Who Are We?

PearlMountain, has focused on the research and development of graphic design software since 2006. We aim to make professional photo editing and graphic design capability accessible to everyone. Our most popular product, FotoJet, has millions of users spreading over 100 countries and areas.


Why Did We Develop DesignEvo?

Since the launch of FotoJet, we have received great support and trust from users worldwide, which drove us to think deeper— what else can we bring to our users, to help them accomplish their creative goals? With the idea of making graphic design simple but not ordinary, and providing the best solution to meet users’ design requirements, our new program was starting to take shape.

With nearly ten years of experience in graphic design and software development, we eventually launched our new product DesignEvo, an online logo maker, to help small businesses, startups and individual business owners create professional logos with ease.

The logo is a visual cornerstone of a company's brand. An excellent logo design will not only help establish brand recognition, but will also build customer trust and deliver a clear view of the company’s culture as well. However, designing a logo is not easy and it often requires a great deal of time, talent and money. But the good news is that DesignEvo is here to give you a hand, since it is engineered to simplify the cumbersome process of logo design and reduce cost dramatically.

DesignEvo has gathered together the experience and knowledge of our professional design team, and presents access to a vast built-in database, offering millions of high quality icons and hundreds of stylish fonts for selection. Even if you are a design novice, you can create professional logos without difficulty.

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Company Material

Logos, screenshots and other materials for editorial publishing can be found and downloaded in our press & media center.