Secrets of Adidas Logo Success - Logic, History & Alternative Logo Ideas

Forewords: We've studied Adidas logo and its history for you. Read the article to find out what makes Adidas to be the most successful logo! If you are thinking of designing some logo just like Adidas logo, then we ensure you with simple logo design solutions and inspiartions in part 3.

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Adidas logo, the three-stripe symbol, is worldwide famous. People even pronounce "Adidas" immediately seeing its logomark.

With its simple & single-color design, Adidas logo, once again, echos its slogan to the world: "Impossible is nothing". Its simple logo can also survive and live well!

Part 1 - A Brief History of Adidas Logo & Brand

The history andevolution of Adidas logo

Depict Image: The history andevolution of Adidas logo.

The founder of Adidas is Adolf Dassler, born in 1900. In his 25 years old, Adolf produced the first pair of leather-stud running shoes.

In 1927, Adolf and his younger brother Rudolf bought a factory to manufacture shoes, and "Dassler Shoes" began.

In 1948, Rudolf left "Dassler Shoes" to create Puma.

In 1949, Adolf renamed "Dassler Shoes" to "Adi Dassler adidas Sportschuhfabrik" (A.k.a. Adidas, by mixing the words of "Adolf Adi Dassler" to Adidas) and registered the brand.

Sewing on the sides of shoes, the three black stripes were to keep shoes in shape and ensure their beauty. Adidas decided to register the functional stripes as Adidas original logo. Since then, the three stripes business grew rapidly. Although Adidas logo changed its logo design several times, there was no big update:

In 1971, Adidas built a new series - the trefoil logo to compete with Nike and Puma. The abstract logo adds elements to represent goals (three leaves) and roads (three horizontal lines) in the design. The loge became a huge success with its logo meaning behind.

Current Adidas logo was finalized in 1991 with three stripes turning 30 degrees. It stands for overcoming mountains and peaks. Great spirits!

Part 2 - Why Is Adidas Logo So Successful?

A logo can hardly be successful alone. Glancing at those great logos that people adore, you'll know these logos all represent a trusted brand. The success of Adidas logo is no exception, which can be summarized below:

Successful Adidas logo

Depict Image: Successful Adidas logo.

The Logic of Adidas Success Lies in:

1)A simple logo design, without too much graphic info.

- Adidas logo obeys the gold rule of simple logo design. Such a design style makes viewers feel more comfortable - Its logo font and logo shape are clear and simple enough.

2)Adopt a trusted, good-feeling color scheme.

- For most of the time, Adidas uses black as the only color in its logo design. In particular situations, its color had been changed to white, pure blue and pure red, but they were still in a single color.

3)It's not just a logo but functional.

- There is no reason for a person to dislike a well-functional, comfortable logo.

4)A good logo design needs to represent a good brand.

- Empathy and user experience are critical. You can't expect a user to endorse a brand and logo design when its service is terrible. So, make sure your business has satisfied clients.

Part 3 - How to Create a Quality Logo Similar to Adidas? Or Find Inspirations?

Do you find Adidas logo awesome? Do you want to get an iconic logo similar to Adidas logo?

We do have an easy solution for you with great similar inspirations for Adidas logo.

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Now, let's check the logo inspirations similar to Adidas logo!

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*Stripe Logo Inspirations:

Orange Stripe and Abstract Earth logo designYellow and Black Running Badge logo designBlack Badge and Man logo design3D Red and White Triangle logo designAbstract Blue Letter X logo designRed Letter B logo designWhite Stripe and Black Dollar Sign logo designWhite Eagle and Striped Star logo design

*Sports Logo Inspirations:

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*Black Logo Inspirations:

Retro Black and White Unique Stamp Postmark logo designBlack and Gray High Rise logo designTwining Vine and Letter W Monogram logo designOutlined White Diamond logo designLovely Smiling Panda logo designUnique Paper Eagle logo designBeautiful Girl and Fashion Hairstyle logo designSimple Pickaxe and Shovel logo design

Part 4 - Last Words

Without questions, Adidas logo is effective. By studying how Adidas logo and its brand grows, we've learn Adidas commercial wisdom.

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