What Makes A Good Logo

Summary: Everyone is telling you to design a good logo for your business but nobody told you what is a good logo? Here in this quick tip,we'll show you all about what makes a good logo.

Logo is a symbolic representation of the corporate image or product image. One of the most important functions of the logo is the identification, which is convenient for consumers or audiences to distinguish similar products from different companies or different companies in the same industry. Therefore, the product or enterprise represented by the logo is made into a brand. The logo is an intangible asset.

An excellent logo often has distinctive personality, visual impact, easy to identify, remember, guide, promote consumption, and produce a beautiful association, which is good for stand out among many commodities. A logo design is the beginning of a consumer's understanding of a brand. Whether there is a memory point, whether there is interest, a desire for consumption or the first impression of logo, logo always plays a decisive role.

The logo design should be able to meet the practical standards, and at the same time have a perfect representation of the aesthetic sense. Once designed, the logo product will inevitably have a more artistic expression tension than before, and it can bring people a strong visual aesthetic and psychological recognition and resonance. This is also the artistic embodiment of the logo. The demand for this artistic symbol reflects the comprehensive improvement of people's literacy in all aspects of today's society.

Designing a good logo is very important for brand building and dissemination. That's why every merchant wants to design a good logo for their business and hope that the logo will remind customers of their product at the first sight. So what kind of logo is a good logo and what makes a good logo?

What Makes A Good Logo

1. Identification

Identification is one of the important functions of corporate logos. Under the market economy system, competition is intensifying and the information faced by the public is complicated. Various logo trademark symbols are numerous, only distinctive features, easy to identify and memorize, profound meaning and beautiful shaped logo can be highlighted in the industry. It can distinguish it from other companies, products or services, so that the audience is impressed by the company.


Logo represents the company's business philosophy, cultural characteristics, value orientation, reflecting the company's industrial characteristics and business ideas, is a concrete symbol of the entrepreneurial spirit so the public's recognition of corporate logo is equivalent to the recognition of the enterprise. Logo can not be separated from the actual situation of the enterprise, violates the purpose of the enterprise, and only does the logo of the superficial work, which loses the meaning of the logo itself and even has a negative impact on the corporate image.

Brands can establish strong visual identities by using custom boxes with logo to attract customers and build brand loyalty.


LOGO is the core of corporate visual communication and the leading force for information dissemination. In the visual recognition system, the shape, color and application of the LOGO directly determine the form of other identification elements. The establishment of other elements is centered around the LOGO. It is a concentrated expression of the company's business philosophy and activities. It runs through all the business activities of the company and has an authoritative leadership role.


Overly complex designs can create barriers to communication, so don't appear overcrowded in the logo: if you put green areas, flags, lines, golfers, islands, borders, rings, curved fonts in one logo, It has become a hodgepodge. In fact, you only need a few elements to design a more visually distinctive logo.


Another important feature of the logo is its distinctiveness and personality, which is to strengthen the character and personality of the logo on the basis of the unforgettable. Most signs are designed to attract attention. Therefore, the color requirements are strong lying, graphic concise clear, these characteristics are usually a good corporate logo should have.


The logo is different from advertisements or other promotional materials. The logos are generally used by the company and are not easily changed. It is necessary to take into account the future development scope of the enterprise, and the areas involved in it, to reflect the forward-looking nature of the enterprise in the logo, and the characteristics that appear in the market now have the characteristics of each industry.

Bonus Tip: How to Make A Good Logo By Yourself

If you want to make a decent logo for your business, then you can try this free logo maker call DesignEvo. DesignEvo Logo Maker offers more than 10,000 templates for all kinds of themes:

Step 1. Go to DesignEvo website and click on Make A Free Logo.

How to Make A Logo By Yourself - Step 1

Depict Image:How to Make A Logo By Yourself - Step 1

Step 2. Search by keyword or by category and choose a template.

How to Make A Logo By Yourself - Step 2

Depict Image:How to Make A Perfect Logo By Yourself - Step 2

Step 3. Then you can add icons, texts and shapes to your logo template. You can also change the background color of your logo.

How to Make A Logo By Yourself - Step 3

Depict Image:How to Make A Logo By Yourself - Step 3

Step 4. Then you can preview, save and download your logo to computer.

How to Make A Logo By Yourself - Step 4

Depict Image:How to Make A Logo By Yourself - Step 4

Final Words

That's all for what makes a good logo and how to make a logo by yourself with the help of DesignEvo. Whether you want to make a logo for your business, brand or video, DesignEvo will always help you make it easily!

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