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Find and use awesome icons to your website, blog or app, it will enhance a better user experience!

Over 79% of webmasters and developers worldwide have been upgrading their logos, icons and UI designs periodically, and all of them greatly benefit from doing this.

With this tip, you will grab the collection of well-received icon websites, and be able to find your desired icons in less than 1 minute, which can be used in wireframe, web building, app development, email, toolbar, palette or other upgrading purposes. In case you want to change or resize some icons, we encapsulate the tip as well. This logo and icon maker can help you render millions of icons, shapes, or even find a cool logo without any hassles: https://www.designevo.com/

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The Collection of The Best Free Icon Makers Online 2018

#1 Find icons in Flaticon

Flaticon icon maker

Image: Flaticon icon maker

https://www.flaticon.com/ - The fastest icon finder to search for a free icon online, cross-platform supports: PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD. Some keyword phrases or combinations are not recognizable and it doesn't have any results. Download option: Premium account, or give credit. Support directly downloading icons from the site. Flaticon also provides icon searching results from famous graphics platform - freepik.com.

To edit icons or download based64 file requires user registration.

Highlight Features:

*Large library for icons.

*PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD formats support.


*based64 requires a higher account.

#2 iconfinder – Search your icon online

iconfinder icon maker

Image: iconfinder icon maker

https://www.iconfinder.com/ - A smaller platform comparing to multi-platform Flaticon, a portion of icons are free, but it lists paid icons (which looks more beautiful, concrete and vivid) in the top. Support directly download icons from the site in SVG, PNG, ICO, ICNS, Base64 SVG, Base64 PNG. Icon sets are shared, so you can find a stylish set of icons for apps, websites, wireframe designs. Hit [Most popular], you will find those free sets in well-received sequence. Use [Open in icon editor], you can choose to make a simple edit (feature-limited, only saves to SVG and PNG) of the icon, but only to save it as SVG and PNG file without extra steps like registration.

Highlight Features:

*[Most popular] Free Icon Sets.

*SVG, PNG, ICO, ICNS, Base64 SVG, Base64 PNG formats support.


*Listing paid icons firstly, there are not many free icons available.

*Free icon download to CSH and AI requires Sign Up.

#3 icons8 – Change icons easily

icons8 icon maker

Image: icons8 icon maker

Icons8 provides a wide variety of icons from the most commonly used search icons to extraordinary Adventure Time icons.

Easily run a search on a topic, and it will show related icons with style filters available, where you can filter icons for iOS, Material, Windows 10 and etc.

Highlight Features:

*Creative icon results, more abundant icons.

*Icon editor is in the right, where you can edit it easily.

*In icon8 editor, the [Overlay] feature is very useful, which adds a smaller icon and is useful for making a locked function icon or creating an appended function icon.


*SVG, EPS and PDF are locked features, requires monthly subscriptions.

*Do not support many formats for download.

#4 Search and Make a free icon with DesignEvo

DesignEvo icon maker

Image: DesignEvo icon maker

https://www.designevo.com/ - Though technically speaking it is a logo maker online, it provides millions of icons in [ICON] section, which makes it a wonderful icon creator. Two ways to make a satisfied icon: one way is to go [Scratch], define the icon size, and search for an icon with a keyword. Another way is to search one logo template with a keyword and delete all texts. For example, you can use it as a YouTube icon maker from its YouTube logo templates.

Highlight Features:

*Easy to find related icons and make adjustment.

*DIY icons belong to you.


*Free download only supports icons in JPG and PNG within a size of 500 px * 500 px. Not support downloading vector icons for free.

*No portal that allows us to enter the icon creator directly.

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#5 FotoJet – Make your own icons

FotoJet's clipart editing as icon maker

Image: FotoJet's clipart editing as icon maker

https://www.fotojet.com/apps/?entry=edit – This is not a 100% icon maker online, but it offers a 100% free way to find and make an icon on your own. First, upload a background image, clip it to icon size. Go [Clipart], global section, search icon keyword to add it your icon canvas.

Highlight Features:

*Customize your icons, make beautiful overlays.


*No portal that allows us to enter the icon finder directly.

Make Your Icon in FotoJet

Usability Testing of The Best Icon Makers (Parameters Comparison)

Product/Parameters Download/Format Supports Templates/Examples of Email Icons Templates/Examples of Flat Icons Templates/Examples of Tools Icons Templates/Examples of Bear Icons Templates/Examples of Wolf Icons
Flaticon Free Downloads:
Registration/Paid Downloads:
11395 In Total (PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD Free) 210421 In Total (PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD Free) 141583 In Total (PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD Free) 940 In Total (PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD Free) 124 In Total (PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD Free)
iconfinder Free Downloads:
SVG, PNG, ICO, ICNS, Base64 SVG, Base64 PNG
Registration/Paid Downloads:
20222 In Total (871 Free Icon Downloads) 2214 In Total (9 Free Icon Downloads) 16415 In Total (516 Free Icon Downloads) 2362 In Total (60 Free Icon Downloads) 361 In Total ( 7 Free Icon Downloads )
icons8 Free Downloads:
Only size-limited png free
Registration/Paid Downloads:
SVG, EPS, PDF, and Higher-resolution PNG
100 In Total (Only size-limited png free) 747 In Total (Only size-limited png free) 437 In Total (Only size-limited png free) 250 In Total (Only size-limited png free) 44 In Total (Only size-limited png free)
DesignEvo Free Downloads:
JPG/PNG within 500 px * 500 px
(Large enough for icon size conventions)
Registration/Paid Downloads:
Higher-resolution PNG, SVG/PDF vectors
12820 In Total 91 In Total 591 In Total 96 In Total 93 In Total
FotoJet Free Downloads:
JPG, PNG All Free
Registration/Paid Downloads:
10 10 9 7 4

In this 2018 best icon makers lists, we don't include those famous icon finders requiring users to register to download the icons, i.e., illustrio.com, thenounproject.com.

Other Things About Icon You Will Want to Know

Icon Size

About icon sizes for UX, there are different authoritative guidelines online in the world of adaptive web design. Icons are in the size of 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 128x128, and 256x256 normally, which is large enough to be easily touched in touchable devices.

>>MS Visual Guideline for Icon Size

Compact Icon, Resize Icon

To make icons fit for different occasions (iPad, iPhone 8, iPhone 6S, Smart TVs, etc.), you may want to resize icons, like, compact icon or enlarge icon. For vector icons, it doesn't need to resize. While for bitmapped icons, you may want to consider taking advantage of some graphics resizers (GIMP or PS) to change icon size quickly.

The Difference between Icon and Logo

Logo (logotype, logomark, or combination logo) is for branding, so it must be unique, creative and understandable.

For icons, it has only one requirement that is to make its users understand what it represents at first sight. So best of best, when you find an icon, just use it in your app/wireframe/website as it is. If you indeed want something creative in your icon designs, we strongly recommend you don't change/redesign an icon too much and make sure it's universally known (Or you may lose a large portion of your deserved clients for failing in achieving easiness, and THIS IS NOT A THREAT!!!).

The Usability of Icon

Icon is to ensure all audiences can easily connect to what it stands for by first sight, i.e., the function, the feature, the action or an idea. In most cases, icons assist words in conveying meaning. There are times that icons are replacing texts as a whole when icons are very straightforward for users when texts are not necessarily needed. Pay attention to design guidelines and conventions when you do want to change something: make sure your changes are not overdone and your upgraded icons are 100% noticeable and understandable for all audiences! Make icon easy to identify!

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