design studios and agencies. Generally speaking, studios and agencies have sufficient stuffs to provide you better quality logos. An logo design agency might even conduct in-depth survey before designing, ensuring success.

What if I can’t afford a logo design?

It is understandable that you have limited budget. However, designing a logo is a long term investment. Never do it or do it well.

The last road lays ahead is DIY. You can use dozens of professional but cheap logo design tools. You have complete control of the designing process. Besides, you can refer to many tutorials online to take off.

Sketch: Sketch is only available for Mac users. Many features are free, but to get an license, you need pay $99 for one year. PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, EPS, you can export your design in those formats. While it is convenient to use, we suggest that you don’t print the design out, because Sketch can’t export logo design in printer-friendly colors.

Adobe Illustrator: It is a must-have program for designers. It is more powerful than Sketch. You can create logos and export them in ten formats. With Adobe Creative Cloud membership, which costs $31,49 for one month, you can have access to it.

No clues for designing. What about some logo templates?

Don’t just google a logo and make a copy of it. You might get involved with infringement issues! has over 9000 fully customizable logo templates made by DesignEvo design experts, each template is special and unique. Its editing panel offers tools and rich elements to add shapes, icons, texts and other elements to touch up your design. Finishing a design takes a few minutes. You can download your design in any formats, catering to your digital and printing needs.

It might cost you from $0 - $49.9, but people all say DesignEvo logo templates are the best low cost logo designs you can get on market.

How Much Does Logo Design Cost - DesignEvo Overview

Depict Image: How Much Does Logo Design Cost - DesignEvo Overview

The Bottom Line

To sum up, it might take at $100 to $10,000,000 to get a good logo design. However, for those who don’t really have much experience on logo making, and have limited budget, DesignEvo is worth trying. Go to and let your ideas flow.

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