Top 15 Superhero Logos - Learning From Their Successful Designs

Briefs: Superhero logos are remarkable branding identities. If you want to create a successful logo, you must refer to top superhero logo ideas.

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Honestly speaking, superhero logos are the most successful logos in the world. Superhero logos might have some "superpower" in their designs that let people recognize them at first sight.

If you want to build a successful brand identity, the successful superhero logo designs are excellent learning materials for successful branding: Super hero logos use no ads, no promotions, but they get immediately recognized by millions of audiences & cartoon fans. So what are their branding tricks?

In fact, there is some wisdom behind superhero logo designs. Let's explore them now!

Below, you'll find superhero logos ranging from Marvel superhero logos to DC superhero logos. By the grouping, you get a clearer insight into the patterns and styles of super hero logos.

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Part 1 - Top Marvel Superhero Logos

#1.Ironman Logo

Ironman logo is an abstract logo, using a solid triangle sealed with bold lines. In fact, it's Tony's reactor, or we can take it as JARVIS body. With gold color, Ironman logo shows us strength, precision, and robustness.

Ironman Logo

Image: Ironman Logo.

#2.The Avengers Logo

Take a look at The Avengers logo, you'll find it simple, fearless, technical and goal-directed. The Avengers logo is the most powerful in Marvel universe, since it assembles all Marvel superheroes to fight against evils.

The circle represents unstoppable energy & strength when Marvel super heroes united. The arrowhead in "A" letter visualizes the scene when Captain American runs with spiderman, ironman and other heroes.

The Avengers Logo

Image: The Avengers Logo.

#3.Captain Marvel Logo

Captain Marvel logo is a striped logo with a gold star shape centered. It comes from the suit of Captain Marvel whenever she takes battles and fights.

The golden logo shape of Captain Marvel is the highlight. It resembles the position of Captain Marvel in the universe. The red and blue represent different planets or spaces. The overall design of Captain Marvel logo reminds people of the typical scene of Captain Marvel flying in the space.

Captain Marvel Logo

Image: Captain Marvel Logo.

#4.Captain American Logo

Though some designers think Captain American logo isn't a real logo but just a symbol, we take it as a successful superhero emblem logo.

Captain American logo is the shield of Captain American, and no other shape that can represent Captain American better. It's a powerful shield with American flag elements.

Captain American Logo

Image: Captain American Logo.

#5.Spiderman Logo

The spiderman logo design uses a real spider, which combines the elements of scariness, mystery and high technology. The logo design gets the idea from lab spiders in the spiderman story - Lab spider bites cause superpower mutation, and make Peter spiderman.

In the series of spiderman stories, there are more spider people, not just Peter. Considering that, we feel lab spider is the best superman logo symbol.

Spiderman Logo

Image: Spiderman Logo.

#6.Ant-Man Logo

Ant-man logo is the head equipment that Ant-man wears. The red & black colors fit the dangerous & unknown quantum world, which is the overall background of Ant-Man story.

Ant-Man Logo

Image: Ant-Man Logo.

#7.Wonder Woman Logo

Wonder woman logo is a double-W eagle logo. The double "W" design combines the word "Wonder" and "Woman". In Wonder Woman's story, the superpower Amazon woman portrays what women are capable of.

Wonder Woman Logo

Image: Wonder Woman Logo.

#8.Black Panther Logo

The black logo combines panther and human. It's a group of people who masters the most advanced technology and foresees some future.

Black Panther Logo

Image: Black Panther Logo.

#9.Deadpool Logo

The Deadpool logo design must reflect the image of a naughty, swearing boy. The logo Marvel choose is a simple head logo but has the spirit and essence of Deadpool.

Deadpool Logo

Image: Deadpool Logo.

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Part 2 - Top DC Superhero Logos

#10.Superman Logo

Superman logo is the emblem from superman's outfit. It's the most renowned & iconic superhero symbol of all time. DC chooses ambitious & vigorous colors - red and yellow - to fill the super hero logo. Yellow is energetic, and red is passionate and speedy. Overall, it's powerful, fearless, and super!

Superman Logo

Image: Superman Logo.

#11.Batman Logo

Batman logo is an ellipse emblem logo with a bat in. The design displays the scene that batman and his butler stay in their base.

The black bat is batman's appearance in the dark society. Yellow fills in batman logo emblem, which means wherever batman goes, where lights and hopes come.

Batman Logo

Image: Batman Logo.

#12.Aquaman Logo

Aquaman logo is an "A" shape gold belt, and it also reminds audiences of Aquaman's fork. It combines the elements of strengths, rights, speeds, and directions.

Aquaman Logo

Image: Aquaman Logo.

#13.Arrow Logo

Arrow logo is a combination logo with a sword head and letters. Green and dim make the overall color scheme, which is the best fit for Arrow's story.

Arrow Logo

Image: Arrow Logo.

#14.The Flash Logo

The Flash logo has evolved many times. Current Flash logo is the most stylish "The Flash logo" with lighting run across a round red circle.

The white circle focuses on people's attention. Along with the lighting, The Flash logo design shares speed, energy and direction.

The Flash Logo

Image: The Flash Logo.

#15.Shazam! Logo

Shazam! logo uses a cloudy dark sky as the background. 3D texts and lighting are the comic story elements: When Billy summons Shazam!, there is lighting.

Shazam! Logo

Image: Shazam! Logo.

Part 3 - Lesson from Superhero Logo Designs: Why Are Superhero Logos So Successful?

After glancing at these great superhero logo designs, you might be amazed but might still be confused - "Why are super hero logos so successful? Even without special promotions?"

The truth lies in the connection between superhero logo designs and superhero stories (contents) - Superhero logos are the most typical symbols to represent superhero stories.

And that's the trick you can learn from superhero logo design. Just find something that can best represent your business or brand, and use it in your logo design. It will be the perfect bridge between your business and brand.

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Part 4 - Start Designing Your Super Logo

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