Logo Color Ideas

Get creative logo color inspiration and choose the right logo color schemes that can help establish your brand identity.

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Logo Color Meaning

Learning the hidden meaning behind logo colors will help you choose the right color that can convey your brand concept better. Red is a universal color of passion, love, energy and power. The yellow color is often associated with joy, happiness and optimism. Green inspires a sense of nature and freshness. And blue evokes a feeling of calmness, intelligence and trust.

Logo Color Combinations

Use colors that work best together to perfect your logo design. If you are looking for suggestions for color palettes, you can try the popular color combinations like yellow & red, black & red, blue & white. The complementary color combinations are also a great choice, such as blue & orange, yellow & violet.

Gradient Logo Color

The gradient colors are commonly used in logo design. Adding gradient effects on your logo will definitely make it eye-catching and stand out from the others. And it is easy to make a gradient logo with our simple logo maker, since any color transition can be completed only by a few clicks.