Starbucks Logo Research - What A Mysterious & Successful Siren Logo!

Briefs: The article studies the most mysterious and successful logo - Starbucks logo. You will read its mysterious story, history, evolution, font, design pattern, as well as color scheme for Starbucks logo. Last, it provides you with a free and straightforward way to design your own logo like Starbucks logo, with the help of online DesignEvo logo maker!

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Content of Starbucks Logo Research

Starbucks Logo History and Design Pattern.

Depict Image: Starbucks Logo Designs - Exploration, Aspiration, Attraction, Awesomeness and Consistency.

Place an order in Starbucks, take a closer look at Starbucks logo that's printed on Starbucks mugs, to-go cups, or Starbucks Anniversary Blend bags. You'll be startled by its product excellence in logo design. The siren logo implies how extraordinary customers feel for Starbucks services.

Starbucks Culture - Howard Schultz (CEO for Starbucks in 1986–2000 & 2008–2017) shares Starbucks wisdom and principle publicly - Product Excellence & Employee Satisfaction. As the world's most respected coffee giant, Starbucks highlights humanity and sustainability over profitability, dedicating to bringing unforgettable user experiences.

Starbucks culture is touching, but how does Starbucks reflect its culture in logo design successfully?

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Find any coffee design interesting? Give it a click and customize it to your own logo.

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Part 1: History & Evolution: Stories, Patterns, Fonts & Color Schemes

Starbucks business started from a port city - Seattle, Washington, on March 31, 1971. To satisfy and attract sailor customers, Starbucks decided to pick the topless, mysterious, two-tailed siren mermaid in Greek mythology as Starbucks iconic logo emblem. Later, Terry Heckler drew the mermaid onto the original Starbucks logo. (It's testified by Starbucks spokeswoman - Valerie O'Neill in 2006.)

Sidenotes for Siren Story: In Greek mythology, those sexy cursed sirens make irresistibly sweet sounds & music to lure seamen to live by. After that, seamen will be lethargic and dead.

#Starbucks Fonts

1971 Starbucks logo design adopted a free font named Pindarots, which is strong but doesn't have that much font weight. Bolder fonts feel more stable, rendering more trustworthiness & reliability.

Previous Starbucks font – free Pindarots:

Current Starbucks font – free Starbucks:

Starbucks font is similar to Gibson font & Santana Black font:

Gibson font ($48.00) -

Santana Black font (free) -

#Starbucks Color Schemes

The color schemes that Starbucks used are in the theme of coffee(brown, green, black and white).

All Starbucks Color Schemes.

Depict Image: All Starbucks Color Schemes.

Here is a color table of Starbucks Logo Colors (for Copy):

History Starbucks Logos Color Schemes
1971 Starbucks Logo Color 562F1E - Brown;
FFFFFF - White;
1987 Starbucks Logo Color 000000 - Black;
087752 - Green;
FFFFFF - White;
1992 Starbucks Logo Color 007654 - Green;
000000 - Black;
FFFFFF - White;
Present Starbucks Logo Color 007042 - Green;

#Thoughts for Starbucks Logo Shape Patterns & Evolutions

The evolution of Starbucks logo is more like a process of exploring siren:

  • *Change the sexiest & scariest mermaid to the warmest & kindest mermaid,
  • *Change a lifelike painting to an abstract graphics,
  • *Change a mini siren to a tall & high-resolution siren.

Perhaps when changing the logo design, Starbucks is trying to unravel siren myth. By enlarging siren in Starbucks logo, clients can appreciate the real art beauty of Starbucks siren.

Also, we may perceive the logo shapes as the coffee surface. The circle in 1987 and 1992 can be interpreted as the wall of Starbucks coffee cup. Current Starbucks logo is the overlook view in a cup of Starbucks coffee drink. Take a sip of Starbucks drinks, and you'll feel the siren beauty and love it immediately.

Part 2: Free Starbucks Logo Creator - How to Create A Coffee Logo for Free?

Now, you've known how the most-renowned coffee logo - Starbucks siren logo - accomplishes Starbucks, and helps it to become a world top brand.

If you want to create your own coffee/bakery logo for your shop that helps growing business, then you may think of 2 solutions:

→ METHOD ONE, Try creating a coffee logo with Photoshop or crafting a logo with Adobe Illustrator on your own,

→ OR, METHOD TWO, Make a free coffee/bakery logo easily with DesignEvo free Starbucks logo maker, here is how:

Starbucks Logo Creator - How to Make A Coffee Logo.

Depict Image: Starbucks Logo Creator - How to Make A Coffee Logo.

In DesignEvo, you may pick a coffee logo out of coffee logo templates, or search "coffee"/"bakery" in its navigation interface.

Then, select an element, and customize it via the horizontal, functional bar.

Tips: For coffee logo customization, you can just use Starbucks color schemes above or try professional color suggestions. Speaking of fonts, DesignEvo has a fair amount of bold fonts available for your coffee logo.

Last, download your own "Starbucks" logo at size of 500px x 500px for free.

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