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DesignEvo's icon library is your best choice to find the icons you need for logo designs. Search millions of vector icons and choose the favorite icons to start designing your logo.

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Icon Library

DesignEvo offers millions of icons for you. With such a well-stocked icon library, you will never shrivel at where to get the icons you need for the logo design. No matter what industry you are dedicated to, you can find the icon that perfectly matches your business by typing the keyword in the search box.

SVG Icons

All icons provided are in SVG format. Using SVG icons for logo design is becoming the preferred method now. Compared to almost any other image file type, their file sizes are smaller. You can also scale it up or scale it down with no quality loss for printing or other uses.

Fully Customizable

There are many editing options provided for you to modify the icon. Only with a few clicks, you can change its size, color, and transparency. Besides, you can also make the icon flip vertically or horizontally according to your personal needs. Choose an icon to start designing a logo for your business.