Designing Logo – Essential Tips Pack Away

3-5 minutes consumption will walk you through every aspect for designing logo. This article is a logo handbook targeted for all-level designers and clients, which mainly talks about:

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1. Golden design rules for a designer to refer, or a customer to assess one logo design. Find 6C rules, Fibonacci-golden ratio rules, suggestions on how to pick best fonts for logo design and how to turn concept to design.

2. Crowdsourcing platforms: Websites for designers to sell/contest logo concepts are also ideal places for customers to purchase a logo for all needs.

3. Well-reviewed resource sites to improve your design efficiency: check abundant materials for logo design.

I search for designing logo tricks in Google and hope it shows me full roundups in the sequence of 1,2,3,…I expect it works like a Wikipedia book: Each chapter covers a different part of designing logo story so that I can learn all the way up. Unfortunately, my wish is unfulfilled! Or at least now, no search engine can get it done that smartly. Since logo is imperative for now and future, I decide to write up this article with full coverage of logo design tips.

Part 1: Golden Rules for Logo Design

6C Rules: Designer Carrie puts forward a 3C Rule for any kinds of design: "Content, Color and Contrast". When it comes to business model, people always say "Company, Customers and Competitors". In my perspective, given logo is as the representative of company profile, designer should instill two "3C Rules" into its design for company logo.

Content for logo involves graphics, texts, icons, shapes and other brand-related elements. Select exquisite graphics and fonts, organize them harmoniously. Logo content sets the tone of the logo design. Therefore, make sure your viewers feel something special or relate to your design. Also note that, devising a logo is different from designing art, since it allows no hidden meaning in expression.

What to Consider When Designing Logo Content?

1) Pick Logo Shapes: An art designer may try turning a real object/construction into some concept and use it as the logo shape.

Abstract cat image to a shape for logo design.

Image: Abstract cat image to a shape for logo design.

2) How to Select Logo Text? A suggestion is to keep trying novelty fonts until you've found one that's neat, beautiful, and can be used for a long period of time. For advanced designers, you can try distorting texts, piling up texts, or different ways to arrange them.

3) Know Fibonacci-Golden Ratio Rule: It's interesting to introduce math to design. Golden Ratio is also known as Divine Proportion. By a debate over whether the logo design of Apple has applied famous Fibonacci-Golden Ration, designers all over the world approve the beauty and greatness of following Fibonacci-Golden Ration rule in logo content.

Apple Example: Fibonacci-Golden Ratio Rule

Image: Apple Example: Fibonacci-Golden Ratio Rule

When logo content is all set, you should pay attention to the color & contrast. Good or bad can either upgrade the design or ruin it.

Color application can influence readability, recognition, awareness, visual effect, information expression and overall UX. If used color properly, designers can create direct interaction with audiences, set the mood for the logo (passionate, zealous, focused, sober, or what else), and reinforce the brand and theme.

The use of contrast can create a sense of hierarchy and improve readability, which ensures that your logo design leaves a more profound impression on your audiences. To make a difference, you can incorporate color contrast, big/small size contrast, orientation contrast, positive/negative space contrast, etc.

Company, Customers and Competitors are the fundamental factors that both a designer and a logo purchaser should never ignore. Know the key elements in the three and try to reflect them on the logo design, then it's a big step to make a successful logo.

Part 2: Crowdsourcing Logo Design Platforms to Sell/Buy Logos

For clients who lack time and patience to wait for a designer to present the results, it's worthwhile to pay a visit to one of the online best logo makers. Truth is that every single one of us finds no difficulty in making a customized logo with automatically generated tools. Plus, these tools render designing results in minutes and work a lot faster than designers help. Since these platforms have a multitude of logo templates, designers can borrow some ideas and inspirations from them.

To designers or artists want to sell their works and turn their talents on brand identity design into a source of income, we've collected the most-recommended sources, which are also best bets for logo buyers.

Top-rated List of Best Crowdsourcing Design Websites for Logo Designers And Clients

99designs -

Fiverr -

Upwork -

Dribbble -

Behance -

freelancer -

Abduzeebo -

Aisle One -

Design you Trust -

Flylyf -

FormFiftyFive -

Fubiz -

Information is Beautiful -

Notcot -

Yanko Design -

Core 77 -

Design Observer -

InfoDesign -

Information Aesthetics -

The 99 Percent -

These platforms are cool places to register to be a publisher and convenient to find a designer online. The design service fee is not fixed, the price depends on design quality and author's thought. But keep in mind that what matters most is not the number of designers or the number of designs these platforms offer, but is the quality of final design that a client receives makes a difference. That's very true for a designer and a client.

Part 3: Prevalent Resources for Logo Elements

Knowing leading resource platforms is helpful and time-saving to a designer. As for clients, they can refer to these resources as well and discuss their favorite ones with their designers. Below, we select out the best tips for icons and logo fonts, which two combines in a way can render a perfect logo.

Need for a free icon or a free set of icons? Check the list of Best 5 Free Icon Makers.

Or you can turn to 5 Best SVG Icon Resources to build an SVG icon system. – A full stack developer will find this tip more useful.

Highly-Ranking Best Font Resources:

Regarding logo fonts, you won't want to miss the two coverage:

Find Millions of Fonts for Logo Designs

39 Logo Fonts with Real Cases

30+ Logo Fonts in Cases

Closing Up

Hope you find the collection of logo design tips helpful. Which part benefits you most? Or if you know other excellent resources that we have missed out in the article, @DesignEvo in Twitter or Facebook and share us with your ideas with this post link. We are happier to hear from you.

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