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Forewords: The article provides you with various free graphics on music topic. You'll find easy ways and ideas to make free music logos, music icons, music cover arts, music performance flyers, and ideas & styles.

No matter what kind of graphics you would expect for a music preparation or music campaign, this very article wraps up all kinds of free music art resources:

  • Need a music logo? - Do you want a free music logo for your own music band? Then you can pay a visit to, where you can find a logo idea for your band easily.
  • Want music leaflets or covers? - Music producers often have difficulties in finding excellent lyric leaflets or album covers, a free graphics online app - will give you hands.
  • Music flyers or posters are needed!? - Let's say, you are preparing a music campaign or concert, then you will want to design different music flyers for advertising music campaigns or throwing cautions online and printed. is a friendly solution that will provide you with exceptional, free flyer templates and make your job much more comfortable.

In the contents below, we'll present you with stunning music graphic collections based on different music genres, in categories of - piano music, rock music, pop music, rap & hip hop music, blues, country music, etc. With these collections, you will find whatever graphics you want for your piece of music quickly.

Part 1 - Free Music Graphic Collections for Different Music Genres

In this part, we'll come straight to the point and compile various free stunning music graphics for different music genres. Whether you are a music creator, music producer, or concert manager, you'll find excellent music graphic templates for your music, unleashing your creativity and hand.

Music album covers come in various sizes, so here we don't recommend album art templates separately. You can just use any music graphics as your album cover, or you can consider using your music logo as the music album cover!

→Free Graphics for Piano Music [Full Set]

Piano Music Logos - Piano music can make people feel peaceful, and is perfect for study, focus, meditation and think. For preparing or producing piano music, you'll wish an excellent piano music logo:

red piano and music noteblue piano keyboardwhite piano plays peaceful musicmusic candle jumps on white piano keyboard

Click above and customize your piano music logo now! Or explore more music logo here.

Piano Music Icons - If you want an icon as your music web favicon or other design elements, then you can get your icon either by deleting texts from logo design or by searching it in DesignEvo [ICON] feature. The latter option offers millions of icons for search. Whether you want musical notes graphics, piano symbols, or other beautiful signs, you can find them effortlessly.

Piano Music Flyers - To make a piano music flyer, another free flyer app – will be introduced to make your creation of piano music flyers easy.

play music with handspiano music for nostalgic melody

Click above and customize your piano music flyer now! Or explore more music flyer here.

→Free Graphics for Rock Music [Full Set]

Rock & roll music performance highlights showmanship and visual style. Hence, it's best to emphasize the same things in the graphic set for rock & roll music:

Rock Music Logos - For rock music logo graphics, we've found a dozen of free visual-shocking logo templates. The use of visual elements of love gesture, skeleton, pentagram and others, definitely brings rock visual shocks.

skeleton rock gesturehappy monster rock bandlove and rock with brown drumrock singer with cool hairskeleton with guitar in red and blackpentagram skeleton for rock musicdrum for rock musicET rock music and love

Click above and customize your rock music logo now! Or explore more music logo here.

Rock Music Icons - If you want an icon in a rock music design, the most straightforward way to create a rock music icon is by craving it out from a rock logo design. Also be aware, DesignEvo [ICON] feature is another portal available for exploring rock & roll icons.

Rock Music Flyers - DesignCap poster maker is one of the best places to find free rock flyer templates and customize your own rock music flyer. And, We've selected out some exquisite rock music flyers for you:

guitar rock music flyerrock music best band

Click above and customize your rock music flyer now! Or explore more music flyer here.

→Free Graphics for Pop Music [Full Set]

Pop music is the music in modern form, which wins the most hits for a designated period of time. Usually, pop music is cheerful and colorful, so graphics for pop music should share the same feelings.

Pop Music Logos - Since children, the young and other peers are the audiences for pop music, it's reasonable and smart to choose a logo in the categories of child, care, love, flower, and many more.

pop music beat linespop music notemusic wave for pop musicpop music award

Click above and customize your pop music logo now! Or explore more music logo here.

Pop Music Icons - With respect to fancy pop music icons, you can borrow the design ideas from pop logos. Or, take advantage of DesignEvo [ICON] feature to search for more vivid pop icons.

