New Olympic Logo – Paris 2024, Another Intriguing "Siren" Logo?!

Forewords: If you think a logo must be neutral, then your thought might be out of date. New 2024 Paris Olympic logo similes at you, showing that an Olympic logo can also be hot!

On Oct 21, 2019, the new Paris 2024 Olympic logo is unveiled. The official logo arouses a fierce debate on the Internet. Famous mainstream media scream eye-catching headlines, such as:

  • Washington Post's "Olympics logo or dating app? Paris 2024 image prompts mockery.",
  • Los Angeles Times -"Is it an Olympic logo? Or a coquettish scamp?",
  • And BBC's headline "Olympic flame or dating ad? Paris 2024 logo divides opinion".

What make these leading news media mock at the new Paris logo? Let's check the new design of Paris 2024 logo:

Part 1 - The Difference between New Paris Logo and Old Paris Logo

Paris new logo VS Paris previous logo

Depict Image: Paris 2024 Olympic Game abandons the previous logo, and uses a new logo.

  • New Paris Logo Color(HEX CODE): #D6C278, #000000, #0082C7, #E8384F, #FCB030, #00A652.
  • New Paris Logo Font/Typeface: Art Deco Style.
  • New Paris Logo Shape: Golden Circle, Olympic Flame, and Marianne's mouth.

  • Previous Paris Color(HEX CODE): Gradient-blue to Gradient-green(#374A92-#88B742), Gradient-red(#C30E1F-#F0CD12), #000000, #0082C7, #E8384F, #FCB030, #00A652.
  • Previous Paris Font/Typeface: Branding Bold by Latinotype.
  • Previous Paris Shape: An abstract shape of Eiffel Tower.

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Depict Image: Click any sports logo above, and make it your logo immediately!

Part 2 - The Inspiration behind Paris 2024 Logo

New Paris 2024 logo depicts a gold medal, Olympic flame, and a sexy mouth of Marianne. The designer tries to mix all elements of Olympic and French culture in the 2024 logo design.

It's worthy of mentioning that Marianne is the personification of the French Republic, and she represents ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. Local French view Marianne as a representative symbol for France, just like their precious gift - the Statue of Liberty for the USA.

Part 3 - Paris Olympic 2024 Logo VS Starbucks Siren VS Tinder Logo VS Korean Cartoon Character

Many people think the new Paris 2024 logo is controversial, since the logo symbol looks much like some other famous symbols.

Paris Olympic 2024 Logo VS Starbucks Siren: Who Is Stealing The Intriguing Beauty Idea?

Starbucks logo borrows the idea of the charming siren story. Also, Paris 2024 logo takes the concept from beautiful French god. They are both intriguing lady characters.

Starbucks logo VS Paris logo.

Depict Image: Starbucks logo VS Paris Logo.

Why did Paris logo designer follow the design pattern of Starbucks logo, and design attractive 2024 Olympic logo symbol? - It turns out to be an unsolved puzzle.

Paris Olympic 2024 Logo VS Tinder Logo: Romance, Dating, or What Else?

For Tinder users, they are much confused when the new Paris logo gets a Tinder shape. The popular dating app seems to provide a good reference for new Paris Olympic logo design. Everybody knows France is a romantic city. So there remains a likelihood that Paris logo borrows the idea from Tinder.

Paris 2024 logo and Tinder logo - The flame idea.

Depict Image: Paris 2024 logo and Tinder logo - The flame idea.

Officially, both Tinder and Paris design team haven't replied to the rumor in public. So it leaves us to judge.

Paris Olympic 2024 Logo VS Korean Cartoon Character: So, Sports Spirit?

Some Internet users, who watched a Korean cartoon - "피구왕 통키, 炎の闘球児 ドッジ弾平" about 20 years ago, shout out that the new Paris 2024 logo is using the hairstyle of the unbreakable sports kid as Paris logo flame.

Olympic Paris logo VS Korean Cartoon Design.

Depict Image: Olympic Paris logo VS Korean Cartoon Design.

Again, without any official testimony, it's hard to guess whether Paris Olympic logo designer has considered Korean cartoon.

Part 4 - Last Words

Even if some clues showing the new Paris logo has something in common with previous logos and graphics, we still can't conclude that the 2024 Paris logo have stolen ideas from other things. Without questions, it's still an effective sports logo.

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