Ultimate Guide for People Logo Designs

Forewords: The article collects various people logo designs and face logo designs. Learn from people logos of big brands. We analyze the shapes and colors of people logo designs, and especially list what kind of company suits a people logo. After reading, you can better evaluate whether a people logo suits your brand or not.

Want to get a logo with the vibes of humanity, friendliness and openness to impress clients? Then you can't miss this article of people logo designs.

In contexts below, we'll take you to glance at kinds of people logo designs ranking world top, and analyze what make them famous people logos. You'll read the colors and shapes of competent people logo designs.

Part 1 - Learn from World Top People Logo Designs

World top famous people logos include KFC logo, Quaker Oats logo, Wendy's logo, and Starbucks logo. They all pick a human logo, because people logo designs connect with the audiences and influence them like a real person.

KFC People Logo Design

KFC people logo design

Image: KFC people logo design

KFC logo is a typical people face logo, with elements of fried chicken bucket and a smiling face of Colonel Sanders. It's a projected face logo with a tie. Or, you can view it as a KFC stamper, which proves its quality to clients.

KFC logo uses a red background and an old white man in KFC logo design. Red can represent hot and spicy tastes, or a warm eating environment.

Quaker Oats People Logo Design

Quaker Oats people logo design

Image: Quaker Oats people logo design

Quaker Oats logo prints a bust of a farmer. Regarding Quaker Oats man, some say he is William Penn, but he is not a real people in Pepsi official answer.

Quaker faith or spirit - the values of honesty, integrity, purity and strength - has been projected on Quaker Oats man. He's neat, warm, sweet, welcome, and passionate - all traits that are wanted by Quaker quality.

Dark blue is a color for trust. Audiences can feel Quaker Oats' high quality from the logo people's outfit.

Wendy's People Logo Design

Wendy's people logo design

Image: Wendy's people logo design

Wendy's logo is another bust logo for a top fast-food chain. The logo design is a smiling, pimple young lady painting in red and fresh blue.

The passion for fast food has been fully reflected in Wendy's lady logo.

Starbucks People Logo Design

Starbucks people logo design

Image: Starbucks people logo design

Starbucks logo pictures a siren queen painting in green. Perfectly, it reflects the exquisite taste of its serving coffees and tea products.

As you can see from the famous people logo designs above, food industries favor the bust detailed people logo designs, since such a logo shares trust and a positive attitude.

Part 2 - People Logo Design Categories, Uses & Applies

In part 1, we've discussed the world's top people logos. In this part, we'll get into more effective people logo designs and classify them to 4 categories:

  • Projected People Logo Design (1 People)
  • Hat or Cap People Logo Design
  • People Logo Design That Is Carefully Outlined
  • Holding-Hands or Twisted People Logo

2.1.Projected People Logo Design (1 People)

An easy way to draw a people logo is by projection. Although Starbucks logo is a man-made siren logo, it can be categorized into projected people logo design. You can either project a real object or draw it manually.

Projected people logo is painting people logo. It can convey any message of happy, attractive, even dangerous, etc.

Glass man logo designKing human face logo

Check and design your projected people logo now!

2.2.Hat or Cap People Logo Design

In the logo designs of baseball teams or food chain businesses, we often find designers choose to draw a hat people or cap people. Such a design implies - There are some skills or professions under that cool hat or cap. Therefore, have a little faith in its represented brand!

Cook with hat logoYoung cook with hatBaseball sportsman in capBaseball player in a cap

Check and design your hat/cap people logo now!

2.3.People Logo Design That Is Carefully Outlined

KFC logo, Quaker Oats logo and Wendy's logo are all carefully outlined people logos, which feel so real.

For food industry giants, expressing warmness, kindness, and openness is most important. Carefully outlined people designs share all details and honest feelings.

Famous people logo templates that's carefully outlined

Image: Famous people logo templates that's carefully outlined.

2.4.People Logo with Holding-Hands or Twisted People

People logo designs with holding hands or twisted people are another trendy designs, showing the strength of union.

You may find such a logo for an environmental organization, airline service, or see it on the wall of a kindergarten or school playground.

Designers often use lines (and dots/circles) in different colors to represent different people. Such designs are suitable to highlight humanity, care or others. And, they are ideal child logos or society logos.

Holding hands children logoFamily logoHolding hands abstract logoHolding hands children logo

Click any picture above, and design your hand-holding people logo now!

2.5.The Uses & Applies of People Logo Design

Collected the great people logo designs above, we conclude that - People logos are best for food industries, kid organizations, care businesses, sports, and toy businesses.

People logo designs, compared with other logo designs, can fully reflect human passions. So when you want a logo that touches audiences deeply, then consider a people logo.

Part 3 - Back to You, Design A People Logo

Do you want some free, easy people logo design solutions that are available for your branding?

These people logo design templates are great free resources that are ready-made and can be customized within clicks:

Connected human logoHuman in a circle logoAbstract human logo with hands holdingAssassin gaming people logoFlat circle people logoSimple astract people logosweet home people logoIndian aboriginal people logoDancing people logoPrincess people logoProtect the earth people logoHonest man logo

Or, more simply! You can draw a people logo painting within seconds: https://www.designevo.com/logo-maker/ (Try [Start from Scratch]!).

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