The Best Abstract Logo Design Ideas For Inspiration

The concept of abstract design itself is subjective in nature. If a specific drawing or shape holds a certain meaning for you then maybe the same drawing will have a different meaning for the others who view it. The conventional definition of an abstract design or logo suggests it to be a visual that is too complex or inexplicable to comprehend. However, that only limits its meaning since it is a lot more than complex and distorted shapes alone.

The subjective nature of abstract logos should be considered initially. Surprisingly, most logo designs are based on abstract themes and we do not even realize it. That is the proper way of designing a logo, which submerges the abstract design approach and yet makes it seem natural and highly simple.

Further Elaboration of Abstract Logos

Suppose, there is a tech-related company that solely focuses on app development. Several similar firms exist such as Retrocube but there is a specific pattern in their logos. The logos belonging to that domain tend to look visually rigid, innovational and comprise of different types of solidified shapes. It is not set in stone for you to follow the same concepts and we are not calling it the only possibility either.

However, if you want to follow a particular theme then you have the complete freedom to but for an abstract logo, you would have to do something that is beyond the current design fads for logos. For your ease, we have compiled some of the most unique and popular design formats that you can work well together for your abstract logos.

Symmetrical Shapes and Patterns

Symmetry has always been pleasing to view as it is a design construct that emerged from nature. Now if you want your customers to perceive your brand as properly centered and stern around its goals then you can easily merge the concept of abstractness with symmetry in the design easily.

A brand that focuses more on fitness, mindfulness, and mental well-being can infuse the notion of symmetry with leisure, calmness, and peacefulness of mind. This logo template by DesignEvo looks like a formation of symmetrical line art but in actuality, it is a bottle of perfume. The abstract concept gave you something to think about and in turn, keeping you engaged with the design.

Symmetrical Shapes and Patterns

Solid Shapes for Logos

While abstract logos are meant to look complicated to the eye but if you include solid shapes in design then the logo begins to lack in complexity. The message you want to present visually becomes clearer to comprehend so if your goal is to infuse abstractness with simplicity then solid shapes in abstract logo design is a befitting selection.

Solid shapes are mostly preferred by tech-related agencies and businesses. The concept behind its use is probably the meticulousness different technologies have unfolded in different domains. Solidified colors, monochromatic themes, and fine line art are what the logo below represents.

Line Art for Abstractness

An abstract visual certainly emerges from a unique, innovational and complex set of thoughts. Realism in design has its own worth but literal and realistic design elements can never correlate with abstract forms of artwork. The notion of line art is to display visual emptiness but with a purpose. Therefore, if you are looking to keep the core concept of abstract design and use it to connect to your viewers emotionally then line art is the right choice for you.

As an example, this black white and white line art crystal with a pink background is the ideal selection. It has been very delicately designed and clearly shows that it is a design for a fashion agency, a jewelry store or a place where only exquisite products are offered.

Illustrative Elements in Logos

Now if you want to include a flair of further uniqueness into your abstract logo then line art and shapes are not the only few ideal choices you have. You also have the leverage to merge illustrative artwork into an abstract logo.

Supposedly, abstract artwork as that of Picasso’s was designed in an illustrative manner and yet it looked abstract. You can do the same for a logo design. Choose a template and come with a suitable design idea. It can be a flower or even an animal but it should comprise of abstract details in its design just like this abstract bee design.

Illustrative Elements in Logos

Abstractness in Geometric Design

Whenever you see a crest or a similar shape in logo design, understand that it is based on the visual details of geometric shapes. Geometrical designs already are complex to view so if you have a message for your brand and geometric design is used to convey it then it adds to the appeal even further.

This logo template is the prime explanation color variations, charm in geometrical patterns and a modern outlook on the current design trends mostly for IT-related industries. This blockchain logo template explains for itself.

Abstractness in Geometric Design

Versatility in Abstract Logos

It is true that designing an abstract logo is not a far off task but due to a constant increase in its popularity, it is required for it to be always unique. You do not have to exert all your imaginative abilities into designing one as the only one thing is required from such logos and that is versatility.

Even if you leave out minor details, it will not make an overall impact on the design. However, your focus should be on the main visual element of your logo. It could be an everyday object or it can even be only the name of your brand. You just have to find a befitting style for your brand and then customize the theme accordingly.

 Versatility in Abstract Logos

Abstract Logos that Encompass Multiple Ideas

If you think you are out of ideas then you are wrong. Another highly creative option is available and that is to combine more than one abstract visuals into a single design. While you might think that will just make the design concept too complex but it will only improve it further. The design styles we mentioned earlier can be merged into one and in turn, will become a logo that can encompass multiple messages.

Pair symmetrical patterns or shapes with line art or choose a specific shape and align a unique illustration with it. You have the power to experiment with several ideas at once and the result will surely be a design that is out of this world. A great idea of an all-around abstract logo design is this monochromatic car logo with a banner for including the relevant font.

Abstract Logos that Encompass Multiple Ideass

Abstractness In Design – Not A Fad

Logo designs which follow realism, literalness, and logic not always fit the brand persona you are intending to convey. At times, you just have to go out of your way to come up with something that is unique or has not done before by your competitors. That is surely the moment when you should decide to rely on the notion of abstractness in design.

The best part is that abstract logos are not confined to a specific field or industry. You could own a retail shop or an architecture shop but an abstract logo will stay true to the message you are setting forward through it. Your brand values and vision will also be shaped accordingly. Therefore, just be very smart about the selection of the perfect logo design idea and gain all the creativeness you need for it before you begin designing one.

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