DesignEvo Getting Started Tutorial

Getting Started

Open in your browser. On the homepage, click Make a Free Logo button to start your project.


1. Choose a Template

DesignEvo is rich in logo templates. Choose one template to start design.

templates search page

Click to open the logo template you choose.Enter logo name and slogan in the pop-out window and then click Get Started to enter the editing canvas.


2. Add and Adjust Icons & Shapes

DesignEvo offers you a library with various icons. You can search and find a proper icon, then add it to the logo or replace existing icons on the template.

Open the Icon tab on the side panel. Enter a keyword to search icons you need and then click or drag to add your desired ones to the canvas.

search icons

Also, we have selected some commonly-used shapes for you. Choose one category and then scroll down to preview all options. Click or drag your chosen shapes to the canvas.

shape category

Select an icon and the editor toolbar would appear on the top. You can adjust the color, opacity, or flip it horizontally or vertically.

3. Add and Edit Text

Open the Text tab on the side panel and insert logo name or slogan. One-click to apply different font styles or WordArt you like.

add text

Select a text box and the text editor tool bar would appear on the top. Here, you can change text font, size, color, style (Bold, Italics, uppercase), opacity, outline, shadow, and alignment.

choose font

4. Download

Click the Download button on the top tool bar to download your logo design. A free low-res logo is also available if you share DesignEvo on your social media, blog, or other website.

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