How to Create a Gmail Signature with Your Logo for Free

Summary: How to create a Gmail signature with a logo added? This blog offers you detailed steps. Here, you can know how to make an email signature and how to insert a logo or a picture to it.

Gmail signature tells everyone you send email to your identity, occupation, and contact details. Nearly all people in the business field send emails with signature. To set your emails apart from the vast sea of emails, you need to create a Gmail signature with your logo.

It is not actually hard to make a Gmail signature with a logo. All you need to do is adding contact information first, inserting a logo in Gmail signature, then adjusting. Refer to the detailed steps below.

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How to Create a Gmail Signature with Logo

Note: The following instructions are specifically for Gmail. If you are also on other mailboxes, the steps are similar. However, you might also need to review specific instructions.

Step 1. Go to the Editing Panel

Click the gear icon at the top right > Settings > General. You will be brought to the editing panel.

Step 2. Add Your Contact Information

Enter your name, contact details, website, address, and any other information you’d like to add. Remember to make some adjustments on that information, like bold, larger, italic, to give them a hierarchy look.

Step 3. Add Logo to Gmail Signature

You can add a logo to your Gmail signature from a local folder, or a web.

Add Gmail signature from a local folder:

* Get your logo to your computer and then resize it. (Recommended Gmail signature logo size is 200 pixels wide, 80 pixels in height, 10KB or less)

* Position the mouse cursor to where you want the image to go. Hit the enter tab so that there is a new line for the logo.

* From the menu bar, tap the Insert Image button. Go to My Computer > Select to insert the logo into Gmail signature.

* Scroll down to the very bottom, tap Save Changes. Now, the Gmail signature with your logo is applied to all emails you send.

Add Gmail signature from a web

* Create a web page specifically for your logo. This page needs no design, no external or internal links, just your logo file. No one will ever visit this page.

* Click the Insert Image button > Add an image, choose Web Address.

* Paste the URL.

* Save changes at the very bottom of the settings.

Step 4. Make Adjustment of Gmail Logo Signature

Check if the signature looks OK. Once the logo is in its place, you can change the text color to match the logo, add a tagline or other information about your company.


If you like, you can use an image to make a Gmail signature while writing the email.

Type two hyphens at the bottom of your message and then your signature information. Copy one image from Google Drive or other website and then paste it. Now, you have a complete Google signature with a logo.

Bonus Tip: How to Create a Gmail Signature Logo

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to create a Gmail signature with logo. As you can see, it is not hard to create a Gmail signature and add a logo to the signature. Have got no logo? Try DesignEvo. This completely free and easy-to-use logo design tool will never let you down.

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