Top 6 Logo Trends in 2019 You Have to Know

Summary: If you are looking forward to designing a fashion and distinguishable logo, read the post and get inspirations from top 6 logo trends in 2019.

Business performance and team unity are indispensable with the logo because it facilitates members’ loyalty, distinguishes you from the rivals and strengthens emotional ties with the customer. However, logo designing is much more difficult than drawing or other sorts of creation.

A professional logo should be distinguishable as well as fashion. To create one like that, you must get to know the logo trends in 2019 and how to apply them in the right way. Now, let’s get down to business and start to know those trends one by one.

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Top 6 Logo Trends 2019 That You Have to Know

The trends may vary from each other's opinion. Those ideas can only be taken as suggestions.

Logo Trend 1. Vibrant Colors

Starting from the very early year, scientists have found that people are more easily attracted by things with multiple colors. Similarly, logos with vibrant colors tend to be more eye-catching. Besides that, different colors can convey different means. The more complicated story you want to convey by a logo, the more color you should apply while designing a logo.

This is not to say applying colors should be done randomly. In 2019, we will be seen more logos whose colors are in great harmonious and covey more meanings through careful selection.

Logo Trend 2019 - Vibrant Colors

Depict Image: Logo Trend 2019 - Vibrant Colors

Logo Trend 2. Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting fonts are nothing new in logo design and they were popular in 2016. This year, handwriting fonts will surely go viral again. The handwriting font is one way of showing your personality and offer the business owner chances to win hearts and enter the soul of customers, especially for small business owners. However, not all handwriting fonts would do. Fonts should go together with the background, the shapes around it.

Logo Trend 2019 - Handwriting Fonts

Depict Image: Logo Trend 2019 - Handwriting Fonts

Trend 3. Retro Geometry

We are exposed to a world of logos and some of them have engraved into our soul, like the Apple logo for iPhone, camera logo for many film-making companies. It is not to say we should copy those retro geometries without any changes. With some adjustments, those geometries can give a warmer look. Besides that, people can remember your logo much easier. Even though there are many reasons that make retro geometries a logo trend in 2019, there might be risks of having an exactly the same logo with others.

Logo Trend 2019 - Retro Geometry

Depict Image: Logo Trend 2019 - Retro Geometry

Trend 4. Shapes with Dimensionality

Another logo trend in 2019 is the shape with dimensionality. It is a late starter in logo design, but those shapes are beloved by many designers. They can give viewers mysterious feelings and be outstanding among all logos. What’s more exciting, it has been popular since the day it is created. It seems like shapes with dimensionality will never be out of date.

Logo Trend 2019 - Shapes with Dimensionality

Depict Image: Logo Trend 2019 - Shapes with Dimensionality

Trend 5. Mountain, Letter and Round Shapes

Besides shapes with dimensionality, mountain, letter and round shapes are also one of the logo trends in 2019. Shapes like the triangle, rectangle, may only fit business fields, however, mountain, letter and round shapes fit all occasions. In 2019, we will continue to see that those shapes applied in varieties of fields.

Logo Trend 2019 - Mountain, Letter and Round Shapes

Depict Image: Logo Trend 2019 - Mountain, Letter and Round Shapes

Trend 6. Simple Line Design

“There are just too many complicated logos around us!” many people complained. And this is absolutely true. That is why simple line design is one of the logo trends in 2019. Simple line design asks the designer to emphasize the details and eliminate all disrupting factors, always leading the viewers to the right path. We have seen some quite successful examples in simple line design.

Logo Trend 2019 - Simple Line Design

Depict Image: Logo Trend 2019 - Logo Trend 2019 - Simple Line Design

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That’s all about top 6 logo trends in 2019. Hopefully, you have found inspiration here. By the way, if you find logo designing is troublesome or time-consuming, give DesignEvo a try! It won’t fail you. We will appreciate it if you share this post with others.

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