310+ Valentine Ideas, 4 Free Design Tools That Make Your Valentine Day Incredible

Take advantage of 310+ valentine ideas, make your day special and memorable!

The date for Valentine day is Feb 14, which is also known as "Saint Valentine's Day" or "the Feast of Saint Valentine". Besides that day, you may have another special "valentine" date day to appreciate love.

What's your plan to celebrate the valentine day & love, and surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend this year?

If you haven't decided it yet, take a glimpse of 5 free design valentine outfits below to create amazing special valentine gifts with your best memories. With them, you are free to DIY valentine logos, love cards, happy moment collages, valentine videos that are unique and only belong to you.

#122+ Valentine Logo Ideas, Design Your Love Logo with DesignEvo.

A unique valentine logo will make your gifts luxurious and meaningful.

Printing your valentine logo on all gifts will create a more romantic atmosphere and fully express your love.

Make valentine logo in DesignEvo.

Depict Image: Click image to make the valentine logo in DesignEvo.

How to DIY your valentine logo for free at DesignEvo.com?

→Enter DesignEvo logo maker, search for "love", "valentine", "boy", "girl", "cute", "adorable", or "wedding"…and pick a template to begin with your valentine logo design.

Notes: If your chosen template doesn't include your preferable graphics, hit [ICON] in editing interface and search available graphics here.

→Customize your valentine logo: You can change the color scheme and write something deep in your heart.

→Once finish customizing the valentine logo, you can preview and download it.

With valentine logo prepared, you may plan to watch some valentine movies together, i.e., Titanic, Before Sunrise, and such. That's a universal idea for valentine day.

Instead of downloading conventional valentine movies to watch, why don't you DIY a much more romantical movie that's unique and only belongs to you?

Free online FlexClip video maker will come to help design your valentine video.

#DIY Valentine Videos with Your Best Memories in FlexClip.

Be it a valentine day or a wedding day, online FlexClip video maker is the easiest approach to design a love video and keep the best memories of your time together.

DIY valentine video with FlexClip.

Depict Image: DIY valentine video with FlexClip.

You just need to enter flexclip.com and sign up a free account, then you can free make your video for valentine day, or a beautiful & touching video for your proposal. Here is how:

→[Create New].

→Upload your videos in smartphones, computers, cameras or other devices, by [+] Storyboard > [Add Video].

→Cut and leave the sweetest moments as storyboards.

→Go [+] Storyboard > [Add Photo] to add some meaningful pictures as valentine video transitions.

→Hit [Text] > [Logo] to upload your valentine logo.

→Follow [MUSIC] > [Upload My Music] to select his / her favorite honey song as the background music.

→[PREVIEW] and [DOWNLOAD] your customized love video.

Notes: Refer to professional videography tips to capture the best moments with him / her with a camera, or choose the most beautiful moments for your valentine video according to the tips.

#36+ Love Card Ideas, Make Lovely Valentine Card in FotoJet.

Receiving gifts in valentine day is among typical girl top expectations. A lovely valentine card along with your valentine gift will ensure a happier moment, since girls are thrilled to receive special valentine cards.

Make your valentine card.

Depict Image: Click this image to make your valentine card.

Why not give a try on free card maker and view those available cards for love & valentine day?

FotoJet.com offers mountains of valentine card templates, love card templates and wedding card templates for your selection. By simply clicking and choosing, you can quickly change the card to your liking and make it sweet.

#150+ Love Collage Ideas, Create Impressive Collages to Move Him / Her.

Creating happy moment collages is another excellent valentine idea to show your love. FotoJet collage maker is a tool that helps you DIY love photo collection in high quality.

Love collage ideas for valentine.

Depict Image: Click image to create your love collage for valentine.

There are hundreds of collage templates to choose from. You may want to check art collage templates at first, which stores a large number of collages in the theme of love.

In order to create an impressive valentine collage, you just need to find a lovely collage template that has more photo grids than your photos, and then DIY your valentine collage in the template.

FotoJet user can easily delete several photo grids, change text colors, reset background color & image, or apply another font to achieve a better result.

#Make Romantic Valentine Poster.

With the valentine logo, video, card, photo collage and gift ready, a dedicated valentine poster will ignite valentine candlelight dinner.

Make romantic valentine poster for valentine.

Depict Image: Click image to make romantic valentine poster for valentine.

A beautiful valentine poster tells how moving your love story is. Titanic movie has a touching poster, so does your valentine video (Your love story deserves it!).

DesignCap.com is a professional valentine poster creator that is easy of use. You will like to go "life" or "love" and choose a template to customize your valentine poster. The tricks to replace the background image is by deleting the background image, adding your love & care photo and setting it to the bottom.

Though it doesn't have many love poster templates, it doesn't limit us to create uncountable amazing posters for our love. (All the elements in a template are editable and replaceable.)

Envision Your Valentine Day:

Image a room with followers, candles, yummy dishes, a bottle of wine, valentine poster & collage are hanging on the walls and the atmosphere is the top. In the middle the dinner, you say "I have something for you" and deliver the gift with the love card. Expect to get a response of "Aw", "holy moly". After the candlelight dinner, the valentine video will surprise your love once more. What a fantastic valentine day!

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