BMW Logo History, Its True Meaning & Free Similar Logo Ideas

Forewords: BMW logo is one of the most successful emblem logos, designed with blue and white swapped quadrants. Its branding letters - BMW - are engraved on top of the outer black ring enclosing the blue and white. Now, let's take a look at BMW logo history and explore its logo meaning! Also, you'll find BMW logo ideas free for your own brand.

If you are a BMW logo fan or vehicle businessman, this very article is written for you! We elaborate BMW logo history, the true BMW logo meaning, and BMW evolution history. And for those who want logo ideas similar to BMW logo designs, we've collected dozens of free excellent logo templates available for you.

Part 1 - BMW Logo History

For BMW fans and logo designers who design automobile brands, it's a pleasant journey to look at BMW logo designs in a historical timeline and learn its logo design:

1917 BMW logo

Image: 1917 BMW logo.

1933 BMW logo

Image: 1933 BMW logo.

1953 BMW logo

Image: 1953 BMW logo.

1979 BMW logo

Image: 1979 BMW logo.

current BMW logo

Image: current BMW logo.

Though there are some modifications in BMW logo updates, the overall design hasn't changed much. It has been a consistent design over the decades.

Part 2 - True Meaning of BMW Logo & BMW History

After a glance at historical BMW logos, let's get into the true meaning behind BMW logo. To find it out, we must not ignore BMW history.

2.1.What Is BMW Short for? What Does BMW Stand for?

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH. It's a company that began by manufacturing aircraft engines, motorbikes, and cars since 1917. BMW is created from a Munich firm "Rapp-Motorenwerke" as a successor company, and it's registered twice as BMW.

Rapp-Motorenwerke logo and BMW logo

Image: Rapp-Motorenwerke logo and BMW logo.

2.2.A Brief History of BMW Company

To understand the true meaning of BMW logo, we must research the history of BMW company. And it's best to view the whole history from a longer period of time, but not just to study BMW history as a successor company.

According to BMW official announcement, 1916 is considered as BMW's official founding year, on which year BMW became a successor of Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG.

But, the automobile company has some history before that:

By 1913, the name of "BMW" did not exist, and the original company was registered and known as Rapp-Motorenwerke GmbH - It's a technology company producing various aircraft engines, and it's worth to mention that Rapp-Motorenwerke produced engines for air force of German Empire during the 1st world war.

Rapp-Motorenwerke logo

Image: Rapp-Motorenwerke logo.

By then, Rapp-Motorenwerke had an assembly company named Gustav Otto Flugmaschinenfabrik, whose task is to assemble aircraft engines into airplanes. But soon, Otto's businesses dropped and Otto company went bankrupt. Then, Rapp renamed Otto as Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG (BFW), then changed the name again to current Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH (BMW).

2.3.The True Meaning of BMW Logo

Because both BMW company and Rapp-Motorenwerke company manufacture aircraft engines, the BMW logo idea comes from an aircraft propeller - Blue quadrants imply the sky, and white quadrants represent rapid propeller shafts.

BMW logo idea

Image: current BMW logo idea.

The whole BMW emblem design displays the sum-up of air force quality, speed, power and excellence.

Part 3 - BMW Logo Ideas Free for Your Business

Whether you are a novice who wants a free emblem logo for business branding, or you own a car business and needs a logo similar to BMW logo, this part has covered all logo inspirations and templates that you need!

Inside BMW emblem logo design, the BMW logo badge adopts alternating blue and white quadrants, and each color has its own meaning. If you want such an alternating color logo design, then we have some free color-alternating templates that are easy to customize:

colorful round swirl logospiral colorful logopolygon colorful logohappy clients colorfulcolorful goal logocrown logocolorful h logocolorful square logo

Click in and customize.

Just click in, and make your color-alternating logo now!

Also, BMW logo is a famous, successful emblem logo. For those people seek emblem logo designs, the following free emblem templates will be much useful and helpful!

emblem logo for luxury cargold wing emblem for carstar police car emblemroyal car emblemsuper car logocar key emblemeagle car emblem logo2 color blance emblem

Click in and customize.

Part 4 - Back to You

Do you find BMW logo designs excellent? Do you find the stories of BMW compelling? Hope you've found your logo design from those free similar templates.

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