Yearly Logo Trend Report: More Boldness, Humanity, Innovation & Less Rule

Forewords: The new yearly logo trend report covers 11 most popular logo designs that are old or fresh. You'll read the latest logo trends from animation logos, emblem logos, bright color & high saturation logos, responsive & adaptive logos, 3d/outlined logos, geometric logos, linear logos, curved logos, ring & round logos, bold font wordmarks, to gradient color logos.

Logos have served for commerce & business over decades, and logo design trends have evolved all the way. Lately, we've seen a widespread phenomenon of breaking logo design rules, especially these years.

World first logo - Bass Ale beer in 1876

Image: World first logo - Bass Ale beer in 1876.

By the time of 1876 when the very first logo was created and published by Bass Ale beer, logo art designers would love to go with emblem designs & graffiti designs. The logo design trend at that exact time is all about repeating and following the few existed design patterns. - We must admit those logo designs made from that time, are somewhat dull, or at least, lack creativity.

By contrast, in the year of 2019 and 2020, we see a large number of promising logo designers obey fewer logo principles, but care more about resonating with users, interacting with clients & audiences, as well as making people more comfortable.

This is our fresh report on logo trend. You'll find stunning logo examples for each logo trend. Also, be aware that these logo trends are bolder, more human, more innovative, and more likely to break all existed design rules!

Anyway, logo design is all about UX, creativity, branding, freshness, and visual shock! You can learn more from the following report on recent logo trends.

Part 1 - Yearly Report for Logo Trends

More and more successful modern logo designs have broken previous logo design rules. While surprisingly, audience feedbacks towards these logo design changes are not bad at all!

To some extent, logo design is the sum-up of design skill, beauty, taste, culture, innovation, and branding. The annual logo trend is the report of mainstream logo designs, which has changed the world dramatically!

Animation Logo Trend

GoDaddy animation logo

Image Source:

Animation logos are the most popular logo trend since 2019. When watching films, cartoons, or playing games, we often see such a compelling yet complex logo moving and transforming. In most cases, it's hard for viewers to figure out how the motions perform, but the visual shock is unparalleled!

To name a few, the Avengers movie, Pixar and Dreamworks, they all have adopted animation logos. Such a logo gives audience an immersing experience.

Not limited to movies, cartoons and games, animation logo design has become the new first choice of many other businesses whose target is to get closer to users. If you take a look at GoDaddy new logo, you'll have a better understanding!

Emblem Logo Trend

Emblem logo design trend

Image: Emblem logo design trend.

Since logo concept is created, emblem logo has dominated the top 1 logo design choice. And in this very new yearly logo trend report, it is no exception.

Emblem logo like a stamp, proves itself a strong branding. That makes it the best option for many business groups, which highly rely on reputation and trust. (Think of Starbucks logo design.)

Bright Color + High Saturation Logo Trend

Bright color and high saturation logo trend

Image: Bright color and high saturation logo trend.

Years ago, high saturation designs were a hot potato for designers, but high saturation designs in bright colors have been popularized since 2019. It's the same, logo designs in only black and white has a strong contrast that levels up the overall design. Because of that, it's one of the top choices for luxury clothes, luxury clothes, and more.

Responsive & Adaptive Logo Trend

Responsive and adaptive logo trend

Image: Responsive and adaptive logo trend.

It's caring and user-friendly to design a set of logos in various sizes for different devices and platforms. In the latest report of logo design trends, designers seem to attach more importance to responsive and adaptive logo design, considering Google responsive logo design.

Responsive and adaptive logo designs ensure users have the most comfortable experiences with different accesses.

3D/Outlined Logo Trend

3D and outlined logo design trend

Image: 3D and outlined logo design trend.

3D logo design has become another mainstream these days. So does outlined logo design. Such designs emphasize physical boundaries and logo design theme. The use of outlined style helps add atmospheres of funny, vivid, cool or others.

Geometric Logo Trend

Geometric logo trend

Image: Geometric logo trend.

Geometric logo design has the wisdom of mathematics, so we can easily find many high-tech and futuristic companies choose a geometric logo, such as, Apple logo, AMD logo, Mercedes-Benz logo, etc.

Linear Logo Trend

Linear logo trend

Image: Linear logo trend - Find the templates here by searching "Linear".

Linear logos are widely used on digital board performances, electric fireworks, etc. Linear logo design always has a sense of technology, futurism, and many more.

Curved Logo Trend

Curved logo design

Image: Curved logo design.

Curved logo design is a new emerging logo design method. It composes of the elements of round, circle, and corner. Such a logo has a direction and a strong design sense.

Ring & Round Logo Trend

Ring or round logo design trend

Image: Ring or round logo design trend.

When we talk about ring or round logos, Olympic logo comes to our mind. Ring or round design brings a sense of fluid and circulation naturally. When a design has more than one ring (Consider Olympic logo), it implies connections.

Bold Font Wordmark

Bold wordmark trend

Image: Bold wordmark trend.

We've found a new design trend in wordmark these years. The reputable wordmarks have changed old slim letters to bold fonts and other clearer letters, i.e., Sans-serif.

Since bold font design takes more space, it's more stable, trustworthy and user-friendly.

Gradient Color Logo Trend

Gradient color logo design trend

Image: Gradient color logo design trend.

In gradient color logo design, audiences can feel more things from the colors. Gradient design shares how different or opposite things connect. Let's take Instagram logo as an example - a gradient logo can present a colorful world to audiences.

Part 2 - Back to You, Reflection on Trendy Logo

You may find top logo design trends in part 1 gorgeous. While if you've payed attention to logo tends for years, you must also be aware that logo trend varies each year.

-Shall you change your logo and follow the new logo trend?

-Our advice is "Don't".

Logo is your branding symbol. For small or mediate businesses, it's not good to change your brand identity frequently, or it will confuse your audiences.

And, for those who start businesses and need a logo, we suggest them choosing a branding logo by evaluating their own business, or picking a universal styled logo design, such as, bold wordmark and abstract logo design.

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