Top 7 Best Free High-Resolution Logo Makers Online

Summary: After thousands of trials and tests, here we have listed top 7 best free logo makers online. They are DesignEvo, Canva, Logaster, Flamingtext, Cooltext, DesignMatic and YouiDraw. Read this review and pick your favorite software to get free logo service.

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Logo is of vital importance for a website, a blog and a business entity. It leaves the very first impression on the masses and influences how we purchase. Without a decent logo representative, you may face losing a portion of market share to your rivals. Thankfully, there are tons of software vendors offering their logo apps for free and we've selected out best free logo makers for you.

Top 7 Best Free Logo Makers Online Review

Top 1. DesignEvo

The easiest logo maker online, straightforward and customizable, has the capability to turn simple logo thoughts into reality. It works for all-level users and supports designing a logo to jpg, png, png-transparent and svg altogether. If you don't ask much for high resolution, its Free plan will satisfy you with thousands of pre-made, free logo design choices. Likewise, you can start from the ground up if preferred. Anyway, it's a workaround for designing bitmap and vector graphics logo without using professional graphics applications.

The Best Free Logo Makers Online – DesignEvo

Image: The Best Free Logo Makers Online – DesignEvo

Recommended Reasons:

1. It offers 10,000+ templates which are high resolution or normal, catering to everyone's needs.

2. The beautiful templates are always in an organized way. You can find whatever you need easily.

3. DesignEvo can be said the most professional as well as easiest-to-use tool to design logos. With it, some complicated edition can be done within a few clicks.

4. No registration is required.


Design a Logo for Free

Top 2. Canva Logo Maker

Canva is also one the best free logo maker. It is extremely good at helping users design covers for Instagram or Facebook posts or posters. Even though you visit its website for fun, you will find yourself obsessed with all those beautiful templates. Due to its hard work on templates and simplifying creating process, Canva Logo Maker wins great popularity.

The Best Free Logo Makers Online – Canva

Image: The Best Free Logo Makers Online – Canva

Reasons for Recommendation:

1.Canva allows you using your own pictures to make a logo while providing beautiful and standard logo templates.

2.Those templates are frequently updated so that you can always find the newest ones for festivals or special occasions.


1.Canva can only help you to design posters or Instagram/Facebook post covers. You can't design traditional logos for business or for special occasions.

2.The templates are displayed in a disorganized order.

3.There is no way of retrieving related design.

4.Before having access to the templates, registration is needed.


Top 3. Logaster Logo Maker

Once you have input your company name, Logaster Logo Makers would generate thousands of logos for you to select. The logos generated are just in different color. You can't download the logos you like unless you have registered. There is no portal for its users to add the background color. Also, there is no option for its users to upload their own logo image to re-edit.

The Best Free Logo Makers Online – Logaster

The Best Free Logo Makers Online – Logaster

Reasons for Recommendation:

1.The templates are beautiful, and through the website, you can even see how the logos real look like on name cards or files.

2.It just takes a short time to complete the whole process.


1.It requires registration to save the logo you like.

2.It doesn't offer you edit tools to re-edit.


Top 4. YouiDraw

With YouiDraw, an Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw faced software, you can note down every single idea you have and make them real because it is a website and App based logo making service, and the App can be used without Internet restriction. Many people admire it for it is professional and has multiple functions to edit logos, like vector logo effect, SVG edit, light effects.

The Best Free Logo Makers Online – YouiDraw

Image: The Best Free Logo Makers Online – YouiDraw

Reasons for Recommendation:

1.It is almost as professional as PhotoShop and has many great features, like vector logo effect, SVG edit, light effects, but it is much easier to navigate than the PhotoShop is.

2.It can help you save your work to computer or cloud services.


1.Registration before editing is needed.

2.Even though it is easier to use than PhotoShop logo, it can also be hard to navigate for beginners.

3.They have too few model types.


Top 5. Flamingtext

Similar with CoolText, Flamingtext fits those who only need a logo with pure text better. However, it has many fonts than any other logo creators have. Only within a few steps, you can make a fashionable cool text logo with ease.

The Best Free Logo Makers Online – Flamingtext

Image: The Best Free Logo Makers Online – Flamingtext

Reasons for Recommendation:

1.It has more fonts than any other free logo making services have.

2.It offers you more options to edit, like the size, shadow, background.

3. You can even choose the format to save a logo you designed.


1.This high-resolution logo making service only fits those who need a logo with pure text.


Top 6. CoolText

CoolText is a free graphics generator. Whenever you need an impressive logo, CoolText Logo is always there for you. It has 128 types of fonts for you to create a logo.

The Best Free Logo Makers Online – CoolText

Image: The Best Free Logo Makers Online – CoolText

Reasons for Recommendation:

1.It has many fonts for you to create logos.

2.You just have to pick out the favorite font and make a little adjustment, the whole process can't be easier.


1. CoolText can only design logos with texts. Even though you can add some shapes to the text, this logo creator fits those who need a simple logo better.


Top 7. DesignMatic

DesignMatic is one of the best free logo makers online. Only within 3 steps, which are entering company name and selecting industry, adding shapes, downloading, you can have a logo of your own.

The Best Free Logo Makers Online – DesignMatic

Image: The Best Free Logo Makers Online – DesignMatic

Reasons for Recommendation:

1.It is super-easy to use that even beginners can make one logo.

2.You don't even have to register during the process.

3.You have access to customer service every Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:00 EST.


1.The templates are too few, there are risks of not being able to find one template for you.

2.You don't have many edit tools for creation. The tools only allow you to add texts and shapes and change their color.


Bonus: Visme

Visme is an intuitive logo maker for creating custom logos for your business or clients. Its features are made with non-designers in mind so that you can create logos in minutes. It comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and a library of thousands of animations, icons and images to easily design multiple logo types or styles. You can make your logo from scratch or use a premade logo template. Once you’re done designing, download your logo as a high-quality JPEG, PNG, HTML, PDF or with a PNG-transparent background.

The Best Free Logo Makers Online – Visme

Image: The Best Free Logo Makers Online – Visme

Reasons for Recommendation:

1.It offers thousands of professionally designed premade logo templates to suit your needs or industry.

2.It has an AI-powered brand kit to easily access and store your brand colors, fonts and logo for future use.

3.A design platform made with the non-designer in mind.

4. You can do traditional logos for your business, clients or special occasions.


1.You must register to use Visme’s logo maker or access templates.

2.You must sign up for a paid account to download your logo.

3. It doesn’t offer the option to download your logo in an SVG format.



Those are top 7 best free high-resolution logo makers online. Hopefully you can find the one just for you. Please do share this post with your friends or others who need help with logo designing.

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