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Opening Words: We are studying red logos of world top brands in this article. By learning their brands and logo designs, you'll find answers to "What industries go with a red logo better?", "What passions/emotions do people associate with red color or red logo?", or even "What are shapes for red logos that can enhance your branding & emotion?". Finally, you can make a custom red logo for free easily.

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To get an overall understanding of red logos, we go into the topic of red color psychology and meaning at first. We then study red logos of top brands, trying to find some practical tips for red logo designs.

Hopefully, after reading tips in this article, you can better judge "Whether a red logo fits your business or not?", and find solutions to questions of "How to come up with red logo ideas?" and "How to design a red logo freely?".

Part 1 - How to Interpret Red Color? - The Psychology & Meaning of Red

Color Emotion & Psychology

Source: HUFFPOST "The Psychology of Color in Logo Design".

When people encounter red things in daily life, they will grow their knowledge base of what red means. It's how we learn colors or other things around us.

To understand psychology and meaning of red color more intuitively, we can refer to red things in nature:

Red Chili - It's a pungency vegetable that's hot and spicy. Foods with a certain amount of chilies taste yummy.

Red Rose - Rose is famous for its strong, durable and delicious fragrances. Nowadays, rose represents love and romance.

Red Strawberries, Apple, Cherry, Tomatoes, Pomegranate - These red foods are sweet, water-rich, nutrient-rich, and well-being.

Red Fire - Fire sparkles, and it brings warmth.

To summarize, the very strong emotion color - red, is associated with the basic meanings of warmth, love, energy, passion, and later evolves the meanings of sacrifice, danger, courage, excitement, celebration and revolution.

If you want your logo to display any meanings above, you can consider designing a red logo. Meanwhile, take a look at the designs of top red logos, and you'll have more ideas.

Part 2 - Top 25+ Red Logos

Not just list top red logos of large businesses, we've categorized these designs by what industries they represent. Scroll down the mouse, and you can refer to the top red logo designs for your industry faster.

#Red Logos from Top Software/Platform

When software brands or service platforms pick a red logo, you can always feel passion, energy & a positive attitude in their red logo designs. Let's take a look:

No.1.YouTube Logo

Red YouTube Logo

Image: Red YouTube logo design.

YouTube places the image of a typical red play button next to the logo text "YouTube". The combination logo borrows the ideas of passion and energy from red color.

By using the red play button, YouTube has successfully rendered an actionable red logo, which somehow lures users to click on it. For a video streaming platform, YouTube owns a pretty cool logo design.

No.2.McAfee Logo

Red McAfee Logo

Image: Red McAfee logo design.

Sometimes, we view the red McAfee logo as an abstract logo, and other times we take its logo shape as a shield. Either way, the red logo reflects the meanings of courage, danger, passion and warmth in its design.

As a cybersecurity company, McAfee needs to battle against all kinds of dangerous cyberattacks for its users every day, so a red logo fits McAfee and shows McAfee's ambition. Again, we can find that McAfee emphasizes its courage & faith in its slogan "Together is power".

No.3.Oracle Logo

Red Oracle Logo

Image: Red Oracle logo design.

Oracle logo only uses red logo text, but the font is uniquely designed. Red in Oracle logo shows its energy, passion, courage, and revolution in database technology.

#Red Logos from Top Fabricate Clothing Brands

Clothing & wearing brands often use red logos to convey warmth, passion and energy in clothing field and life.

No.4.UNIQLO Logo


Image: Red UNIQLO logo design.

UNIQLO is one of the world-leading clothing brands that fabricate comfortable wearings. By choosing a red background, the Japanese brand - UNIQLO reveals warmth, energy, and passion for life.

The square logo scatters 6 letters equally on the logo design pane, portraying a well-organized organization.

No.5.H&M Logo

Red H&M Logo

Image: Red H&M logo design.

H&M logo is another bare text logo in red. With cursive fonts, H&M shares its freewheeling and fashion styles in clothing designs.

In this case, red color reveals energy, passion, courage and revolution for clothing designs and lifestyles.

No.6.C&A Logo

Red C&A Logo

Image: Red C&A logo design.

C&A is a clothing brand for youth. The wave outlined circle creates a cozy feeling. From deltafonts website, C&A uses a font similar to Centennial Black. Red color emphasizes C&A passion for life.

No.7.Levis Logo

Red Levis Logo

Image: Red Levis logo design.

The bold typeface in Levis logo design creates a trusted feeling. The very red logo shares energy and passion, as well.

No.8.NB Logo

Red NB Logo

Image: Red NB logo design.

The red color in NB logo expresses a passion for sports. Also, the shadow implies speed.



Image: Red ILOVENY logo design.

The logo design for ILOVENY makes use of red color to share passion and love to the fullest.

#Red Logos from Top News Networks

News reports often share strong & distinctive viewpoints. Red can express a lot, including energy, sacrifice, danger, courage, revolution and passion for truth, face and life.

No.10.CNN Logo

Red CNN Logo

Image: Red CNN logo design.

Adopting "CNN Sans" font, CNN logo lets audiences find an image of cable.

No.11.Netflix Logo

Red Netflix Logo

Image: Red Netflix logo design.

The curved "Netflix" letters give audiences a feeling of being in front of a widescreen TV expressively. It resonates with happy watching experiences.

#Top 3 Red Logos for Digital Devices

Red logo designs can be perfect symbols for digital devices, mainly showing loves and passions for advanced technology.

Top 3 Red Logos for Digital Devices

Image: Top 3 red logos for digital devices.

#Top 11 Red Logos for Drinks and Foods

Most fast-food brands choose a red logo, implying fresh & hot foods. Red also invokes happy emotion and drives people's appetite. That's why some beers and beverages select a red logo to represent their business.

Top 11 Red Logos For Drinks And Foods

Image: Top 11 red logos for drinks and foods.

Part 3 - How to Find Red Logo Ideas and Design a Red Logo for Free?

If you like a red logo for your business, you have two ways to own it - Invite a designer to help you (the expensive way), or find some way to work on it yourself (a cost-effective way).

Here, we'll introduce you to a free simple logo maker - DesignEvo. With it, you can find a number of stunning logo designs and make your red logo in minutes. Here is how:

3.1.How to Find Available Red Logo Ideas for Your Design?

  1. Land, click [Make a Free Logo], you'll get access to 10,000+ free logo ideas.
  2. Try some red color word to search red logo ideas, i.e., "red", "pink", "passion", "love". Then, it will reveal logo templates for you.
  3. Find Available Red Logo Ideas For Free

    Image: Find available red logo ideas for free.

3.2.How to Customize Your Own Red Logo Freely?

Once you've found a favored logo design, just give it a click, and you'll enter the design interface. Your desirable red logo design is only a few clicks away:

  1. Paste your logo name and slogan.
  2. Click any element you'd like to change on the canvas, its changeable items will display on the top bar.
  3. Design And Customize Your Red Logo Freely

    Image: Design and customize your red logo freely.

  4. Preview and download your red logo.
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