Pop Music Flyers - DesignCap poster maker online has massive flyer templates with pop elements. Below are some fresh pop music flyers for you:

pop music concert flyerpop music party flyer

Click above and customize your pop music flyer now! Or explore more music flyer here.

→Free Graphics for Rap & Hip Hop Music [Full Set]

Rap and hip-hop music is mainstream music that includes a lot of speaks and beats. So, when making graphics for this genre of music, you can consider using some elements of words and hits.

Rap and Hip-hop Music Logos - It's effective to use exaggerated words, stylish fonts, or dirty pigtails in the design of rap and hip-hop music logo. Below are those great logo design templates for rap and hip-hop music:

cool black rap singerDJ rap logorap singer yellowhat rapper logo

Click above and customize your rap music logo now! Or explore more music logo here.

Rap and Hip-hop Music Icons - To create rap and hip-hop music icons, you can use the rap and hip-hop logo graphics directly. Or, go to DesignEvo [ICON] feature and search keywords (for example, rap, hip hop, mouth, tongue, and others) for your hip-hop icons.

Rap and Hip-hop Music Flyers - DesignCap poster maker online offers massive flyer templates with rap and hip-hop elements. You can take a look at its best music flyers for rap and hip-hop music and customize yours now:

rap battle music flyerhip hop flyer

Click above and customize your rap music flyer now! Or explore more music flyer here.

→Free Graphics for Blues [Full Set]

Blues is a genre of music for sadness, oppression and suffering. So, when creating graphics for blues music, you will want to add some struggling elements or using "harsh" colors in blues music design.

Blues Music Logos - Picturing a senior man or woman playing guitar is typical in various blues designs. Also, we see peaceful & quiet landscapes for blues arts. So, you can use these things in your blues logo.

blues music guitar playerpeaceful bluesguitar player immersed in blues musicclassic blues

Click above and customize your blues logo now! Or explore more music logo here.

Blues Music Icons - Finding icons for blues music from DesignEvo [ICON] section is way easy. For sure, you can try using blues logo shape as your blues music icon.

Blues Music Flyers - With online DesignCap flyer designer, you are fully capable of working out a satisfying blues music flyer. It gives you a bunch of free flyer templates for blues music, also it allows you to replace a flyer background by uploading your own blues picture.

blues performance music park flyerblues concert flyer

Click above and customize your blues flyer now! Or explore more music flyer here.

→Free Graphic Full Set for Country Music

Country music is another popular music genre that wins the hearts of millions of music lovers. It's folk music for the working class, expressing happiness, well-being, romance, and love a lot. Therefore, you can use some same feeling elements.

Country Music Logos - It would be proper to use a cowboys' hat or guitar as your country music logo symbol. Likewise, you'll find excellent free country music logo templates below:

country music playerguitar for country musiccountry music playerrecord player for country music

Click above and customize your country music logo now! Or explore more music logo here.

Country Music Icons - The same, we'll offer DesignEvo [ICON] section as the solution to find country music icons. We suggest you using keywords of "guitar", "kind", "love", "romance", "man", "hat" to search for country music icon ideas. And, there is no need to repeat the method of turning a country logo shape to your country music icon.

Country Music Flyers - Flyers for country music will be better with some rural views, i.e., cow, country, cowboy, rustic site, guitar, flower, etc. Below, we've found some free flyer templates for country music:

country music competition flyercrazy county music flyercountry music best singercountry music ablum flyer

Click above and customize your country music flyer now! Or explore more music flyer here.

Exclusively, if you run physical music campaigns, you may want to use infographics for music concert safety or entrance note, two templates below can be customized to meet your requirements. (Remember to change the title of template infographic!)

safty warning templatesafety rule poster

Click above and customize your safty poster for music performance now! Or explore more music flyer here.

Part 2- Wrapping It Up

Hope you've found your wanted music graphics from those free graphic collections above! If there is no satisfying one for you, hope you've gotten inspired from these great music graphic ideas.

Once again, when you need simple solutions for music logos or music graphics, don't forget to try DesignEvo logo maker and DesignCap graphic maker, as they have free & super easy solutions for your reference.

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