10 Most Celebrated Luxury Brand Logos Inspirations

Briefs: Our guest content writer brings you the research of 10 most celebrated luxury brand logo designs. Hope you enjoy the digest and get some thinking!

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A powerful logo is one that uses mere imagery to evoke desired emotions that unfasten a sense of trust, reliability, and innovation. While most of these artistic masterpieces are very popular today, their origins tell the interesting story of the companies prior to their resonance.

I'm sure that you have seen these luxury brand logos several times in your life as they are the world's some of the well-recognized fashion logos, car logos, apparel logos, etc., but how well are you aware of their secret meanings? Companies go through a careful design process intending to a logo to be the only visual brand element that resembles the brand's product.

This article would prove to be a perfect read if you're a logo designer and looking for some logo design inspirations or you're someone who is just browsing out of curiosity. Plunge into these 10 of the most celebrated luxury brand logos for inspirations and unearth their hidden meanings. All of these logos have deep-rooted and interesting meaning.

10 of The Most Celebrated Luxury Brand Logos


Burberry logo

Image: Burberry logo.

Founded in 1856 by Tomas Burberry, Burberry is a leading fashion house in the UK. While its logo personifies an equestrian holding a shield, equestrian symbolizes pride, purity, and grandeur. The shield used in the logo is for depicting protection. Burberry Equestrian Knight Logo was developed in 1901. The word “Prorsum” in the log is a Latin word which means forward.

This logo design is considered to be one of the most exemplary emblems in the fashion industry.

2.The Rolex Crown

Rolex logo

Image: Rolex logo.

Rolex is a Swiss luxury watch company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The logo of Rolex is an extension of the slogan of the company — A crown for every achievement, which is being used since the inception of the company in 1903. As per the founders —Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, the crown in this noted watch brand represents victory, prestige, and perfectionism.

3.Paul Smith's Signature

Paul Smith logo

Image: Paul Smith logo.

Many misconceive the ubiquitous signature as Paul Smith's own signature. But it's not true. Actually, it was drawn by Zena Marsh — one of Smith's friends, in the early ‘70s. According to Alan Aboud — creative director at Aboud Creative, the signature emblem was never intended to be anything other than a mark. It works small and discrete or massive; any kind of middle ground just looks a bit awkward.

The logo was little tightened up in the early 1980s when Paul Smith opened his first shop in London.

4.Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana logo

Image: Dolce & Gabbana logo.

Dolce & Gabbana is, unequivocally, one of the world's most noted luxury fashion brand, based in Italy. In the logo, ‘D' is the initial of co-founder Domenico Dolce while ‘G' is the initial of the other c-founder Stefano Gabbana. The logo is very simple yet impressive. It flaunts a particular baroque aesthetic with a powerful brand message. The white space used in the logo depicts purity and charm, while the black color is used for representing elegance and excellence.


Lamborghini logo

Image: Lamborghini logo.

The bull in the Lamborghini emblem has been purposefully used to reflect the zodiac sign of the company's founder Ferruccio Lamborghini — Taurus. It has been copied from the Ferrari shield for exasperating Enzo Ferrari. The first two models of this luxury car — the 350GT and the 400GT were badged alphanumerically. Thereafter, all successive models would be named after the names of notorious Spanish fighting bulls such as the brutal Miura bulls of Andalusia, the Islero which was named after the bull that killed the legendary Manolete, and Murciélago which survived 28 sword-strokes in a bullfight in 1879.


Gucci logo

Image: Gucci logo.

Gucci, also known as the house of Gucci, is a household name in producing luxury leather items. The logo of this Italian fashion giant can be easily recognized from afar. This noted apparel logo embodies two interlocking “G” in a creative way which has become synonymous with luxury and style. The two “G” in the logo represent the initials of the founder Guccio Gucci. The logo was designed by his son Aldo in 1933.


Bugatti logo

Image: Bugatti logo.

Ettore Bugatti was the founder of Buggati automobiles. His father Carlo Buggati, who was a professional jewelry designer, viewed his son's motors like they were invaluable jewels. From an engineering point of view, there were no gaskets used in the motors so the safety cables appeared like lace patterns. Therefore, the red dots in the emblem are used to accompany the initials of Ettore.


Polo logo

Image: Polo logo.

Ralph Lauren, the founder of Polo, released a line of women's suit in 1970 which was tailored in a typical men's style. It was the first instance where the Polo logo was present. Ralph chose the name “Polo” in the first place because he wanted to promote a lifestyle and the sport of Polo that represent style and elegance.

9.Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela logo

Image: Maison Margiela logo.

The white stitches used to affix the brand's label that usually appears at the back of the garment have now become a globally recognized badge of cool. According to Margiela, they are a proclamation of anonymity, the desire to not to distract from the garment with a name brand, a response to the tyranny of logos. The four white pick stitches were initially conceived to hold the labels and to be effortlessly undone, thus making the item unidentifiable.


Mercedes-Benz logo

Image: Mercedes-Benz logo.

Mercedes-Benz is a product of two motor manufacturers — Mercedes and Benz that merged in 1926. The emblem of the company that we see today is also the product of their logos. The founder of the Mercedes, Gottlieb Daimler, initially picked a three-point star to symbolize the three elements that he visualized for the motorization world — land, water, and air.

Later, the circle comes from Benz, which was a laurel wreath originally. The emblem further simplified in 2009 that we see today.

The Final Words

These are the top 10 luxury brand logos you can take inspirations from for your next logo design project. Don't worry if you are inclined for more. You can always explore the gallery of DesignEvo — a DIY logo maker tool. It not only simplifies the way you create a brandmark but also gives you many inspirational options.

If you know any other inspirational logo designs that you think worth sharing, please contact us via our social account or support contact.

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