[Millions of Fonts] How to Find The Best Font for Logo, Brand or Web?

Forewords: For beginners or designers, it's never easy to find a beautiful font for design! Among millions of fonts, how to find the best font for your logo, brand, wireframe or web? - Check what fonts those famous brands have chosen for their logos! Also, we round up versatile ways to find right fonts, i.e., How to identify fonts from websites fast, How to identify logo fonts from image, and How to search free fonts from font websites respectively.

Design Your Logo Font from Zero

Stylish Free Logo Font Ideas & Templates Available for You:

Black and White Crown Icon logo designGreen Square and Letter A logo designSimple Letter L and N logo designBlack and White Frame Icon logo designPink Background and Brown Circle logo designWhite and Yellow Flower Icon logo designBeautiful Decoration and Name logo designWhite and Black Dialog Box logo designBeautiful Alphabet and Circle logo designBlack and Green Letter S logo design3D Simple Letter D and C logo designGreen Branches and Leaves logo designGolden Capital Letter L logo designClassic Decoration and Letter A logo designRegular Triangle Letter V and S logo designPink and Yellow Flower logo design

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Part 1 - What?! 2 Fonts Feel Wrong! 3+ Fonts Will Ruin Your Design!

Font-Using Principle: Use only 1 font to your whole design!

When choosing fonts for design, you need to pay attention to font consistency. It's best to choose one font and insist it on all text designs for logo, brand, poster or web, etc.

Insisting font consistency is sticking to uniform design pattern. Vice versa, applying 2 or more fonts is messing your design pattern, which feels uneasy and confusing.

Part 2 - How to Find The Best Fonts Fast, with Top Font-Identifying Technologies?

What's the fastest way to find the best fonts for logo, brand, or web?

One shortcut is taking font ideas from elegant-looking fonts on uncountable, ready-made logos, webpages, blogs, or other design that exsits.

To identify fonts from the above things, you need a bunch of easy free tools:

a)FOUNT Bookmark

- https://fount.artequalswork.com/

FOUNT bookmark is used to find out fonts showing on any web page. A large group of webmasters has chosen it to know the names of top-notch fonts in a page.

Pay a visit to FOUNT homepage, drag it to your browser bookmark bar, and things are set.

To use FOUNT bookmark to identify a font, you need to visit a page, press FOUNT bookmark. It will trigger a javascript command (a program to recognize font name) and return the font name immediately after you select a sentence.

b)WhatFont Chrome Extension


If your browser is Chrome, then definitely WhatFont Chrome extension is the free extension that's made for you.

With a click on WhatFont icon, it will tell you its font family, font weight, font size, along with font color. All about fonts are included.

c)Identify Fonts from An Image

- https://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/

Myfonts can learn font pattern in an image. After you upload a text image, the WhatTheFont page will suggest the similar font families in a list. You can preview all similar font options at once, with knowing the font prices(Free or Paid).

With 3 font identifiers above, you can easily find out the best fonts from top brands. You can just take their font ideas or find similar fonts, and pick a top-notch font throughout your design.

Part 3 - Free Logo Fonts [Big Brand Fonts]

In this part, we discuss free logo fonts exclusively. And, we do the case study by only collecting neat, easy-to-read logo fonts from top brands. Such fonts can be applied to logo texts, website contents, or other places, and you won't have a problem.

In the tail of this part, we've mentioned 3 renowned free font websites, in case you want to view and look for fonts by yourself.

Explore Font Logo Templates

#Free Starbucks Fonts: The Bold Font, STARBUCKS & Santana

No matter when Starbucks upgrades its logo, it's viral across the news channel. With the smartest design team, Starbucks fonts are perfect options for logo design:

#1. The Bold Font

Free download: Font Installer

The Bold Font

Depict Image: The Bold Font.

Created by Pindarots, "The Bold Font" is a strict, geometric typeface with a simple design. It lets people feel relaxed and trusted when viewing texts.


Free download: Font Installer

Starbucks Font

Depict Image: Starbucks Font.

Manfred Klein designs this font based on the Starbucks current logo. You can download this typeface for free from Famous Fonts site.

Compared with "The Bold Font" typeface, Manfred STARBUCKS font weight is to a bigger digit. To some extent, thicker font design reminds people of its pure taste.

#3. Dafont Santana Font

Free download: Font Installer

Dafont Santana Font

Depict Image: Dafont Santana Font.

Dafont Santana is another neat font for logo design. It's more chic.

#Free Nike Font: Nike Total 90

Nike sports business is a huge success. Its logo design has much wisdom, and its font can be used on many occasions.

#4. Nike Total 90 Font

Free download: Font Installer

Nike Total 90 Font

Depict Image: Nike Total 90 Font.

As a variation of Sans-serif, "Nike Total 90 Font" is a typeface that looks slim and tall. It's designed by Daniel Gellatley and released in June 2004. If you are designing for a brand that's remarkable, cool, or cutting-edge, "Nike Total 90 Font" is definitely a good choice.

#Free Porscha Font: 911 Porscha Font

The wealthy Porscha company has even hired a design team to work on its own logo and its font. If viewers must use a few words to describe the "911 Porscha Font", then "fabulous" and "one-of-a-kind" would be honest.

#5. 911 Porscha Font

Free download: Font Installer

911 Porscha Font

Depict Image: 911 Porscha Font.

Having a good sense of design, "911 Porscha Font" is a techy typeface. Its letters are more flat than other fonts, which may imply to racing cars.

#Free LV Font: Louis Vuitton Font

LV font is a bit difficult to retrieve from online resources, since many posts for LV font are broken. But good for you, we find you the free download link:

#6. Louis Vuitton Font

Free download: Font Installer

Louis Vuitton Font

Depict Image: Louis Vuitton Font.

As the world's top luxury clothing brand, Louis Vuitton is meticulous with its logo design. This typeface uses a texture that decorates letter edges, which upgrade its design sense.

#Free Microsoft Fonts: Segoe UI Font

There is no reason for Microsoft - the largest system company - to adopt a silly font. Use the font that they use, and your logo font can't be wrong.

#7. Segoe UI Font

Free download: Font Installer

Segoe UI Font

Depict Image: Segoe UI Font.

Recently, Microsoft team has re-designed their Microsoft fonts and copyrighted it. While years ago, MS team had used "Segoe UI" font for a long time.

After checking 7 celebrity fonts above, you still fail to find your font? Perhaps you can check the other free font families before picking a chic font. And 2 biggest font sites - Google font, dafontfree.net - are worthy of your visits. They have millions of free font options for all netizens.

DIY Your Logo Font Easily

Part 4 - All-in-1 Font Logo Maker [Free & Inexpensive]

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