Remarkable Honeywell Logo - An Insight into History, Brand & Logo Design

Opening Words: Speaking of Honeywell logo design, it makes people feel professional, comfortable, and reliable when they take a glance at it. What makes the simple wordmark logo remarkable? We look into its logo design and try to find the bonds between Honeywell's brand and its logo design. Likewise, we've rounded up some professional free wordmark templates, so that you can click in to customize your own business wordmark similar to Honeywell's.

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These years, a few types of deadly coronavirus - SARS, MERS, COVID-19 - have landed on human and caused danger. We learn big brands of face masks and buy a few to protect ourselves. One famous brand is Honeywell. Today, we'll study Honeywell logo design as well as its branding strategy.

Part 1 - Briefs about Honeywell Company, Its History & Branding Requirements

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company, ranking #77. Aside from Honeywell face mask that's categorized into its safety & productivity solutions, Honeywell also runs businesses in aerospace, building technologies, and performance materials & technologies.

Branding of Honeywell mask and other business

Image: Honeywell business branding.

A Brief History of Honeywell Brand

Honeywell was originally found in 1906 by Mark Honeywell. It was a heating specialty company at the beginning. After that, it grew by acquisition and merging, then stepped into military engineering, aircraft control units and more fields. Now, Honeywell brand represents a merger company who merges dozens of top companies specializing in different fields.

One thing makes Honeywell stands out - Honeywell is renowned for its high quality and delightful solution. You might question now: "Why on earth do I have no idea of this?" Our answer is that it's not your problem nor anybody else's, since Honeywell is a global company focusing in solving company's issues, which is different from Apple or Google who helps individuals deal with their daily issues.

Honeywell Branding Requirements

Honeywell focuses on quality and a good user experience. In their company culture, they do believe creation can change now and future. Therefore, their branding symbol must have these ingredients to reflect what they offer for clients, what they believe strongly, and their ambitions. In regards to its logo design, it's fulfilled.

Part 2 - Honeywell Logo Design

Honeywell logo is made up of letters with no shape in the design. Its excellence lies in the font style and color.

What Is Honeywell Font?

It's a popular question that's been asked a lot. People find its font comfortable and lovely - Perhaps, it's the roundness design in the tail of "y" letter that makes people love it.

According to Honeywell official branding paper, the font for Honeywell is Helvetica. However, we think they've made some adjustments to the original Helvetica font.

Why Does Honeywell Choose Fresh Red As Its Logo Color?

To answer this question, we'd better go through its branding requirements once more and ask ourselves:

  • Which color can share a strong believe?
  • Which color will share ambition, optimism and hope?

- It's red! Specifically speaking, fresh red!

Honeywell logo design

Image: Honeywell logo design.

Part 3 - How to Create an Excellent Logo Design similar to Honeywell Logo Easily?

Definitely, many professional graphic editors can be used to create a letter logo design like Honeywell's. But these tools will cost too much time and effort, even when you've been familiar with their navigation. Today, we'll pass these complex solutions and introduce a new approach - DesignEvo logo maker online.

If you want the easy way to customize a wordmark logo like Honeywell's, then visit designevo templates. In the category of "Letter", you will fint great templates in various font styles. (If you don't like the shapes in templates, you can click in a template and delete the shape for your customization.)

Find free letter logo templates for your design

Image: Find free letter logo templates for your design.

If you failed to find your ideal sample, then no worry! Follow us to find out how to design a free Honeywell logo from zero using the online logo designer: (Use the combo tricks of fonts and shapes)

  • a.Go to, hit [Make a Free Logo], and find [Start From Scratch] on the top right.
  • b.In new design interface, click [TEXT] on the left function bar.
  • c.Select a similar font, such as, "Archivo Black", "Concert One", "Comfortaa", etc., and type into your brand name, here we'll still use "Honeywell".
  • d.Go [Shape] on the left function bar, expand the column of [Solid Shape], and add whatever you like to change your current font.
  • e.Change the size of your font, the size of your added shapes, and move their positions and layers until it looks like a new font.
  • f.Add right color to your font and shape.
    Create a free logo similar to Honeywell logo

    Image: Create a free logo similar to Honeywell logo.

  • g.Preview and download your home-made "Honeywell logo" for free.
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