College Logo Takeaways: How-to-make & Top College Logos

Foreword: This article focuses on college logos, specifying how to make a decent college logo in a minute, the top college logo designs, and the main college logo types. Whether you need a college logo design or want some logo inspirations simply, this article will meet your requirements.

Colleges always have a typical college logo. The brand identity representing a college displays how the college treats with teaching, studying and knowledge. Also, college logo is the symbol for college spirits.

Part 1 - How to Make a College Logo, Like a Designer? [Free & Easy]

In the first part of college logo takeaways, we put forward a straightforward method to make a professional college logo. Especially for design newbies, this method is recommended for you. It will save you substantial time to conceive a college logo, and you don't have to grasp any design skills.

Try DesignEvo logo maker free online. If you haven't used it before, you'll need to register a free account.

How to Make a College Logo for Free?

Step 1.Enter DesignEvo homepage and click on [Make a Free Logo], then you'll have the entrance to all kinds of logo design templates.

Step 2.Use college keywords to find available logo designs for college.

Search college logo tempaltes for design

Image: Search college logo tempaltes for design.

Step 3.Click in a favorite template to make a design of your college logo:

Make and customize your college logo

Image: Make and customize your college logo.

On the design canvas, you can change the color scheme, font, style and position for all logo elements. Its logo template will leave you two spaces for texts, which you can enter your college name and school motto respectively. Of course, you can delete any elements that you don't want in your college design - by just keystroking [Delete].

Tips: Need to design a college logo with your team? - Try the favorite icon on the top right of a logo template, and share your account with other team members, so that they can access those college logos that you've favored and designed.

Step 4.Preview and download your custom college logo. There are 3 download packages for you to choose from - FREE, BASIC, and PLUS. For college website or building's billboard, we recommend you choose BASIC or PLUS package for download, which will download you a high-res, transparent PNG for websites and prints.

Part 2 - Three Types of College Logo Designs

To make a better college logo, you'll want to know three types of college logos, and then decide which type is more suitable for your college:

  • Monogram Logo Type.
  • Emblem Logo Type.
  • Aspiring Animal Logo Type.

Monogram logo design is a popular letter logo design for almost all colleges. Art schools, colleges and universities have widely used stylish or classic monograms.

Emblem logo for college is another standard logo design for many colleges. The enclosed shape for emblem logo may refer to campus. We can also interpret the emblem design as colleges protecting the truth of nature and science.

Aspiring animal logo design is the first choice for many Ivy League colleges. For instance, we may see colleges use eagle logos and bear logos a lot, which shows the spirits of fearlessness, exploration and hard work.

After knowing the differences among three main types of college logos, you can make a wiser choice for your college.

Part 3 - Top College Logo Designs

There is great wisdom in logo designs for many famous colleges. If taking a closer look, we'll find these college logo designs are timeless and have something remarkable to represent their college brands.

Yale Logo

Yale logo

Image: Yale logo.

If you've ever thought letter logo has gone outdated, then Yale logo proves you wrong. According to Yale University Identity note, the navy blue Yale logo has its own Yale typeface and shows a strong connection to Yale university.

Stanford University Logo

Stanford logo

Image: Stanford logo.

Who has an informal logo and a formal logo simultaneously? Stanford does! It's much interesting to know the world-top university adopts two sets of logo designs.

The formal Stanford University logo uses a typical college emblem design. Red font implies Stanford's passion and attitude towards study and research. Informal Stanford logo design has more modern senses, it's more adorable, and it makes us feel Christmas.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Logo

MIT logo

Image: MIT logo.

The new logo for MIT is the most artistic logo. It fully utilizes negative space and overlapping design, as well as dots and lines. MIT logo design reminds people of computer, high-tech and top design standard.

The University of Tokyo(とうだい)Logo

Tokyo University logo

Image: Tokyo University logo.

The University of Tokyo has designed a logo with two overlapping leaves. It's a classic college logo with a simple, nice color scheme - yellow, blue, black and white.

Tsinghua University Logo

Tsinghua University logo

Image: Tsinghua University logo.

Tsinghua University logo is a white circle logo. It puts all its college elements into the round logo design, which is called "Qiankun" meaning energy and strength in Chinese. It's more like a collection box with knowledge and responsibility.

Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University logo

Image: Nanyang Technological University logo.

If we study the logo of Nanyang Technological University, the tiger emblem logo may confuse us. Many of us feel it's more like a football logo or a club logo. But it indeed shows the aspiration of NTU.

Ohio University Logo

Ohio University logo

Image: Ohio University logo.

Stanford informal logo looks adorable, while Ohio University logo is aggressive by symbolizing with a wild & angry cat. The Ohio University logo makes people think of some USA football logos, and we think Ohio University holds the same sporting spirits as many NFL teams do.

Part 4 - Over to You

Do you find what you need from this article? Which type of college logo do you think suits your college best? If you find or have some great college logo designs, share them with us and the design world. Enjoy design and enjoy life!

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