2019 Logo Fonts Guide – How to Choose the Best Fonts for Your Logo

Summary: This blog will show you some useful information about logo fonts. Check it out and learn to choose the best fonts for your logo. Follow us and get more!

The font is one of the major factors to make a logo recognizable and memorable. And your logo will undoubtedly get a boost from smart use of logo fonts.

While there are thousands of logo fonts available, how do you choose the best one for your logo? Check out this blog that sharing some useful information about fonts types and other specifics, including how and where to find the best logo fonts.

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Part 1 Major Four Types of Logo Fonts

In general, there are many different kinds of typefaces, but we’re going to focus on the four basic font categories here:

Basic logo fonts types

Depict Image: Basic Logo Fonts Types

1. Serif Fonts. Examples: Caslon, Garamond, and Droid, etc.

Serif fonts have little “feet” or lines attached the beginning and/or end of their letters. They’re generally thought to look more serious or traditional.

2. Sans-Serif Fonts. Examples: Futura, Avenir, and Franklin Gothic, etc.

Without "feet", sans-serif fonts are letters that have smooth edges. They are often used to convey simplicity and modernity or minimalism.

3. Script Fonts. Examples: Brush Script, Edwardian Script,  and Pacifico, etc.

Script fonts look as if they were written with a pen. We might think of them as cursive or handwriting style fonts.

4. Decorative / Display Fonts. Examples: Cooper Black, Algerian, and Caslon Antique, etc.

The purpose of this front is to draw people’s attention. They’re often more unusual than practical.

Part 2 Tips on Choosing the Best Fonts for Your Logo

To help you find your best logo fonts, here we show you some tips on logo fonts choosing:

1. Use a Font to Reflect Brand’s Identity and Personality

Before you start browsing through fonts, you should pay attention to that the kind of product or service you’re offering and your business attributes that you want to highlight.

2. Keep it Simple But Special

To help the audience read and understand your logo easy, you’d better keep your logo fonts simple. But it should be special enough to make it memorable and attractive.

3. Avoid Trendy Fonts

When picking a logo font, you’d better avoid a super trendy font. Trends are short-lived; what is popular today may be outdated tomorrow.

4. Research Your Competitors

Not to imitate but analyze whether their ideas are awesome or not. ( You don’t want people to confuse your brand with others.)

Part 3 Where to Find Best Free Fonts

Trapped in finding a new free font? Don’t worry! Here are several free fonts sources to you.

# Font Squirrel

- https://www.fontsquirrel.com/

This is a great resource for fonts that are both free and licensed for commercial use. It has a great selection of fonts that are searchable by classification (such as serif, sans-serif, or script) or tag (such as casual, retro, or distressed).

# Google Fonts

- https://fonts.google.com/

There are hundreds of fonts that are all Open Source that can be shared, modified, and customized, etc. Those fonts can also be downloaded to your computer for print applications.

In addition, another way to find free logo fonts is creating your logo with a Free Logo Maker. We think this way is much more efficient.

Here, we strongly recommend DesignEvo, a free online logo designer with 100+ stylish fonts, to you to craft your logo. With DesignEvo, you can find your favored logo fonts and then create your logo at one place with ease!

Find the best free logo font with DesignEvo

Depict Image: Find the Best Free Logo Font with DesignEvo

The Bottom Line

We hope that this blog provides some useful information for you to choose the right logo fonts and find free one! Inspired? Go to https://www.designevo.com and craft your logo with awesome fonts right now!

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